Keith Flint 1969-2019
On 4 March 2019 The iconic frontman was found dead at his home aged 49. All love and sympathy goes out to his family, friends and all fans across the world at this sad time.

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Alternative Press

Alternative Press - 1st May 1999 Tables Turning
Alternative Press - 1st January 2000 Wiretapping

Electronic Telegraph

Electronic Telegraph - 5th July 1997 Rock Records: Prodigy The Fat of the Land (XL).
Electronic Telegraph - 19th July 1997 We don't want to be liked
Electronic Telegraph - 29th July 1997 Pop goes the web weasel
Electronic Telegraph - 23rd August 1997 Blur introduce Essex man to new Horizons

The Face

The Face - 1st January 1995 The Future Sound of Essex

The Face - 1st July 1996 Burning Down the House
The Face - 1st June 2002 Fuck The Strokes, Bomb Ibiza

Future Music

Future Music - 1st February 1993 Prodigious talent

Future Music - 1st December 2000 Firestarter

Future Music - December 2000

Hot Press

Hot Press - 8th September 1993 Welcome To The Techno-drome
Hot Press - 21st July 1995 Lord of the dance!
Hot Press - 4th January 2016 The Prodigy's Keith Flint criticised for supposedly taking part in Fox Hunt

The Guardian

The Guardian - 1st January 1997 about The Fat Of The Land!
The Guardian - 11th April 1999 The young rich
The Guardian - 12th March 2000 Brittish young millionares
The Guardian - 18th February 2001 A Prodigy returns
The Guardian - 7th December 2001 MTV apologises for early screening of Prodigy video
The Guardian - 20th August 2004 Prodigal son
The Guardian - 7th March 2009 Case study: Frontman Keith Flint reveals how extroversion helps his act
The Guardian - 16th February 2011 XL Recordings, the record label that's tearing up the rule book
The Guardian - 21st May 2011 The Prodigy didn't kill rave, they reanimated rock'n'roll
The Guardian - 2nd December 2015 The Prodigy's Liam Howlett: 'We do everything we can to stay off the telly'
The Guardian - 2nd November 2018 The Prodigy: No Tourists review – music for the jaded generation

Kerrang Magazine

Kerrang! - 1st December 1995 Do not adjust your set

Kerrang! - 1st January 1996 Public Enemies Number One
Kerrang! - 1st June 1996 Generation Terrorists!
Kerrang! - 1st November 1996 Anarchy in the UK
Kerrang! - 1st March 1997 Wake Up, Time To Die
Kerrang! - 1st May 1997 Kerrang May
Kerrang! - 1st July 1997 Prodigy Take on the World
Kerrang! - 1st November 1997 Anarchy in the US!
Kerrang! - 24th August 2002 "Let's have it" - Prodigy ready to rumble
Kerrang! - 1st June 2003 Prodigal son
Kerrang! - 7th November 2018 The Prodigy Thirty years of firestarting; one must-read interview

