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Interview with Liam Howlett

This year everyone was tuned in and was turned on by The Prodigy. Whether you're blown away by their amazing live shows, enticed by Prod culture or simply rock to them musically, there's one good reason for it - they're as cool as fuck! Over the past five years have defied all boundaries that distinguish musical genres, constantly miles ahead of their nearest contender and each release sounding as mind blowing as their last, as will be revealed on their new album set for release in March '97.


It seems over the past 5 years, The Prodigy have surpassed everyone's expectations, is this what you had imagined for yourself back in 1990?
"No, to us we are still the same band that we we were five years ago, it's just everyone else's perception of us has changed. Back in 1991 we hadn't set ourselves any goals and we weren't looking too far into the future. It was more a case of capturing the moment musically. "

This year alone you've already had 2 Number 1 singles in as little as 8 months, something Oasis haven't achieved. Comment!
"I'm sure it won't be too long before Oasis are as big as us, give 'em a couple more years. "

What was your favourite gig this year (either by The Prodigy or another artist)?
"Rage Against The Machine in Melbourne Australia on the The Big Day Out Festival. "

Sum up your new album in 5 words?
"A load of noisy bollocks. "

What thing has fame allowed you?
"The ability to travel the world, meet different people and experience different cultures. "

What thing has fame denied you?
"Not being able to have a pet dog due to being away so much. "

So what kind of dog would you like?
"A Dalmation. "

What were this year's highlights for you?
"The ones in my hair. And also roaring down the mountains in Colorado snowboarding and not having to explain to people what it felt like to be No. 1 with 'Firestarter'. "

If there was one perception of The Prodigy created by the media that you could quash what would it be?
"I wish our local paper would stop calling us 'the Braintree ravers'. "

You've always called yourself a "hard dance" group, so what do you think of all the terms bandied about branding you as "technopunk", "punkrock" and "the new Sex Pistols"?
"My job is to write the music and it's the press' job to come up with these musical sub-cultures. "

This year The Prodigy have courted very public "disagreements' with both Goldie and CJ Bolland. Do you think this does either artist any harm, or are you getting the upper hand of the media and gaining more column inches?
"If both sides are clever enough they'll use it to the best advantage as good exposure, as long as it doesn't get personal. "

1996 was most definitely the year of The Prodigy. What plans do you have for 1997 and how do you see The Prodigy developing?
"We've started a new band and have already recorded 5 tracks. We're called the Theatre of Blood, it's a thrash band where none of us can play our instruments particularly well, we make cool noise. "

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