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The Prodigy chat to Club 440

With their single Breathe rocketing to the top of the charts this week The Prodigy have become the nations favourite alternative dance band. DJ Chris Evans hates them, they refuse to do Top of the Pops, but have still sold 5 milllion records. How?

"We've bulit up our audience by playing festivals for the past 5 years" says Liam Howlett the musical genius behind the PRODIGY. "We are probably the only band who have a problem with playing TOTP. We are in our element on stage and we don't want to be misrepresented on TV." "We don't do Smash Hits either because there is no way I want The Prodigy featured next to east 17. " "We won't be manipulated. We are still here cause the people who follow us believe we are still there."

The Prodigy dont even consider themselves a dance act.

"The British dance act is all jungle and house and we are not a part of it" says manic dancer Keith Flint. "The only people with longevity are DJs, there is no room for acts. If you make more than 3 records then DJs stop playing your songs"

"It's obvious Keith can't sing "says Liam graciously " but its just punk spirit"

So who does buy Prodigy records?

"People in suits, people in dance gear, even Hells Angels " says Liam confidently. "10 years ago that wouldn't have happened. The whole idea of the Prodigy is to shatter distinctions."

"I'm trying to destroy the idea that if you're a black man then you have to behave in one way, and if you're white then you have to behave in another way".

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