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| The Guardian
The 100 greatest UK No 1s: No 8, The Prodigy – Firestarter

| Kerrang!
Playing With The Prodigy To Partying With Pantera: Jim Davies Is Most Notorious Guitarist You’ve Never Heard Of

| Madness To Creation
JIM DAVIES (THE PRODIGY, PITCHSHIFTER) Converses with Mark Dean on “Headwars” and his Illustrious Career”

| Kerrang!
My Friend Keith Flint, The Voice Of A Jilted Generation

| Kerrang!
Their Law: How The Prodigy Breathed New Life Into Rock

| The Independent
Keith Flint death: The story behind 'Firestarter' – The Prodigy's first number one and their most famous song

| Kerrang!
The Prodigy Thirty years of firestarting; one must-read interview

The Prodigy: 'We don't need to reinvent ourselves'

| MusicTech magazine
Landmark Productions: The Prodigy – The Fat of the Land

The J Files: The Prodigy

| MTV Hive
Dissecting the Prodigy: 25 Samples Behind 'The Fat of the Land'

| The Guardian
The Prodigy didn't kill rave, they reanimated rock'n'roll

The Prodigy – The Stories Behind 10 Of Their Best-Loved Dancefloor Anthems To Date

| The Independent
The Prodigy and their prodigious talent

| Spin Magazine
The 90 greatest albums of the 90's

| Spin Magazine
It's only rock'n' roll

| Select
This is dangerous

| Melody Maker
Shrink Rap

Crash and Burn!

| Kerrang!
Crop Killers

Selected LP, The Fat of The Land

| Now
Prodigy jump off electronica bandwagon

| The Mix
Playing with fire!

| Melody Maker
Setting America Alight!

| PointCast
Talent: The Prodigy

| Kerrang!
Public Enemies Number One

| Future Music
Favourite 50 - 1 Korg Prophecy

| Sound On Sound
Liam Howlett • The Prodigy & Firestarter

| Aftenposten
Platina til Prodigy

| Select
24 March: Firestarter at the top of the hit parade

House Of The Razing Arson

| MTV Blah Blah Blah
White Heat, White Noise, White Out

The Prodigy Alternative Dance Supergroup

| The Face
The Future Sound of Essex

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