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Former Prodigy star assaults Imperial student at Union

An Imperial College student was assaulted in dBs last Wednesday by Keith Flint, the former Prodigy vocalist, and two other men.

Mr Flint, 35, and his new band Clever Brains Fryin’, played live at the Union as part of Freshers Week. During their performance, the student, who does not wish to be named, was apparently dancing the ‘macarena’ in front of the stage. This may have offended the band members. According to witnesses, Mr Flint and two of his colleagues then jumped down off the stage and began to punch the student, who was left with cuts and bruises to the head and face.

A friend who stepped in to help the student was also attacked. The pair were then forcibly removed from the venue by Mr Flint’s bodyguards, and the band continued to play. Later that night, police officers questioned the band members and the student, who eventually decided not to press charges. According to a senior Union source, the police were prepared to make arrests at the scene for actual bodily harm.

It has been suggested that the student’s actions immediately prior to the incident may have provoked the attack. However, a close friend of his told Felix: “Knowing the guy, I can’t imagine he would have said anything offensive to the band.”

The band denied any wrongdoing, and it should be noted that the majority of the dBs audience enjoyed their performance. The assault was an isolated incident in an otherwise successful Freshers Week for Imperial College Union.

Mr Flint last performed with The Prodigy two years ago. He enjoyed huge success as their front man, reaching number one in the UK singles chart with Firestarter and Breathe in 1996. Clever Brains Fryin’ are a new dance band, featuring Flint, MC Sir Real, MC Bad Manner, vocalist Cherequi and DJ Jason Laid Bare. They are currently touring the country. It has been confirmed that they will not appear at Imperial College Union again.

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The Prodigy 30 pcs sticker set

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