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Liam Howlett composes a soundtrack for Netflix film "Choose or Die"

Netflix has today unleashed the first official trailer for Toby Meakins’ (Breath, Floor 9.5) Choose or Die (formally known as Curs>r), a dark twist on the ’80s gaming obsession.

Aside from today’s trailer reveal, Anton and Stigma Films have also announced that the film’s “edgy and atmospheric” score has been composed by Liam Howlett, representing his first outing as a composer responsible for the entire sonic landscape of a movie.

A dark twist on the ‘80’s gaming obsession, the horror thriller stars Asa Butterfield (Sex Education, Greed), Iola Evans (The 100, Carnival Row) and Eddie Marsan (Sherlock Holmes, Happy Go Lucky). The film also features horror maestro Robert Englund (the iconic Freddy Kreuger in A Nightmare on Elm Street). Rounding out the cast is Angela Griffin (The Hollow, Harlots), Kate Fleetwood (Beirut, Star Wars: Episode VII), Ryan Gage (The Hobbit, The Musketeers) and Joe Bolland (The Trial of Christine Keeler).

Produced by Anton’s Sebastien Raybaud and John Zois and Stigma Films’ Matthew James Wilkinson (Yesterday, Days of the Bagnold Summer, Amulet), CHOOSE OR DIE is directed by Toby Meakins (Breath, Floor 9.5) and written by Simon Allen (The Watch, Das Boot, The Musketeers).

Choose or Die will be available globally on Netflix from 15 April 2022. In the meanwhile you can watch first official trailer below.

Happy Birthday Maxim!

Happy Birthday Maxim!

The Prodigy MC celebrates his 55th birthday today. Congrats! We are also celebrating that with updated sections. Read more about Maxim on his personal bio or solo works page.

The Prodigy live 2022

The Prodigy live 2022

The Prodigy return to the stage to play a run of live dates in England during July this year, coinciding with the 25th anniversary of The Fat Of The Land.



Warriors Pre-sale begins 9am Wednesday 9th March. Warriors already signed up to the mailing list will be sent a link and password on the evening of Tuesday 8th March to obtain access.

Make sure you are signed-up to the Mailing list before 5pm on Tuesday on TheProdigy.com

Main ticket onsale 9am on Friday 11th March.

Check upcoming and past events

"What Evil Lurks" 31 years today!

"What Evil Lurks" 31 years today!

On this day, exactly 31 years ago the EP "What Evil Lurks" was released.

The 12" vinyl record was released in a limited number in 25 February 1991, selling around 7,000 copies.

Check full info about the release

Invaders Must Die 13 year anniversary

Invaders Must Die 13 year anniversary

Time Flies! The Prodigy's Invaders Must Die LP was released exactly 13 years ago this day.

Read more about the release here

Omen 13th anniversary!

Omen 13th anniversary!

Omen is the nineteenth single released by The Prodigy. It was released on 16 February 2009, and it is the first commercial single from the album Invaders Must Die. The release was officially announced on 9 January, in a newsletter sent to fans and it was first played on BBC Radio 1 on 12 January.

Read more about Omen here

Everybody In The Place 30th anniversary

Everybody In The Place 30th anniversary

The second official single released by The Prodigy from their debut album "Experience" was released on 30 December 1991 through XL Recordings in the UK.

Read more about Everybody In The Place here

Smack My Bitch Up 24th anniversary!

Smack My Bitch Up 24th anniversary!

The most controversial single in Prodigy's history was released exactly 24th years ago this day.

Read more about Smack My Bitch Up here

Breathe 25th anniversary!

Breathe 25th anniversary!

The Prodigy's second consecutive number-one single Breathe was released exactly 25 years ago this day. 

The Prodigy performed "Breathe" at the 1997 MTV Video Music Awards, and won the Viewer's Choice Award. The song was a major worldwide hit, reaching the top 10 in several countries such as Australia, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, New Zealand and Switzerland.

Breathe is to date The Prodigy's biggest selling single ever.

Read more about Breathe here

No Tourists 3rd anniversary

No Tourists 3rd anniversary

The latest studio album No Tourists by The Prodigy was released on 2 November 2018. On Instagram Liam was also celebrating the album and also hinted that The Prodigy will be back on 2022 and there is a possibility that there will be new gigs and even an album!

Read more about the album here

Experience 29th anniversary

Experience 29th anniversary

The debut studio album Experience by The Prodigy was first released on 28 September 1992 by XL Recordings in the United Kingdom and by Elektra Records in the United States.

Read more about the album here

Interview with Kieron Pepper about Keith Flint and Device #1

Interview with Kieron Pepper about Keith Flint and Device #1

On Keith's birthday Croatian radio station which is owned by a huge Prodigy fan broadcasted this radio interview with Kieron Pepper. Kieron talks about Device #1 and its recording process, he also shared an awesome playlist of the songs that Keith was jamming to back in those days with some very interesting infos about Keith we have never heard before!

https://www.mixcloud.com/RadioLabin/kei ... 17-9-2021/

Happy birthday Keith Flint!

Happy birthday Keith Flint!

We all are remembering the exceptional one & only original firestarter Keith Flint who would have celebrated his 52nd birthday today 17th September.

Raise the roof and read more about him and his solo works.

Happy birthday Liam Howlett

Happy birthday Liam Howlett

The Prodigy mastermind celebrates his 50th birthday today. Congrats! We are also celebrating that with updated sections. Read more about Liam howlett's on his personal bio or solo works page.

