The Prodigy 34 pcs sticker set

Huge set of The Prodigy stickers. 17 different designs (2 of each) and total of 34 stickers. Sticker sizes vary from 7 cm to 3,5 cm. Order here >

About me

The Prodigy webmaster

A fan since '92

My name is Jussi Lahtinen and I am hailing from Espoo, Finland. Other my interests besides The Prodigy are music in general, record collecting, graphics, arts, street art & graffiti and oldskool demo scene. If you want to contact me mail to: or in IRCnet you can find me under nick j4-. Feel free to mail me if you have something in your mind.

I'm heavily inflected with the Prodigy although there are many other bands too that I love and listen a lot. I have been some kind fan of the Prodge since 1992 when I saw first time Everybody in the Place video at MTV. Their second album Music For The Jilted Generation really blew me away and after that the Prodigy has been a big part of my life as you can see from these pages.

Music in general is very important thing in my life and I also used to collect records. My musical scale is pretty wide but of course there are loads of styles I can't stand. I'm really into experimental electronic stuff (maybe with little bit hip-hoppish flavours). Techno or basic club music isn't my thing really. It is pretty safe to say that I don't like this new EDM movement too much. To get better picture what I'm into you can view my profile.

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