New Musical Express

NME - 1997 Di Death Delays Prodigy Single

NME - 1998 Prodigy & Beasties Declare Peace at Christmas

NME - 12th December 1992 Licensed to Ilford

NME - 1st May 1994 Moog On Up
NME - 1st October 1994 Everybody Hurtles
NME - 18th March 1995 Break for the Boarders
NME - 6th May 1995 The Live The King
NME - 24th June 1995 Tor De False
NME - 1st January 1996 Prodigy Plump Up The Volume!
NME - 23rd March 1996 House Of The Razing Arson
NME - 26th October 1996 Delirious Tremors
NME - 23rd November 1996 Friendstarter!
NME - 21st May 1997 Never Mind The Bullocks!
NME - 28th June 1997 Funky Shit Happens
NME - 28th June 1997 Selected LP, The Fat of The Land
NME - 25th October 1997 Prodigy Court Outrage in New Video
NME - 28th April 1998 Prodigy working on live video and new tracks
NME - 9th May 1998 Twisted Kickstarter!: Keith Prodigy Gets on His Bike
NME - 23rd May 1998 Prodigy lawyers aim to block new movie
NME - 12th September 1998 Beasties V Prodigy: The Great PC Wars
NME - 16th December 1998 Soil Of The Century
NME - 1st January 1999 Chat Of The Landowners
NME - 28th March 1999 Talkin’ Lewd
NME - 19th June 1999 Rage And Prodigy Spawn "Serial Thrilla"
NME - 4th April 2000 Prodigy Dancer Takes Flight
NME - 1st September 2001 We are relevant as fuck. I haven't doubted what we do once.
NME - 11th February 2002 February 11th 2002
NME - 14th May 2002 'Temper' Tantrum!
NME - 22nd June 2002 From Charly to Rohypnol
NME - 12th August 2002 August 12th 2002
NME - 10th January 2004 Prodigy set to make sexy return!
NME - 11th June 2007 The Towers Of London reveal a very special collaboration
NME - 21st March 2009 I See A Darkness
NME - 21st May 2014 The Prodigy say their forthcoming new album is their best
NME - 30th December 2014 The Prodigy announce new single 'Nasty Nasty' for January release
NME - 5th May 2015 The Prodigy Interview: On Anger, The Election And Why Electronic Music's "Not Good Enough Anymore"
NME - 5th November 2018 The Prodigy – ‘No Tourists’ review

Music Television

MTV Blah Blah Blah - 1st March 1996 White Heat, White Noise, White Out

MTV - 14th November 1996 Awards Interview
MTV Blah Blah Blah - 1st January 1997 From the late '80s rave crew to one of the biggest live acts in the world.
MTV - 27th June 1997 Week In Rock: The Prodigy
MTV Blah Blah Blah - 1st August 1997 Prodigy(ious) Chartbusters
MTV Weekend Edition - 23rd May 1998 Exclusive chat with Liam about the future of Prodigy
MTV - 3rd September 1998 Beastie Boys Battle Prodigy Over 'Smack My Bitch Up'
MTV - 16th February 1999 Drop The Debt - U2, Prodigy, Others To Support Third World Debt Campaign
MTV Hive - 4th December 2012 Dissecting the Prodigy: 25 Samples Behind 'The Fat of the Land'

Melody Maker

Melody Maker - 1st January 1997 Setting America Alight!
Melody Maker - 17th April 1997 MADrid for it!
Melody Maker - 16th August 1997 Shrink Rap
Melody Maker - 6th September 1997 Large It in Harrogate!
Melody Maker - 3rd January 1998 The Prodigy Explain SMBU...
Melody Maker - 1st January 1999 Dirtchamber Interview
Melody Maker - 1st February 1999 Who Is The Worst Dressed Person In Clubland?
Melody Maker - 21st October 1999 Interview with Liam and Maxim

Melody Maker - 24th May 2002 Maxim Interview

The Mirror

The Mirror - 1st November 1996 Prodigious Keith's just a little devil
The Mirror - 5th June 1998 Nation of nutters
The Mirror - 1st March 1999 Prodigy's Keith Hurt In Smash
The Mirror - 15th January 2002 Liam and Nat's child prodigy singer is pregnant
The Mirror - 3rd January 2016 Prodigy's Keith Flint hobby angers Anonymous as they post menacing warning for 'murdering animals'

Mix Mag

Mix Mag - 1st August 1992 Did Charly Kill Rave?

Mix Mag - 1st September 1993 Rave's Last Hope?
Mix Mag - 1st July 1994 Guitar Hero
Mix Mag - 1st October 1997 Liam Turns Down Madonna
Mix Mag - 1st September 1998 Planet Prodigy
Mix Mag - 1st February 1999 Liam's Dirtchamber
Mix Magazine - 1st May 2006 On the Road: Jon Burton
Mix Mag - 23rd December 2018 The Prodigy's Liam Howlett: "Rave hasn't been given the props it deserves"


Mojo filter - 1997 "Burning Down the House"


Muzik - 1st December 1996 Keith Prodigy apologies to Goldie

Muzik - 1st November 1999 Prodigy and Massive team up
Muzik - 1st November 2000 Interview with Maxim