Charly 30th anniversary

Charly 30th anniversary

The Prodigy's debut single from album Experience is today 30 years old!

Read more about Charly here

Crowdfunder for Keith Flint mural to raise mental health awareness

Crowdfunder for Keith Flint mural to raise mental health awareness

A street artist who has painted murals of Marcus Rashford, Sir Captain Tom Moore and David Bowie, has set his sights on a wall in Hackney, to pay tribute to The Prodigy frontman Keith Flint. 

Manchester artist Akse P19 is working with music and mental wellbeing festival Headstock to pay homage to the Firestarter vocalist, and raise awareness for mental health support services.

The new artwork will be in Beechwood Road in Dalston – a short walk away from the site of the old Four Aces club where The Prodigy played their first gig.

Founder of Headstock Atheer Al-Salim said: "Keith Flint was one of the most innovative and influential music artists of his generation but, like many of us, he struggled with his mental health and tragically took his own life."

The mural is due to be completed in time for World Suicide Prevention Day on 10 September, and is being created to raise awareness of mental health text support service / charity – Shout 85258. The artwork will feature both the charity’s logo and number.

The project follows on from a mural of Joy Division’s Ian Curtis which we unveiled in Manchester to coincide with World Mental Health Day 2020.

A crowdfunder was set up to fund the mural, with a target of £12,500 needed to be pledged by August 31. 

Check the crowdfunding page and help raise the funds needed to complete the work.


Happy Birthday Jilted Generation!

Happy Birthday Jilted Generation!

The Prodigy's 2nd album Music for the Jilted Generation is today 27 years old!

Read more about the album

There was also a special Jilted Day on Dazed Digital when Jilted turned 20. Check it out with articles including a Q&A with Liam Howlett, an exclusive playlist selected by The Prodigy, an interview with Sewart Haygarth and Les Edwards the men behind The Prodigy’s most iconic album sleeve and more.
You can check out all the content here: http://www.dazeddigital.com/tag/jilted-day

GLOWKiD's Generation X [Radioshow] pres. 'PRODIGY REMIXED'

GLOWKiD's Generation X [Radioshow] pres. 'PRODIGY REMIXED'

It's a party time for all Prodigy fans out there! Listen GLOWKiD's Generation X [Radioshow] pres. 'PRODIGY REMIXED' @ Kniteforce Radio (22nd June 2021). This set contains 120 minutes of remixes on various Prodigy tracks by fans and talented producers who show their homage to the best live band of our planet.

Listen the full mix here


The Prodigy - Poison (Jim Pavloff & Pit Core remix) (Official Audio)

The Prodigy - Breathe (LH Remix ft. RZA)

A new remix version of Breathe is to be released on June 25th on Fast & Furious 9 soundtrack. It will feature RZA from Wu-Tang Clan. Nice little fact is that the sword sounds in original version of Breathe were sampled from Wu-Tang Clan - "Da Mystery of Chessboxin" from the album called "36 Chambers".

This remix was actually already introduced to fans at Brighton Centre, England on 5th November 2018.

Skip to 4:44 on video.

New Prodigy studio session post from Liam

New Prodigy studio session post from Liam

Liam posted to Instagram a new video from studio sessions with some new beats.


See original post on Instagram

Maxim and Dan Pearce Launch Art, Film and Music Project

Maxim and Dan Pearce Launch Art, Film and Music Project

Maxim and mixed-media artist, Dan Pearce have collaborated on the powerful and poignant, pandemic Hope project, which will see the May 20 launch of 50 limited edition sculptures, containing an exclusive, four-track Maxim EP as well as the release of an accompanying short film, featuring Maxim, his new music and starring Pearce’s son, to tell the story behind the pair’s sculpture.

The project will launch with a VIP private view at London’s new 99 Projects gallery on 19 May, and the Hope exhibition be available for public view until 7 June.

The acclaimed artists spent a year over lockdown creating the ambitious, multi-platform collaboration, which is inspired by the “Hope” that everybody is clinging onto, as we gradually ease out of the devastation wreaked by Coronavirus.

They will be donating one sculpture to NHS Charities Together , one to young people’s mental health charity, YoungMinds and one to homeless charity Shelter, to raise funds for those most affected by the outbreak - themes which are explored in their moving film.

On May 20, the pair will release an edition of 50 sculptures created together, depicting a little boy - based on Pearce’s son - wearing a gas mask and preparing to pull the pin on a clear, resin grenade, containing a heart, which represents the vaccine and the hope that will help us navigate our post-lockdown worlds. The grenade is a recurring symbol and theme in Maxim’s art, which includes highly sought-after paintings, prints and sculptures created during his 18 years in the art world. The pieces demonstrate Dan’s skills in 3D modelling and Maxim’s experience floating objects in resin.

Their short film touches on the mental health implications the virus has had on children, showing Pearce’s 11-year-old son, Jackson living through the pandemic. It also references the pandemic’s impact on homelessness - with a moving cameo from Maxim, playing a person living on the streets - as well as austerity, with touching food bank scenes. It closes with a strong message of kindness, giving and the ‘hope’ that it is named after, showing the little boy in a gas mask about to pull the grenade pin - mirroring the sculpture itself.

The soundtrack to the film is also titled ‘Hope’ and will be released along with three other tracks on a Hope EP, on bespoke memory cards inside the sculptures, exclusively for buyers of the sculptures on 20 May. The music will then be released to the public three months later, via digital outlets like Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon on the Red Room Arts label.

