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Keith Flint Interview

First bike: 
An unrestricted Yamaha FS1E. The nuts it gave me! It was my first freedom to roam and annoy the neighbours. 

Worst bike: 
I’ve had enough rubbish, but I always carry some gaffer tape and my adjustable hammer and somehow get home. 

Most Embarrassing Bike: 
A Yamaha Pasola with basket. 

Sexiest bike: 
A Spondon to my own spec. Speed is cool, but a Spondon will always stand out in a crowd. Street fighters are sexiest when they are done well. 

Best bike you ever rode:
I am still waiting to abuse my position in the band to get my hands on something really bad! 

Present bike:
Honda CBR900 FireBlade in Repsol colours and a 1957 Lambretta LD150.

Bike you’d most love to ride:
A police bike so I could nick all the w*****s who piss me off every day on the road. Or any bike that would allow me to achieve my ambition of doing 200mph.

When did you start riding?
I started on waste ground on old made-up bikes when I was about 10 years old. I was hooked for life.

What bike would you buy if money was no objects?
One of each, but fiddled to my spec. Then I would have a bike for all occasions. You did say money was no object!

What do you use your bike for?
Going as fast as I possibly can.

Favourite road:
Any without speed cameras or cops.

Fastest you’ve been on a bike:
170.3mph. That extra 0.3mph matters.

What do you think of car drivers?
Cool if they’re fast enough.

Have you ever crashed?
Yes, an unlucky 13 times!

Best biking moment:
All the times when it just flows. You know, sunny day, hot road and the Devil himself driving. A track day in the pissing rain got my ass flapping, too.

Most embarrassing moment on a bike:
Most crashes get you blushing, but turning into a mate, thinking we were going into a garage, was pretty bad. My brother and his mates were watching.

Describe the way you ride:
Erratic. You know how it is – you give a man a bike and he thinks he can take on the best. I just have fun.

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