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| The Guardian
The 100 greatest UK No 1s: No 8, The Prodigy – Firestarter

| MusicTech magazine
Prodigy engineer/co-producer Neil Mclellan remembers the Jilted Generation sessions

| Decoded Magazine
Sampling the Sex Pistols, dissing koalas and never taking your foot off the gas: we crank the froth-o-meter up to full with The Prodigy’s Liam Howlett

| Mix Mag
The Prodigy's Liam Howlett: "Rave hasn't been given the props it deserves"

| The Sun
Still starting fires

| Kerrang!
The Prodigy Thirty years of firestarting; one must-read interview

The Prodigy: 'We don't need to reinvent ourselves'

| DJ Mag
Solid Gold: How 'Music For The Jilted Generation' turned The Prodigy from rave outsiders to festival headliners

| Dazed
The Prodigy’s Liam Howlett on 28 years of rave anarchy

| South China Morning Post
Liam Howlett of The Prodigy on ‘fake controversy’, the band’s fired-up frontman Flint and new ‘old’ album ahead of Clockenflap

| Festicket Magazine
The Prodigy: "Done it all, but I'll do it all again"

| The Guardian
The Prodigy's Liam Howlett: 'We do everything we can to stay off the telly'

| State Magazine
The Prodigy..”a bit of competition is always good”

| Golden Plec
The Prodigy - Interview

| MusicTech magazine
Landmark Productions: The Prodigy – The Fat of the Land

The Prodigy Interview: On Anger, The Election And Why Electronic Music's "Not Good Enough Anymore"

The Nasty Party

| Spin Magazine
Q&A: The Prodigy Look Back on the Most Aggressive Career in Electronic History

| The Yorkshire Post
Music interview: The Prodigy bide their time to create latest album

| DJ Mag
The Prodigy: The prodigal sons

| The Music
Night crawlers

| Ransom Note
Gone to a rave #27: The Prodigy

| London Evening Standard
Dance DJs? The Prodigy’s sixth album will wipe the floor with them, says Liam Howlett

Pirate Firestarters are back

| Sabotage Times
The Prodigy Interviewed: “No more snorting cheap speed and banging pills up my arse”

| The Times of India
10 yrs to get here: Liam Howlett

| Hot Press
Space Invaders

Fired up: Keith Flint

I See A Darkness

| Clash Music
Call that music - it's just ruddy noise!

| The Electric New Paper
We're musicians not celebrities - Brit band The Prodigy will be one of main draws at next year's Big Night Out

| The Quietus
The Prodigy Talk To The Quietus About Experience And Jilted Generation

| Helsingin Sanomat / Nyt-liite
Riitojen ja reivien jälkeen

| Pop Matters
So I Decided to Take My Work Underground: A Conversation with the Prodigy's Liam Howlett

| Nekozine
Interview with Liam Howlett after The Prodigy's show in Copenhagen

| Channel nine - national news
Howlett juggles fatherhood and career

| Keyboard Magazine
Trim the Fat

| Suicidegirls
Liam Howlett interview

| Korg magazine
Never Outgunned: Liam Howlett

| Sound On Sound
Liam Howlett: Recording Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned

Pop quiz: Liam Howlett of Prodigy

| The Guardian
Prodigal son

The Prodigy - Die US-Postals des Punk

| Remix
Behind the Curtain

| Snoozer
Issue 045

| Sonic State
Prodigy Dig The Mackie Sound

Interview with Liam Howlett of the Prodigy

| Propellerhead Software
The Prodigal Reasoner

| Daily Record
192: NO BIG DEAL; Prodigy's Liam on Keith's rape drug claims

Prodigy Unauthorized

| Q Magazine
Big Day Out, Claremont Showground, Perth, Australia - 3 February 2002

| The Mirror
Liam and Nat's child prodigy singer is pregnant

| Sydney Sun Herald
The Prodigy Have Returned

Massive Attack take MIX to the max

We are relevant as fuck. I haven't doubted what we do once

The Prodigy, possible summer release

| Korg magazine
Liam Howlett interviewed by Korg mag in winter 2001

| The Guardian
Brittish young millionares

| Alternative Press

| NY Rock
Interview with Keith & Liam

| Melody Maker
Interview with Liam and Maxim

| Toronto Sun
Decline of the Jedi Knights

| Toronto Sun
Prodigy tries sex in space

| Spin Magazine
Smack My Mix Up

| Alternative Press
Tables Turning

| The Guardian
The young rich

| Rockin' On
Prodigy presents: DJ = Liam Howlett

Talkin’ Lewd

| Jockey Slut
An interview with Liam Howlett

| Q Magazine
Famous Last Words: Liam Howlett

Drop The Debt - U2, Prodigy, Others To Support Third World Debt Campaign

| Loaded
Don't Sing It, Howlett

| Mix Mag
Liam's Dirtchamber

| Melody Maker
Dirtchamber Interview

Chat Of The Landowners

| Power On
Catching Up With The Prodigy

Liam talks about the Dirty Chamber

Soil Of The Century

| Select
Liam Howlett, Chief Spokesman For The Jilted Generation

The Prodigy Breezeblock the pre-mix interview

Beasties V Prodigy: The Great PC Wars

Prodigy lawyers aim to block new movie

| Q Magazine
Essex Boys Come First

| Spin Magazine
It's only rock'n' roll

| Select
This is dangerous

| Kerrang!
Anarchy in the US!

Crash and Burn!

| Mojo
Burning Down the House

Funky Shit Happens

Selected LP, The Fat of The Land

| The Mix
Playing with fire!

| The Guest List
Interview with Liam Howlett

| Kerrang!
Anarchy in the UK

| Future Music
Favourite 50 - 1 Korg Prophecy

| Sound On Sound
Liam Howlett • The Prodigy & Firestarter

| Iltasanomat
Prodigy sanoi ei U2:lle ja David Bowielle

| Select
24 March: Firestarter at the top of the hit parade

House Of The Razing Arson

| MTV Blah Blah Blah
White Heat, White Noise, White Out

The Prodigy Alternative Dance Supergroup

| The Face
The Future Sound of Essex

| Mix Mag
Guitar Hero

| Hot Press
Welcome To The Techno-drome

| The Music Technology Magazine
Issue 83: Liam Howlett of The Prodigy

| Melody Maker
Liam of The Prodigy talk about the records that changed his life

| Future Music
Prodigious talent

| Los Angeles Times
Prodigy’s Liam Howlett: Battling With Success : Pop music: As techno music catches the ear of the mainstream, the songwriter struggles to hang on to the genre’s longtime faithful.

| Mix Mag
Did Charly Kill Rave?

| The Music Technology Magazine
The Lone Raver

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