Dan explains: “We’ve known each other for a few years as we both exhibited art at the same galleries and attended each other's exhibitions, so we always chatted about doing a collaboration. “Lockdown gave us that opportunity and we wanted the project to deal with this difficult year, while demonstrating the positive message about the role hope now plays.”

Maxim adds: “Making this has been exciting. And it was really special to have a cameo, playing somebody who was homeless and was also an angel.

“We are in times of uncertainty, but I believe the answer to our problems is the four letter word, ‘love’.”

The sculptures will be released as a limited edition of 50 in assorted, hand-painted colours with ten special editions, which will have Swarovski Crystals added by Dan and Maxim. They will be available via galleries including Enter Gallery and Clarendon Fine Art, as well as the artists’ respective websites. Five of the exclusive hand-painted sculptures will be available in TAP Galleries at Selfridges.

The short film is the acting debut of Jackson, and its director John Smith - who met Dan as one of his art clients - said: “Jackson had an innocence and no acting school baggage. He just understood what the part was about - a boy struggling amidst his covid nightmare.”

Dan’s work is collected by everybody from Idris Elba, Boy George, Anthony Joshua and 50 Cent, to will.i.am, Rag N Bone Man and a host of Premiership footballers. He was named “one of the UK’s most collectable, emerging artists” by Shortlist and his work employs spray paint, hand- painted acrylics, lenticular, neon lights, 3D objects, screen-printing, textured resin, gold leaf and collage, as well as his own photography and street art.

Art was originally a means of winding down between tours with chart- topping band, The Prodigy, but Maxim has cemented his reputation as an acclaimed, mixed media artist and designer. Grenades carried on the breeze by a raft of red balloons; clown-faced butterflies brandishing Samurai swords, and gun-toting cats are just a few of the surreal fantasy worlds created by Maxim, using everything from spray paint, resin, acrylic, ceramics and bronze to objects like bullets, blades and pills.

A Documentary On The Prodigy Is In The Works

A Documentary On The Prodigy Is In The Works

Founding Prodigy members Liam Howlett and Maxim are producing the feature film — the first about the British dance music pioneers — and have dedicated the project to the band's iconic late frontman Keith Flint.



Read more from Billboard or The Hollywood Reporter

Happy 30th birthday The Prodigy!

Happy 30th birthday The Prodigy!

The Prodigy were formed 5th October 1990 exactly 30 years ago this day while out at a rave!

Milton Keynes 10th anniversary

Milton Keynes 10th anniversary

Friday 24th July 2020 will be ten years to the day since The Prodigy's massive headline show at Milton Keynes Bowl. 9pm BST on the day, rewatch Worlds On Fire the live DVD of the show together on Youtube. Including memories from Liam & Maxim. https://prdgy.lnk.to/WOF2020 #PRODIGYMK10

Fresh! Radio Interview with Leeroy Thornhill [Jun.2020]

Fresh! Radio Interview with Leeroy Thornhill [Jun.2020]

GLOWKiD delivers a special edition of Generation X [RadioShow] which pays tribute to the almighty producer,dj, eminent dancer and ex one quarter of The Prodigy, Leeroy Thornhill.

This showcase includes tracks from Leeroy's back catalogue, focusing mainly on his brand new album 'EVOLVE', hosting also an exclusive Interview with him chatting about the progress of it, his new plans from now on and even more. In other words, it's a strict-LEE showcase, celebrating his 30 golden years within the Dance scene. -

The Prodigy - Everybody In The Place (Leeroy Thornhill 2017 Edit)
Longman - Rock It
Shades of Rhythm - Psycho Base (Longman Remix)
Leeroy Thornhill - Rudeboy
Leeroy Thornhill - Get on It
Smash HiFi - Bombs 'n' Beartraps (feat. Legionaires)
Smash HiFi - Everything U Need
Maxim feat. Cianna Blaze - 808 (Leeroy Thornhill Remix)
Leeroy Thornhill - Burn The House Down
Leeroy Thornhill - Wait For Me

- Interview with Leeroy Thornhill (37:11) [Playing "EVOLVE" on the background]
- Closing track: B2 Lowrise EP


Keith Flint - The Lollies

Monsieur Gainsbourg Revisited is a tribute album to the works of late French singer/songwriter Serge Gainsbourg. First released on Virgin Records in 2006, it consists of English language cover versions of Gainsbourg songs, performed by a diverse array of contemporary artists. Gainsbourg's former wife, Jane Birkin, sang on one track. The album charted in France (#8), Switzerland (#23) and Belgium (#6 Wa, #29 Vl). By the time of his death in 1991 Serge Gainsbourg was a French national institution, as beloved for his outrageous behaviour in public (often drunk, always in a haze of Gitane smoke) as for his music. Now his continuing influence on les anglo-saxons is marked by a new CD of his songs performed by his admirers - including Franz Ferdinand, Jarvis Cocker and Tricky.

Apparently Keith Flint recorded his version of Serge Gainsbourg - Les Sucettes but it didn't make to the final release. Some years ago MP3 was leaked online but it didn't gain much attention among The Prodigy fans.

