MTV Weekend Edition

Exclusive chat with Liam about the future of Prodigy

In MTV Weekend Edition there was a short interview with Liam Howlett about the future of Prodigy.

Commentator: Their number one album, Fat Of The Land, made them a household name – but about what everyone really wants to know is where can they go from here? Well, I can reveal all, because they popped in for an exlusive chat and told us they’re returning to the studio to record some new material. But songwriter Liam Howlett says this doesn’t mean it will definitely lead to a new album.

Liam: It’s not (?) in saying there’s [not] gonna be a new Prodigy album ’til I’m excited about doing one...

Reporter: Need a springboard...

Liam: Yes, Firestarter was a springboard for the whole Fat Of The Land album. You know I need to just find that... those couple of tracks that lead me on to the rest of the album, you know. And it’s not I don’t want to do another album, I don’t feel like doing one.

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