Boob for Sara Cox

The Mirror's Matthew Wright column reports that Leeroy's girlfriend Sara Cox has won a £100,000 contract to model for Pretty Polly bras.

She's had experience, as she used to be a model before becoming a TV presenter. However, at the first photo-shoot session for the adverts, the underwear provided didn't fit her, because of her large breasts. A special one-off version of the bra was made for her later on.

According to this interview with Sara Cox, by Nina Myskow, in the Daily Mirror, it looks like they are both very happy together and that Leeroy will becoming a father in the future :

"Meeting Leeroy changed my life. He's lovely. Fabulous! I think that's why I'm so confident. I met him at a really glitzy do, which isn't really us. The Batman premiere, a couple of years ago. It was an instant thing, but we were both seeing other people.

I had these heels on, and I'm not very good on them with the wonky legs, hate them. But I thought I'd look like a girlie for the night. I hope he's not disappointed, I've dressed like a teenage boy ever since. Anyway, I couldn't walk, and he helped me and held me up. We just chatted all night.

And then later it stopped being as platonic, and then it was a fling, and then it went, really, madly, quickly.

It's the best thing that's ever happened to me. I'm always draped over him.

Last New Year's Eve we were at a party and on the strok of midnight we both kind of proposed. Well, I just shouted it above the noise. Turned out that he was thinking of asking anyway. We got engaged, went up north and made sure he met my dad and stuff. Approve? Never seen anything like it. They loved him. I don't know whether because he's so tall, they might be too scared! He's 6ft 6ins. His legs? PERFECT! He's a dancer.

Our children are going to have knobbly knees and long skinny legs! Mind you, we haven't sorted the wedding out yet, we're in the throes. A little do, probably next year. But we do want babies, that was a little bit of the giving up smoking thing.

And now I've accepted that this is how I am. But a lot of me being happy with myself and feeling very sexy, that's down to Leeroy. This is the sexiest part of my life, and I'm aware that I should enjoy it. I'm over my teenage insecurities, and yet it's before I have kids and have to worry about the things that kids will obviously bring.

So I know this is my sexiest time, and I should really revel in it. And thanks to Leeroy, I do. When it comes down to it, my real aim in life will be to make my husband happy. Leeroy, when he is my husband. Because at the end of the day, he makes me happy. And to make him happy makes me happy. Very, very happy indeed. "

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