Thank you all!

I would like to thank these dudes below! I really respect all of them because they have done this site possible. They have helped and inspired me a lot. That's why I want you to show a little bit of respect to them too!

A special thanks to:

Moon Tv (R.I.P)
Extra supa thanks to Thomas Puha and Moon Tv for supporting me and showing my site several times in a program called URL.

Smilehouse Ltd + the whole posse.
for giving the space for the sites and helping me with servers and other shit at the work :)

Gizz Butt
Thanks for mailing with me and helping me, Respect!

Martin James
For mailing with me and mentioning my site in his newest Prodigy book!

Antti Korhola
Thanks for the notes and the midi files and the big help with the site..

Arie van der Wende
Massive thank you for helping me with the discography section.
Especially thanks for the release infos and pictures... you are very righteous and nice dude. Thanks a lot!

Bartosz "LiamB" Zyluk
Big thanks for sample section help!


Thanks for those infos about Gizz!

Benny Blanco AKA Spence
Big thanks for those video grabs!

Big thanks for sample section help!

Christoph "Ekko" Meyer
Big thanks for equipment and sample section help!

Dmitry Leontev
for a great contribution to sample section!

DJ Nik
for the equipment info and other nice help.

Earthbound Network (R.I.P)
for some interesting things and some lyrics.

Heather McClure
for fan art page contribution

Ilkka "Sliver" Kinnunen
for images, videos, mp3s, and everything. Thanks a lot!

Ingiberg thor thorsteinsson
for sending some scanned images.

for that one great year in my life. Peace and respect forever!

Kim Roar Foldøy Hauge
for bootleg infos.

Kristian Kotta
for images, bootleg infos, tracklists and some comments.

I just had to type it here.. I hope you'll spot this and know who you are. Cupid Stunt is still on development stages!

for that background music link thing ;)

for loads of sample sources!

Lothario Coke
for helping me with the fan remixes

Maria "Mrs Flinty" Ekström
for many many exclusive pictures and help

Martin Luechinger
for the bootlegs and covers

for loads of sample sources!

for help with my site. You are really nice and righteous girl. Thanks for everything (ya know). Keep up the good site and see ya around :)

Peter Thomas aka Prodge
for some articles and his excelent F.A.Q.

Petri Järvinen aka benn-
for finnish articles, other nice stuff and buzzing with me everywhere (you are the man;)

The Second Division / Zed
for helping and sending tunes for me...thanks very very much. Those tunes rock and they inspired me alot!

for skins, some lyrics and some tracklists... and keeping up the damn good site (The Online Prodigy Center R.I.P).

Sébastien Bondue
Massive thanks for the bootleg covers and tracklists and all that stuff...keep the core!

Stanley Mieras
for help with equipment section

Massive thanks for typing some articles to me and hanging with me at the festivals etc.

for the Liam's message and keeping me buzy all the time ;)


for tabs to Breathe

Tom Shutt (The Oracle)
for many sample sources

for fan art page contribution I would like thank
Florence Paquot and Vivian (from Montreal, Canada)

I want also thank these guys who have helped/inspired me over the past years
Fakiiri, Jyri, Maxxer, Piggy Pue, uNIK

and all in IRCnet #prodigy and the whole IRC crew
(Let's keep the Prodigy vibe alive)

And of course Liam, Keith, Maxim and Leeroy
(The Prodigy)

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