Power On

Power On - 1st January 1999 Catching Up With The Prodigy

Q magazine

Q Magazine - October 1997 "Best Dance Albums Ever" ARTICLE MISSING

Q Magazine - 1998 Beastie Boys: "Hypocrites"

Q Magazine - 8th August 1997 THEATRICAL: The Prodigy going global
Q Magazine - 1st December 1997 Essex Boys Come First

Q Magazine - 1st March 1999 Famous Last Words: Liam Howlett
Q Magazine - 1st March 2002 Big Day Out, Claremont Showground, Perth, Australia - 3 February 2002
Q Magazine - 1st November 2009 Generation Kill
Q Magazine - 1st October 2018 The Prodigy: No Tourists

Select Magazine

Select - 1st November 1993 Stop worrying and learn to love The Prodigy

Select - 1st April 1996 24 March: Firestarter at the top of the hit parade
Select - 1st December 1996 And stretch, 2 ,3, 4...
Select - 1st January 1997 Rave New World
Select - 1st September 1997 Interview with The Prodigy
Select - 1st December 1997 Rock'n'Roll Czars -The Prodigy and Genaside II turn Red Square into Glasnostbury
Select - 5th December 1998 Liam Howlett, Chief Spokesman For The Jilted Generation
Select - 1st February 1999 'Dirt Chamber Sessions Part 1'
Select - 1st March 1999 Q&A "I Built A Japanice Garden"

The Sky

The Sky - 17th July 1996 Icon: Keith Flint

The Sky - 1st May 1996 And this is for Brit-pop
The Sky - 12th December 1996 Prodigy at Brixton Academy, 11 October 1996


Loaded - 1st August 1997 The Prodigy
Loaded - 1st February 1999 Don't Sing It, Howlett

Spin Magazine

Spin Magazine - 1st September 1997 It's only rock'n' roll
Spin Magazine - 1st May 1999 Smack My Mix Up
Spin Magazine - 27th April 2015 Q&A: The Prodigy Look Back on the Most Aggressive Career in Electronic History

Radio One

BBC Radio 1 - 1st June 2000 Maxim talks to Briggy Smale
BBC Radio 1 - 13th August 2002 OneMusic interview: The Prodigy

The Rolling Stone

The Rolling Stone - 21st August 1997 Hot Phenom Prodigy
The Rolling Stone - 10th April 2002 Prodigy Reload - Electronica innovators return with first album in five years

The Daily Star

The Daily Star - 21st November 1996 The rock star from hell
The Daily Star - 21st January 1998 Opening a account

Toronto Sun

Toronto Sun - 17th July 1997 Prodigy's Land breaks new ground
Toronto Sun - 17th July 1999 Prodigy video under review by MuchMusic
Toronto Sun - 11th May 1999 Prodigy tries sex in space
Toronto Sun - 15th May 1999 Decline of the Jedi Knights
Toronto Sun - 22nd May 1999 Techno wizards take on the electronica hype Underground to over the top?


VOX - 1st July 1997 Fiery Start for Prodigy Album Stateside
VOX - 1st August 1997 Crash and Burn!


Misc articles

The Music Technology Magazine - 1st September 1993 Issue 83: Liam Howlett of The Prodigy
The Sky - 17th July 1996 Icon: Keith Flint