Original tracklisting
"A Song for Sorry Angel" - Franz Ferdinand & Jane Birkin
"I Love You (Me Either)" ("Je t'aime... moi non plus") - Cat Power & Karen Elson
"I Just Came to Tell You That I'm Going" ("Je suis venu te dire que je m'en vais") - Jarvis Cocker & Kid Loco
"Requiem for Anna" - Portishead
"Requiem for a Jerk" ("Requiem pour un con") - Faultline, Brian Molko & Françoise Hardy
"L'Hôtel" - Michael Stipe
"Au Revoir Emmanuelle" - Tricky
"Lola R. for Ever" - Marianne Faithfull & Sly and Robbie
"Boomerang 2005" - Gonzales, Feist & Dani
"Boy Toy" - Marc Almond and Trash Palace
"The Ballad of Melody Nelson" - Placebo
"Just a Man with a Job" - The Rakes
"I Call It Art" - The Kills
"Those Little Things" - Carla Bruni

American edition bonus tracks

"The Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde" - James Iha & Kazu Makino
"Angels Fall" - Nina Persson & Nathan Larson


The Gainsbourg estate's considerable royalties income, and the approval of Gainsbourg-related projects, are in the hands of the artist's four children, the products of the singer's three major relationships: Natacha and Paul Ginsburg, the children of his youthful sweetheart Elisabeth, whom he left at the first hint of show-business success; Charlotte, his daughter with Jane Birkin; and Lulu, the child of his last partner, Bambou. Unfortunately, they don't all see eye to eye, hence the problems with the new CD. "Natacha and Paul don't approve of the constant emphasis of their father's risqué Gainsbarre side," says Jean-Daniel Beauvallet. "They hated the new 'Je T'Aime' - they said Serge would never have approved a lesbian version." The day was eventually saved by scholarship: the discovery of an obscure Japanese cover version from the 70s, by two girl singers, in effect a Japanese lesbian 'Je T'Aime' (triple points) which Gainsbourg, Jane Birkin could affirm, had loved. Bingo.

The Natacha and Paul veto was not lifted, however, from another track. This was a version of "Les Sucettes" (The Lollipops), the song which naughty old Serge famously put in the demure teenage mouth of the debutante France Gall, and which was "revisited" by Keith Flint, of the Prodigy. A great track, apparently, with a wild string section playing the parts of all the instruments. So why was it shelved - the point about "Les Sucettes" was surely its lack of explicitness, the double entendre being in the ear of the listener? "Well, it was the licking noises that Keith put in," says Beauvallet. Flint's lascivious slurping, it appears, tipped the balance of probability too far away from the consumption of confectionery and the Ginsburg thumbs went down. Tant pis.

("Les Sucettes" ("Lollipops") is a French pop song written by Serge Gainsbourg and first recorded by France Gall in 1966. One of Gall's biggest hits, it was an unusually risqué song for its time, though in performing it she was unaware of the fact. Gainsbourg recorded his own version, with a psychedelic arrangement, on the 1969 album Jane Birkin/Serge Gainsbourg.)

Keith Flint - Lollipops (Serge Gainsbourg - Les Sucettes) (Dimitri Tikovoi version)

NME Awards 2020: Watch Leo Crabtree pay emotional tribute to Keith Flint

The Prodigy‘s long time live drummer Leo Crabtree led a tribute to Keith Flint at the NME Awards 2020, last night.

Flint, who took his own life in March 2019, was celebrated with an award in his name at the ceremony, which was preceded by an extended video montage showing some of the most iconic moments from his legendary career.

First single from Maxim's forthcoming album

"Feel Good" is the first official single from Maxim's forthcoming album “Love More”

Maxim releases a new solo album

Maxim releases a new solo album

The Prodigy's Maxim's 3rd solo album “Love More” will be released in Japan on December 4th.

As a work dedicated to Keith Flint, the third solo full album "Love More" will be released ahead of the world in Japan!

CD Regular Edition
Message from Maxim to Keith
Comments with translations of songs by Maxim
Japan limited CD
Includes 2 bonus tracks for Japanese edition only ⭐︎ Includes first jacket design sticker
With lyrics and translation

01. Feel Good
02. Can't Hold We
03. Rudeboy
04. Mantra
05. On And On
06. Like We
07. Push the Culture
08. Put It Pon We
09. Virus
10. Battle Horns
11. Rise (Japan Bonus Track)
12. Outlaw (Japan Bonus Track)

Source : https://www.hmv.co.jp/artist_Maxim_0000 ... SRqq0GEhsM

Rare Keith's tour outfit on sale on forum

Rare Keith's tour outfit on sale on forum

Theprodigy.info visitor and a fan is selling an outfit once owned by Keith Flint. This was gifted to the current owner by Keith, over 20 years ago along with a signed photo. Now you have change to own this piece of memorablia.

Read more on forum

Jilted Generations: An Underground Tribute To The Prodigy

Jilted Generations: An Underground Tribute To The Prodigy

Here is the release info for this tribute which was released on 17th September 2019 which would have been Keith's 50th birthday.

Keith Charles Flint was an English vocalist, dancer, and occasional motorcycle racer, best known to a wide audience for his work with the seminal electronic group The Prodigy. Beginning as a backup dancer with the group, Flint would later become a frontman for The Prodigy by 1996, lending his appearances as a songwriter and vocalist to some of their biggest commercial hits, such as "Firestarter", "Breathe", "Baby's Got A Temper", and "Omen". Flint's iconic punk-inspired appearance became indelibly associated with the group through their music videos, and almost certainly played a major role in The Prodigy's mainstream success, and legacy as a key influence in the subgenres of big beat, breakbeat, and hardcore dance.

