Gorgeus Sara Cox is to marry Leeroy from the Prodigy

The former Girlie Show presenter is sporting a huge diamond engagement ring after blurting out her proposal in London's trendy Met Bar as the clock struck midnight.

Leeroy - whose band had a controversial hit with Smack My Bitch Up - responded by getting down on one knee to pop the question to his girlfriend of 18 months. Sara, 24, who now fronts a daily fashion snooper slot on BBC1'sVanessa show, told me: "It was brilliant. At the stroke of midnight we were kissing and suddenly I shouted "will you marry me?". "Before I knew it, he had got down on one knee. I immediately said yes. "Last Friday was the best day. We hadn't told anybody and so that day we told our parents. They are thrilled. We also bought the ring. "It is big, old diamond ring - white gold with a diamond. It was amazing.

The jeweller's even opened a bottle of champagne. "I knew Leeroy was the man for me as soon as I saw him - he's the only person who can tell me to shut up! "He's absolutely perfect. I am so happy. His band are really pleased - they think I'm all right. " The happy couple, who met at the Batman premiere, have yet to set a date for the wedding. But to celebrate their engagement, Sara is planning a girls' night out with best pal Zoe Ball. " " This news featured on EN in early March: "Sara Cox said her and Leeroy were thinking of a double wedding withZoe Ball and Norman Cook (Fatboy Slim). I read that in one of those woman/girlie magazines with the really funny problem pages - 'MORE' I think. I bet there'll be one hell of a party after that wedding. "

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