The Prodigy's Vocalist Keith Charles Flint's Music career and Net worth

Hey, you must know about the Prodigy’s lead Vocalist, Keith Charles Flint (The Mad Man). Ring a bell? Of course, everybody knows him. However, are you familiar with his Net worth and Music Career? You don’t right.. Well, not hard to guess.. But we might help you find about his music, bands, movie, personal life, hair style, and all sort of stuff. Stay with us.

To start off, I am gonna be talking about his success. Keith Charles Flint is an English dancer and singer whose Net worth is around $15 million. He is best known for his band, Prodigy. His greatest hit songs include ‘Firestarter’ and ‘Breathe’, released in 1996. His Net worth rose when the ‘Prodigy’ sold their album ‘Fat of the land’ worldwide; out of which, 2.5 million in the United States and 1 million in the United Kingdom. Prodigy’s Revenue also generates from the Live Documentation movie of their concerts. One of the greatest movies was ‘Prodigy: world’s on fire’ which was released in 2011 with 65,000 fans at the premise. Pretty huge, huh?

Keith flint is not just a singer or a dancer. He has had his recent accomplishment as a Motorcycle Racing Team being an owner and a manager of the team. And you must know about the dangerous isle races, right? Well, it’s a race accompanied by narrow roads and high speed on some of the greatest leader bikes. And; with Flint’s team, Traction Control, they won 3 Isle of Man TT races in 2015. Not just management, he was also a racer and his first motorbike competition was held in 1998, where he ended up getting a 3rd place. Amazing, I know.

If we speak of Keith Flint’s background, it is pretty depressing. He comes from a broken home and he had been kicked out from his home by his dad for some reason. Later, he spent his time in Israel getting involved in Market Stall Trade. Later, he came back to the United Kingdom and accompanied himself by staying at his friend’s place, Sharky; in Braintree. Speaking of Flint’s music career, it started when he met the Local DJ Liam Howlett at a rave club in the late 1980s. Since he had a great taste in music; Howlett was captivated and offered him a mix tape and Liam’s own stuff of B-side composed at home. When Leeroy Thornhill (who he had met at the barn) and Flint listened to the Tape, they were stunned and wanted to share a stage with him. Leeroy, Sharky and Flint decided to get up there as dancers; and Howlett as the centre of the act, at the keyboards. Liam approved the request but said he needed an MC. On the date of the concert, reggae MC Maxim Reality joined the team along with the act manager Ziggy.

Moving towards his love life, he is one of the celebrities who didn’t date much. His first relationship was encountered with Marina Drujko who is a model. But we do not have enough information about when they were seen. He also dated Gail Porter in 1999, their relationship didn’t last long and they separated a year after. After Porter, Keith Flint married Mayumi Kai in 2006. Apart from these names, Flint hasn’t revealed much of his personal life on the Internet or any other media.

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