- 1st February 1996 The Prodigy Alternative Dance Supergroup
The Sky - 1st May 1996 And this is for Brit-pop
Record Collector - 1st August 1996 The Prodigy
Sound On Sound - 1st October 1996 Liam Howlett • The Prodigy & Firestarter
The Times - 1st November 1996 Please don't call us techno
Channel 4s teletext - 31st October 1996 The Prodigy chat to Club 440
News Of The World - 30th November 1996 Beauty and the beast's secret love Gossip
PointCast - 10th December 1996 Talent: The Prodigy
The Sky - 12th December 1996 Prodigy at Brixton Academy, 11 October 1996
The Guest List - 1st January 1997 Interview with Liam Howlett
Now - 22nd May 1997 Prodigy jump off electronica bandwagon
ASUCLA Communications Board - 30th May 1997 Charisma, stage antics make Prodigy sparkle
Yellow Advertiser - 20th June 1997 Essex Pistols
Time - 23rd June 1997 Who you calling techno? The British band The Prodigy was supposed to lead an electronic music revolution. It has other plans.
- 10th July 1997 Take America - Take The World
ABC News - 4th August 1997 Prodigy Unhappy With Rolling Stone Cover
Metro - 14th August 1997 High-Fat Content: Can the Prodigy reignite America's passion for rock & roll?
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 11th September 1997 Techno Music Puts The Screws To the American Teen Scene
CPYU - 1st October 1997 IN THE HOTLIGHT: The Prodigy - Making music for the new millemnium
Music News Of The World - 8th December 1997 Kmart Joins Ban Of Prodigy's 'Smack My Bitch'
Telegraph - 8th December 1997 Demand For Pop Band
The Ottawa Citizen - 9th December 1997 Music group, Prodigy, causing controversy with its new song and video
SonicNet - 24th February 1998 Prodigy Do Things Their Way
The Sun - 30th May 1998 Keith's a Filmstarter
Raygun Magazine - 17th July 1999 Chamber Music
SonicNet - 30th November 1998 Prodigy's Howlett Jumped Legal Hurdles To Make Mix Album
Spike Magazine - 30th November 1998 Down In The Dirt
Power On - 1st January 1999 Catching Up With The Prodigy
UKMIX - 1st January 1999 The Prodigy - In control?
Jockey Slut - 3rd March 1999 An interview with Liam Howlett
Alternative Press - 1st May 1999 Tables Turning
I-D Magazine - 1st September 1999 "Maxim on stage with The Prodigy is one side"
NY Rock - 31st October 1999 Interview with Keith & Liam
Alternative Press - 1st January 2000 Wiretapping - 16th May 2000 Zero Gravity Sex Film Up for Award - 16th May 2000 'To Boldly Go': Star Trek, Sex and Space
Mixer - 1st September 2000 The Incredible Shrinking Techno Supergroup
The Daily Telegraph - 12th November 2000 Frontman on the loose
Korg magazine - 30th November 2000 Liam Howlett interviewed by Korg mag in winter 2001 - 23rd April 2001 The Prodigy, possible summer release
Ananova - 3rd November 2001 Mouse 'rave concert' experiment branded 'sick' - 14th November 2001 Prodigy + Speed = Dead Mice - 30th November 2001 Massive Attack take MIX to the max
Sydney Sun Herald - 1st January 2002 The Prodigy Have Returned
New Zealand Herald - 12th January 2002 Prodigy, Keith Flint front up for Big Day Out
The Age - 25th January 2002 Prodigious personalities
Sun's Bizarre - 9th March 2002 Liam's a rock Prodigy
The Desert Sun - 27th April 2002 Put the women and children to sleep. The Prodigy is back
BPM - 1st July 2002 Prodigy Unauthorized
Propellerhead Software - 15th December 2003 The Prodigal Reasoner - 30th November 2003 Interview with Liam Howlett of the Prodigy
Sonic State - 19th July 2004 Prodigy Dig The Mackie Sound
Remix - 1st August 2004 Behind the Curtain
SFGATE - 12th September 2004 Pop quiz: Liam Howlett of Prodigy
Sound On Sound - 1st October 2004 Liam Howlett: Recording Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned
Korg magazine - 29th November 2004 Never Outgunned: Liam Howlett
Native Instruments - 1st January 2005 NI Kore is a Key part of The Prodigy's Live Set
Suicidegirls - 1st January 2005 Liam Howlett interview
TC Electronic - 1st January 2005 PowerCore FireWire Used for Worldwide Prodigy Tour
Keyboard Magazine - 31st January 2005 Trim the Fat
Channel nine - national news - 10th February 2005 Howlett juggles fatherhood and career
The Independent - 14th October 2005 The Prodigy and their prodigious talent
Nekozine - 19th November 2005 Interview with Liam Howlett after The Prodigy's show in Copenhagen
Pop Matters - 21st April 2006 So I Decided to Take My Work Underground: A Conversation with the Prodigy's Liam Howlett
The Sunday Times - 25th June 2006 Beyond the rave
The Quietus - 27th August 2008 The Prodigy Talk To The Quietus About Experience And Jilted Generation
TNT - 9th December 2008 An interview with The Prodigy
The Electric New Paper - 20th December 2008 We're musicians not celebrities - Brit band The Prodigy will be one of main draws at next year's Big Night Out
Clash Music - 6th February 2009 The Prodigy - Invaders Must Die