On March 4th, 2019, Keith Flint was found dead in his Essex home of a suspected suicide, as The Prodigy was in the midst of a major world tour. A massive outpouring of grief and tribute from peers such as The Chemical Brothers, Liam Gallagher, Azealia Banks, Gary Numan, Ho99o9, Frank Turner, and many more soon followed. These tributes reflected not just on the major influence and contributions Flint had made via The Prodigy, but of his gentle temperment, wide-reaching generosity, and warmth as an individual, in sharp contrast to his aggressive stage persona.

With "Jilted Generations: An Underground Tribute To The Prodigy", we hope to show our love as well.

Who are we? Just a loose collection of underground electronic and industrial musicians who want to pay tribute to the long-lasting legacy of Keith Flint, and have come together with 12 hard-hitting covers of tracks by The Prodigy to show our appreciation for the man and his enduring influence on music.

All proceeds generated from the purchase of this compilation will be donated to the Suicide Prevention Lifeline - http://www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org

01. Big Time Kill - Fuel My Fire
02. BILIAN (feat. Doomdriver) - The Day Is My Enemy
03. The Mask Of Sanity - Breathe
04. STAHLSCHLAG - No Good (Start The Dance)
05. Zovi - Firestarter
07. Louis Guidone Musician and Photographer (feat. Mera Roberts) - Smack My Bitch Up
08. Transdusk - Run With The Wolves
09. Flesh Eating Foundation - Nasty
10. Sawtooth (feat. Droast) - Mindfields
11. GOD ASTRAY - Baby's Got A Temper
12. Slighter - Narayan

https://combustibledesigns.bandcamp.com ... he-prodigy

Maxim releases new music and signs exclusive global publishing deal

Maxim releases new music and signs exclusive global publishing deal

Maxim - Freedom (featuring Nadia Harris McAnuff) was released today and can be listened on most music streaming services.

Besides of that Peermusic UK has signed writer, producer and vocalist Maxim to an exclusive global publishing deal. The news was announced by Nigel Elderton, President, Europe & Managing Director, peermusic UK and Richard Martin, Synchronisation Manager, peermusic. The agreement encompasses future works as well as Maxim’s entire back catalog, including his work as part of the Prodigy.

Read full article here

GL0WKiD Generation X [RadioShow] Keith Flint tribute show

GL0WKiD Generation X [RadioShow] Keith Flint tribute show

On Saturday the 16th March 21:00-22:00 [UK TIME] GL0WKiD presented Keith Flint tribute show @ www.kniteforce-radio.com

The show was all about to give and show full respect to the iconic frontman of our generation, the Original Firestarter. The very last goodbye from GL0WKiD to this legendary music persona, who's now performing from another dimension.

The full show is now up if you missed the original broadcast:

Keith Flint dead at 49

Keith Flint has been found dead at his country home aged 49.

The singer was discovered unconscious at the property near Dunmow, Essex at around 8am this morning, after police were called over what they described as 'concerns for his welfare'.

Paramedics attempted to resuscitate him but he was pronounced dead at the scene. Police are not treating the death as suspicious.

The band said in a statement: 'It is with deepest shock and sadness that we can confirm the death of our brother and best friend Keith Flint.

'A true pioneer, innovator and legend. He will be forever missed. We thank you for respecting the privacy of all concerned at this time.'

Dirtchamber sessions 2 in 2019?

Dirtchamber sessions 2 in 2019?

There has been lots of speculating among the fans that will there ever be Dirtchamber sessions volume 2. Now in recent australian interviews Liam has been giving out some positive comments that it might even come out this year. It's been 20 years since the original release so it would be about a time to get the part 2.

Read Decoded Magazine interview about the No Tourists and Dirtchamber sessions

See original Dirtchamber sessions release page and stories behind it

GL0WKiD Generation X [RadioShow] “No Tourists” Special

GL0WKiD Generation X [RadioShow] “No Tourists” Special

Tune in to GL0WKiD Generation X [RadioShow] “No Tourists” Special! 

Brace yourself for a special 90′ prodigized mayhem mixing out “No Tourists” under a ..glowing formula alongside also special contributions by various fans of the show, listeners & warriors from all around the globe, sharing their thoughts about the new album.

This show was originally broadcasted @ Kniteforce Radio (http://kniteforce-radio.com/) on 15th December 2018.

presented & hosted by GL0WKiD (from Athens/Greece)

Listen the whole broadcast here

The Prodigy score seventh Number 1 album in UK with No Tourists

The Prodigy score seventh Number 1 album in UK with No Tourists

The Prodigy land straight in at Number 1 with their latest album No Tourists in UK charts. 

The band's seventh studio album (ninth overall including greatest hits and live albums) lands at the top with 24,000 combined sales and streams, finishing ahead of the A Star Is Born cast recording, which holds at 2.

Seven Number 1 albums means The Prodigy rank among an elite group of acts with the most leaders on the Official Albums Chart. They join the likes of Elton John, Paul McCartney, Coldplay and George Michael, who each have seven Number 1 records. The Beatles hold the title with 15. 

See the official chart here

Jim Pavloff remixes Need Some1

Jim Pavloff who has been famously recreating many classic Prodigy tracks on You Tube has been given opportunity to remix The Prodigy's newest single Need Some1. It's really nice to see that Liam and the co. gives some recognition to him that he really deserves!

The remix itself has a nice original and oldskool vibe in it. All other remixes have been so generic that this one really stands out!

Read more about Need Some1 here

The Prodigy finally releases a new track!

