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| The Independent
Firestarters not welcome: How The Prodigy’s The Fat of the Land fell out of favour

| Mix Mag
10 iconic The Prodigy moments

| Kerrang!
Their Law: How The Prodigy Breathed New Life Into Rock

| Loud and quiet
We were so busy being scared by The Prodigy’s ‘The Fat of The Land’ that nobody noticed how utterly corny it was

| MusicTech magazine
Landmark Productions: The Prodigy – The Fat of the Land

| MTV Hive
Dissecting the Prodigy: 25 Samples Behind 'The Fat of the Land'

Prodigy Unauthorized

| Rock & Folk
The Fat of the Land review

| Toronto Sun
Decline of the Jedi Knights

| Select
Liam Howlett, Chief Spokesman For The Jilted Generation

| Power On
Catching Up With The Prodigy

| Q Magazine
Essex Boys Come First

IN THE HOTLIGHT: The Prodigy - Making music for the new millemnium

| Select
This is dangerous

| The Rolling Stone
Hot Phenom Prodigy

| Metro
High-Fat Content: Can the Prodigy reignite America's passion for rock & roll?

Rave Right - Fascist Firestarters?: Prodigy's rock & roll revolution.

Crash and Burn!

| Soundi
Likaista musiikkia puhtaalta maaseudulta

Take America - Take The World

| Electronic Telegraph
Rock Records: Prodigy The Fat of the Land (XL).

| Kerrang!
Crop Killers

| Kerrang!
Prodigy Take on the World

| Mix Mag
In Fat Of The Land - Mixmag Album of The Month

| Jam! Showbiz
Fat of the Land

| The Rolling Stone
The Fat Of The Land review

| Keskisuomalainen
Megaa & anarkiaa

| Mojo
Burning Down the House

Funky Shit Happens

Selected LP, The Fat of The Land

| Rockin' On
The Fat Of The Land advert

Never Mind The Bullocks!

| The Guardian
About The Fat Of The Land!

| Hot Press
Keith Flint interview

| Spin Magazine
Review: Prodigy – Fat of the Land

| Toronto Sun
Prodigy's Land breaks new ground

| Future Music
Favourite 50 - 1 Korg Prophecy

Prodigy Plump Up The Volume!

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