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From The Goss - The Biz by Claudia Connell

FEARSOME-looking Prodigy star Keith Flint is dating a model known to millions as The Gorgeous Girl. Stunning Catalina appears on the Chris Evans telly show TFI Friday as the stunner rejected by self-confessed Ugly Blokes. One possible candidate who couldn't say no is Keith, spikey-haired singer of wild dance act The Prodigy, who followed up Firestarter with their second No. 1, Breathe. He and Cat have been secretly dating for three months and are now inseparable. He is so smitten that he has bought her a ring, fuelling rumours they will tie the knot.

Keith, 26, comes with dozens of tattoos, a bolt through his nose and six earrings. Pals of the unlikely couple dub them Beauty and the Beast. When The Prodigy first appeared on Top Of The Pops, hundreds of parents wrote in saying their children suffered nightmares after seeing Keith. But one friend tells me: "In reality, Keith is lovely. You'd cross the road if you saw him coming, but you couldn't meet a more down-to-earth guy. And he's an old romantic!" Facially-challenged male fans of TFI Friday write in to Evans asking to star in its "Ugly Bloke" slot. He makes their dreams come true by getting Cat to proposition them for a hot date - giving the Ugly Bloke a rare opportunity to turn down a stunner.

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