The track is 'Need Some1' and it has been already available on some online music services but not in Spotify. Track is short (2:41) and bit repeatable but you still can recognize Liam Howlett's trademark production style. The first live version of the track was first introduced in Tilburg, Netherlands 11.12.2017. This new released version anyhow contains more new parts that has not been heard on live versions.

Read more about possible new album tracks and collaborations

The Prodigy Tribute Remixes Series Vol.1

Criminal Tribe Records are proud to present the first part of a series of tribute albums dedicated to the creation of the legendary The Prodigy group, which carry a rethinking of a number of their works from the residents of Criminal Tribe ltd.
With this project, Criminal Tribe Records team wants to pay tribute to the genius artists, whose work has radically influenced our development and becoming.
The first mini-album includes two works:
- The Prodigy — Narayan [Interra Tribute Remix];
- The Prodigy — Girls [Little Orange UA Tribute Remix].
Versions in WAV format you can free download from official page on SoundCloud

Former Prodigy member Leeroy Thornhill releases new music

While we are still eagerly waiting new Prodigy music is ex-Prodigy Leeroy Thornhill recently reignited his creative character by joining forces with the legendary Get Hype Records. With a massive five track EP featuring two heart-thumping originals by Leeroy himself accompanied by three remixes by figureheads such as Adamski, Smooth, and Get Hype head honchos The Prototypes.

See Leeroy Thornhill profile page
Check more info about Leeroy's solo projects

A new The Prodigy single and an album are on the way!

A new The Prodigy single and an album are on the way!

Liam posted a message on Instagram and Facebook that The Prodigy will release a new single before the end of this year and album will follow early next year!

Probable collaborations are the Ragga Twinz, Brother Culture, Shahin Badar and Dizzee Rascal. It's also pretty sure that Olly Burden might have some involvement too.

A bit later was revealed that The Prodigy have signed a worldwide record deal with BMG.

We Eat Rhythm: The Prodigy Story Part 1 – New Book by Martin James

Martin James, the author of Adventures with the Voodoo Crew and The Prodigy is pledging funds for his new book!

We Eat Rhythm is a prestige limited edition reworking of the acclaimed biography of The Prodigy. It features brand new and exclusive interviews, photos and illustrations and covers the period from the band’s emergence to the release of the highly controversial ‘Baby’s Got a Temper’. It will be followed in 2018 by the biography We Live for Beats that takes a close look at the Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned to The Day is My Enemy era.

ORDER HERE: https://igg.me/at/A7cGjfnXIOM/x/14929718

Liam at studio with the new Roland TB-03

Liam at studio with the new Roland TB-03

Liam posted a pic from studio with the new Roland TB-03 Bass line synth. TB-03 is a direct descendant of the famous TB-303 Bass Line Synth which is especially famous of it's acid sounds. It's good to see Liam is really working at the studio since there has been quite much rumors lately about loads of different collaborations going on.

As a side note I have just updated the collectables page with Liam's original Roland TB-303.

Olly Burden replaced Rob on live guitars

Olly Burden replaced Rob on live guitars

The Prodigy played their first gig after Rob Holliday left the band in ZÜRICH OPENAIR, Switzerland. Olly Burden from the band Hounds was the new guitarist for that gig. It's not yet sure if he will be permanent guitarist for the band but at least we know that he has been working with Liam with new stuff on studio. Olly has been in the studio together with Liam on last albums and credited on co-writing on "Wall of Death".

The Prodigy and guitarist Rob Holliday have parted their ways

The Prodigy and guitarist Rob Holliday have parted their ways

The Prodigy announced today on their Facebook page that Rob and the band have agreed to part their ways. This also means that we won't see Rob on remaining gigs this year. We'll see if there will be replacement for him or will the boys tour without guitars for a while.

Theprodigy.info wants to thank Rob for being a vital part of the live shows for 12 years! We wish you all the best in the future! You can read more about Rob on his personal bio.

Liam's Roland TR-707 drum machine

One of Liam's Roland TR-707 drum machines was donated in 2011 as part of an auction to raise money for The British Red Cross Charity to help people affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. This machine was used by Liam on the Invaders Must Die single. This piece of The Prodigy history has now been added to the collectables section.

Read more about Roland TR-707

Liam Howlett interviewed by Theprodigy.ru

The Prodigy returned to Russia with no new music

The Prodigy retuned to Russia and played 4 nights with their standard set. This is no surprise for fans but some would have hoped a lot more since Liam has been constantly saying that there will be at least new beats comin' (if not whole new tunes). I personally feel a bit sorry for the Russian Warriors since they are really dedicated and hardcore fans and would have deserved something special. The band got more than 70 songs (not to include all b-sides and remixes) to choose from and they still play nearly same set than they have been playing years. Is it a too much to ask a little bit of variation? That might actually give some freshness and new ideas to the band also.

As nothing new and exciting isn't really happening I have started to update and build up the Articles section. The plan is to archive the good old days and all that glory from the past years. Now I also have a separate sections for english, finnish, japanese and russian articles & scans!

So fans, please help if you got something to share with the other warriors out there!

No new music but limited edition action figures

No new music but limited edition action figures

The fans are eagerly waiting The Prodigy to drop some new music finally on 2017 as Liam Howlett has promised. Early this week Liam teased us on Instagram with "The Prodigy Rave Heroes" photo. Some fans had hopes for a new EP but as most commented on to the photo that might not the case. Well yes, instead of new music The Prodigy announced an exclusive limited edition art figures collection with award winning British Artist RYCA (aka Ryan Callanan).