Black Book magazine - 27th March 2009 ‘Invaders Must Die’: The Prodigy’s Latest Insurgency
XLR8R - 30th March 2009 The Prodigy: Fire Starters
The Skinny - 1st April 2009 Generation Terrorists
XLR8R - 15th April 2009 The Prodigy: Warriors - 19th June 2009 Fired up: Keith Flint
Courier Mail - 1st January 2010 Keith Flint agitates for some significance in music - 5th March 2010 Leo Crabtree Interview
PSNEurope - 1st June 2010 Jon Burton and The Prodigy - 'His law'
The Times of India - 25th September 2010 The Prodigy is headed to India
The Times of India - 25th September 2010 10 yrs to get here: Liam Howlett
BBC - 24th November 2010 Prodigy song voted 'most controversial' track
Metal Hammer - 12th April 2012 The Prodigy On Headlining Download: “People Can Judge It By The Crowd Reaction” - 17th October 2012 Pirate Firestarters are back
What's On South Africa - 21st November 2012 Synergy Live: The Prodigy's Liam Howlett on SA, and that remix album
IOL - 22nd November 2012 We like to cause a riot
Sydney Morning Herald - 7th March 2013 'What the f––k is that about?' : Prodigy frontman not a fan of Gangnam Style
Who Ate all the Pies - 18th April 2013 Shit Football Kits: Remember When The Prodigy Sponsored An U13s Team From Hampshire?
OC weekly - 10th October 2013 The Prodigy's Maxim Reality's Coming to DJ!
The Jerusalem Post - 25th May 2014 The Prodigy keep the fire burning
Billboard - 19th August 2014 Exclusive: The Prodigy Signs With Warner Bros. Imprint Three Six Zero Music in the U.S.
EDM Sauce - 17th September 2014 Maxim Overload: An Interview With Maxim of The Prodigy - 2nd October 2014 Maxim Talks Buying 50 Bras, NYC Memories, Passion For Music & More
Vice - 18th November 2014 The "Smack My Bitch Up" Video Was Inspired by a Crazy Night Out in Copenhagen
London Evening Standard - 4th December 2014 Dance DJs? The Prodigy’s sixth album will wipe the floor with them, says Liam Howlett
Ransom Note - 1st February 2015 Gone to a rave #27: The Prodigy
The Music - 18th February 2015 Liam Howlett: 'It's Too Easy For Musicians To Do The Same Shit'
DJ Mag - 1st April 2015 The Prodigy: The prodigal sons
FHM - 7th April 2015 Keith Flint: ‘Tread Carefully, Or I Will Cut You To Shreds’
Martin Audio - 23rd April 2015 Jon Burton mixes The Prodigy through MLA
The Yorkshire Post - 24th April 2015 Music interview: The Prodigy bide their time to create latest album
MusicTech magazine - 18th May 2015 Landmark Productions: The Prodigy – The Fat of the Land
Universal Audio - 22nd June 2015 Producer Neil McLellan mixes The Prodigy with UAD plug-ins
Golden Plec - 23rd November 2015 The Prodigy - Interview
State Magazine - 24th November 2015 The Prodigy..”a bit of competition is always good”
Music Week - 28th April 2016 Just Isn't Music signs The Prodigy's Maxim, expands into North America
Hitberry - 8th July 2016 The Prodigy's Vocalist Keith Charles Flint's Music career and Net worth
Festicket Magazine - 6th August 2016 The Prodigy: "Done it all, but I'll do it all again"
R*E*P*E*A*T fanzine - 30th November 2016 The Prodigy interview
Music Business Worldwide - 19th September 2017 The Prodigy sign worldwide deal with BMG for new album in 2018
Billboard - 20th September 2017 British Electronic Veterans The Prodigy Sign With BMG For New Album
South China Morning Post - 2nd November 2017 Liam Howlett of The Prodigy on ‘fake controversy’, the band’s fired-up frontman Flint and new ‘old’ album ahead of Clockenflap
UKF - 15th June 2018 We Need To Talk About Leeroy Thornhill
EXCLAIM! - 19th July 2018 The Prodigy Announce 'No Tourists' LP, Share New Song
Portsmouth News - 24th August 2018 The Prodigy: ‘We ain’t gonna stop for anybody... as long as we feel it, we will do it’
Dazed - 27th September 2018 The Prodigy’s Liam Howlett on 28 years of rave anarchy
Clash Music - 2nd October 2018 The Prodigy - No Tourists
Live4ever Media - 2nd October 2018 Album Review: The Prodigy – No Tourists
DJ Mag - 28th October 2018 Solid Gold: How 'Music For The Jilted Generation' turned The Prodigy from rave outsiders to festival headliners
The Sunday Times - 28th October 2018 Old dogs with new hits
Billboard - 29th October 2018 The Prodigy's Liam Howlett Talks 'No Tourists,' U.S. Dates and Hitting Their 'Old School' Sound
MusicOHM - 30th October 2018 The Prodigy – No Tourists
BBC - 4th November 2018 The Prodigy: 'We don't need to reinvent ourselves'
The Sun - 30th November 2018 Still starting fires
The West Australian - 11th January 2019 The Prodigy’s Firestarters have still got it ahead of Perth show
Music Week - 22nd January 2019 Liam Howlett leads tributes to 'pioneer and pirate' Mike Champion
Decoded Magazine - 31st January 2019 Sampling the Sex Pistols, dissing koalas and never taking your foot off the gas: we crank the froth-o-meter up to full with The Prodigy’s Liam Howlett
The Quietus - 8th March 2019 Gizz Butt remembers Keith Flint