RYCA is well known for his series of hip hop legends including figures of biggie, 2pac and eazy-e which led him to approach the band to make his ‘rave heroes’ collection. And as we know Liams love to action heroes and studio "pets" this was a collaboration to happen sooner or later.

The partnership resulted in the creation of a strictly limited, hand sculpted set of chrome-plated 3.75” scale art figures featuring band members Liam Howlett, Keith Flint and Maxim.

Highly collectible, Ryca has produced a limited edition of 250 sets using styling clay and modelling wax to produce a silicone mould from which resin casts are made.

In addition to these there are 10 sets gilded in 23.5ct gold leaf, not available for purchase anywhere, but sent out at random to ten buyers of the original 250 sets of art figures sold.

The boxes feature backdrop artwork from the band’s live shows and are silkscreened and hand printed for each spot colour. Every box is individually numbered and hand signed by Liam, Keith, Maxim and Ryca.

Pre-sale opened Wednesday April 5th at 10am BST, exclusively via The Prodigy website.

General release began Friday April 7th at 10am BST with sets available from theprodigy.com and Art Republic.

RYCA (Ryan Callanan) is an award winning artist based in Essex, UK. Already a prominent artist on the street Art scene, the last three years have seen Ryan move away from this aesthetic towards a new practice that draws upon his in-depth knowledge of materials and craftsmanship acquired through his training in industrial model making and 3-D design.

On teaming up with Prodigy RYCA said “The Prodigy have been the soundtrack in my life since I was playing with action figures, I'm now immortalising my rave heroes as art toys ...”.

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Everybody In The Place (Leeroy Thornhill Edit)

Leeroy Thornhill has surprised us all and made a fresh remix of The Prodigy classic. His brand new edit of Everybody In The Place is available on his Sound Cloud.

The Prodigy remixed Iggy Pop's Lust for Life for T2: Trainspotting

A tracklist from the soundtrack of upcoming Trainspotting sequel T2: Trainspotting, leaked on Amazon. And yes, it will feature new music from The Prodigy!

Liam teased fans on Instagram when he first previewed their remix back in 2016. Iggy’s original version featured prominently in the original 1996 film but now it has been given a violent reboot courtesy of The Prodigy, while Underworld’s ‘Born Slippy’ has been reimagined also.

While the official Trainspotting social accounts have yet to confirm the news, one thing for certain is that Wolf Alice will make an appearance, since their Silk track features in the T2 trailer.

01. Iggy Pop – Lust for Life (The Prodigy Remix)
02. High Contrast – Shotgun Mouthwash
03. Wolf Alice – Silk
04. Young Fathers – Get Up
05. Frankie Goes to Hollywood – Relax
06. Underworld featuring Ewen Bremner – Eventually But (Spud’s Letter to Gail)
07. Young Fathers – Only God Knows
08. The Rubberbandits – Dad’s Best Friend
09. Blondie – Dreaming
10. Queen – Radio Ga Ga
11. Run DMC vs. Jason Nevins – It’s Like That
12. The Clash – (White Man) in Hammersmith Palais
13. Young Fathers – Rain Or Shine
14. Fat White Family – Whitest Boy On the Beach
15. Underworld – Slow Slippy

See also the other soundtracks where The Prodigy have featured over the years

The Night Is My Friend EP

Today The Prodigy released The Night Is My Friend EP which will feature new The Day Is My Enemy album remixes and live favourite AWOL as a b-side.


Couldn't be happier to get Liam and the boyz back on trax! This track is immense and really wipes the floot with Nasty.

Also the official video is really gorgeous. Well done all!

Wild Frontier 23/2/2015

The Prodigy has announced that they will release a new single on 23.2.2015. The track will be premiered again on Zane Lowe show on BBC 1. Now lets cross our fingers that Liam can surprise us again.

The Day is My Enemy to the rescue!

The Day is My Enemy track was surprisingly previewed and released yesterday. Zane Lowe played track THREE times in a row in his radio show on BBC 1. After that the song was released on theprodigy.com and iTunes. This imminent release was probably because Nasty release wasn't really a big success. The track was indeed really poor choice for a first single and Liam might have noticed that too. Shame that this happened a little too late and damage was already done. Nasty is really lacking all the energy Prodigy is known for. The Day is My Enemy is in the other hand better comeback track. It's dark and angry. Really a slap in the face it should be. Industrial sounds with Always Outnumbered styled vocals. A REAL SICK BANGER! Hooray for LIAM!

Watch Nasty video

Video for Nasty is now at youtube. To be honest this track really needs this kind of strong and powerful video to promote it. This wasn't really the bomb that I and other fans were expecting because high the Prodigy standards. Anyway better than this EDM shit out there now and THE PRODIGY IS DEFINITELY BACK. Hopefully the album will bring us more "violent sounding tracks" like Liam has told in many interviews already.

The Day is My Enemy is The Prodigy's new album title!

The Day is My Enemy is The Prodigy's new album title!

New album title and cover artwork has been finally revealed. The Day Is My Enemy, The Prodigy's 6th Studio Album will be released 30th March 2015.

1. The Day is My Enemy 
2. Nasty 
3. Rebel Radio 
4. Ibiza feat. Sleaford Mods 
5. Destroy 
6. Wild Frontier 
7. Rok-Weiler 
8. Beyond the Deathray 
9. Rhythm Bomb feat. Flux Pavilion 
10. Roadblox 
11. Get Your Fight On 
12. Medicine 
13. Invisible Sun 
14. Wall Of Death 

Nasty is The Prodigy's new single!