Maxim solo articles

NME - 23rd March 1996 House Of The Razing Arson

I-D Magazine - 1st September 1999 "Maxim on stage with The Prodigy is one side"
Melody Maker - 21st October 1999 Interview with Liam and Maxim
BBC Radio 1 - 1st June 2000 Maxim talks to Briggy Smale
Muzik - 1st November 2000 Interview with Maxim
The Daily Telegraph - 12th November 2000 Frontman on the loose - 23rd April 2001 The Prodigy, possible summer release
Melody Maker - 24th May 2002 Maxim Interview
OC weekly - 10th October 2013 The Prodigy's Maxim Reality's Coming to DJ! - 1st July 2014 The one to watch - featuring: Maxim
EDM Sauce - 17th September 2014 Maxim Overload: An Interview With Maxim of The Prodigy - 2nd October 2014 Maxim Talks Buying 50 Bras, NYC Memories, Passion For Music & More
Music Week - 28th April 2016 Just Isn't Music signs The Prodigy's Maxim, expands into North America

Keith racing articles

Motorcycling World - 17th July 2019 Keith Flint Interview
NME - 9th May 1998 Twisted Kickstarter!: Keith Prodigy Gets on His Bike
Sun's Bizarre - 28th October 1998 I'm a tyre starter
The Mirror - 1st March 1999 Prodigy's Keith Hurt In Smash
MCN - 21st July 2009 Interview: Prodigy star rates rides over raves
Visordown - 6th September 2010 The Prodigy's Keith Flint on RD400s and being Doohan's mate
Visordown - 4th December 2013 The Prodigy’s Keith Flint starts team with AMA champion
Bike - 1st October 2014 Keith Flint: Varikon suurin stara

Leeroy & Sara Cox articles

NME - 1st May 1999 Gorgeus Sara Cox is to marry Leeroy from the Prodigy
NME - 1st January 2000 Boob for Sara Cox
NME - 1st April 2000 Cox rises in the morning
BBC - 1st May 2000 Sara and Leeroy Split
The Guardian - 18th February 2001 A Prodigy returns

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