Nasty is The Prodigy's new single!

Last night Spor aka Feed Me played his own remix of Nasty at Worcester Palladium in his Dj set. Recordings of that are already floating around the net. You can hear Keith's vocals, some ethnic melody and even a snippet of Eagle Break. With that very same break Liam used to tease his instagram followers when they were recording new album at Sarm studios.

. Liam Howlett has now officially confirmed that Nasty will be the first single and released in January 2015!

Will Spor remix The Prodigy's forthcoming single?

Spor aka Feed Me just tweeted that he is currently remixing Prodigy.

Source: Spor Twitter

New Album Release Date & some new track names revealed

New Album Release Date & some new track names revealed

In the October issue of Q Magazine Liam & the band are interviewed at the studio. Liam also reveals some of the track names. The album will be released in February 2015. Tracks names revealed: Beyond The Death Ray, Ibiza, Nasty Nasty, Get Your Fight On, Wall of Death & Rottweiler.

"Wall of Death is off-the-Richter-scale terror techno, bearing the command 'Fuck you and the heart attack'. The albums one cinematic breather is 'Beyond the Death Ray' where the rhythm drops, allowing a futuristic Blade Runner soundscape to build to critical mass" - Q Magazine 

New Prodigy album is on the way

Toazted.com has got an interview from Liam, Keith and Maxim at on the 2005 Lowlands festival where The Prodigy was one of the headlining acts. They talked about the new album that will probably see the light of day late next year. 

When Toazted.com reporter Paul asked the guys about a new album just before the great show on the main stage, this was the answer we got; 

"It's cooking now. We've done 3 bits of music now. It should be out the end of next year. We play 4 new tunes in our set already. On the new album, the fundament will stay the same. Bass, beats and Bullocks. It's kinda what goes on top. The new album is gonna be more melodic." 

The guys also told toazted.com about a greatest hits album they will release in October 2005 It's going to be a double album; one cd with their main hits and one with live material, rare releases and remixes.

AONO release date: 11 August 2004

AONO release date: 11 August 2004

01. Spitfire 
02. Girls 
03. Memphis Bells 
04. Get Up Get Off 
05. Hot Ride 
06. Wake Up Call 
07. Action Radar 
08. Medusa's Path 
09. Phoenix 
10. You'll Be UNDER MY WHEELS 
11. The Way It Is 
12. Shoot Down-Alternate Track


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The new Prodigy album is finished!

The long awaited follow up to The Prodigy's 1997 Fat Of The Land album was showcased in London Thursday. Clips of six songs were played, ’Girlz’, ’Get Up Get Off’, ’Wake Up’, ’Ice’, ’’ and ’Hotride’.

'Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned' is now almost finished, and scheduled for a release in August this year.

Produced by Liam Howlett the new tracks have a full on sexy, dirty beat with any vocals way down in the mix and no immediately obvious contribution from Keith Flint as frontman.

The new material NME.COM heard was almost industrial in sound, and a marked difference to ’Baby’s Got A Temper’.

Liam told to nekozine.co.uk: "This album is about reminding people what the Prodigy was always about - the beats and the music. The vocals on this record are mostly used as an extension of the sound rather than the main focal point. like 'Jilted' (1994's 'Music For The Jilted Generation') , Keith (Flint) and Maxim weren't involved musically and they are not on this album. ALL three of us will be together to do what we do and play this record live and rock it later in the year, we can't fuckin' wait!

"You will probably begin to hear stuff early summer and the new album will hit in August. "

Source: nekozine.co.uk and nme.com

Juliette Lewis collaborates with The Prodigy

Starsky And Hutch actress Juliette will guest on the Prodigy's new album after secretly going into a studio to sing on a series of tracks.

Liam and Maxim were blown away by American Juliette’s voice after hearing her burst into song while partying with pals in a Los Angeles bar.

It is also unclear if Keith Flint, who attempted to launch his own solo career last year, is still part of the set-up.




The Prodigyn vokalistina ja tanssijana tunnettu Keith Flint tuo uuden Flint -yhtyeensä Ruisrockiin. Flintin Ruisrockin keikka on osa bändin kesäkuussa julkaistavaa debyyttilevyä tukevaa kiertuetta. Kiertue alkaa Lontoon Scalasta 11.6. Tulevalta levyltä on tähän mennessä julkaistu rajoitetun painoksen omaava single"Asteroids".

Tyylillisesti Flint liikkuu jossain Sex Pistolsin ja Ministryn välimaastossa. Asteroidsilla Keith Flint keuhkoaa lontoolaispainotuksilla kuin Johnny Rotten aikanaan, bändin taustajoukoista kitaristi Jim Davies muistetaan Pitchshifterin riveistä. Kokoonpanossa vaikuttaa ennakkotietojen mukaan lisäksi kaksi rumpalia, Kieron Pepper ja Tony Howlett.

Flintin levyn tuottaa Killing Joke -legenda Youth. Levyltä julkaistaan aluksi yksi video biisistä nimeltään Aim 4. Videosta vastaa ruotsalainen Jonas Åkerlund. Jonas Åkerlund on kansainvälisten markkinoiden kuumin video-ohjaaja viime vuosilta, Äkerlundin provokatiivista kädenjälkeä on nähty mm. Prodigyn, Madonnan ja U2:n videoilla.

Lisätietoa Ruisrockista ja lipun hinnoista löydät osoitteesta www.ruisrock.fi

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