Keith Flint 1969-2019
On 4 March 2019 The iconic frontman was found dead at his home aged 49. All love and sympathy goes out to his family, friends and all fans across the world at this sad time.
About this section
Here you can find a big collection of The Prodigy fan remixes made with different music tracker programs.

These files can be played with WinAmp or original tracker or module player programs. If you want use tracker there is one program that you should use. FastTracker is maybe the best tracker software available at the moment. From the official FastTracker site you can download ft2.06, ft2.08 or ft2.09 for free! Otherwise if you don't want to use trackers you can just download a Modplug Player. That's a simple, but good module player

Send your own remixes
Are you remixer... or are you just interested in making music or own remixes.. have you made own The Prodigy remixes? If you have, please send them to me and I will include them to my pages.

Track name Remixer Type    
Acid Breathe Daru XM 5169 downloads.
Breathe In Da Mix Stardust/KGwannaB XM 3436 downloads.
Breathe the funk Acid Fuse XM 2801 downloads.
Breathe v1.2 Acid Fuse XM 3046 downloads.
Break & Enter Extacy MOD 2899 downloads.
Break & Enter K.A.O.S. XM 2589 downloads.
Charly (live in NY) Pedro MOD 2643 downloads.
Closer To Charly Makkura XM 2700 downloads.
crazymen>trzmix Terrorizer/Nemesis MOD 2482 downloads.
Everybody In The Place Makkura XM 2676 downloads.
Everybody In The Place (trz-fastermix) Terrorizer/Nemesis MOD 2499 downloads.
Everybody In The Place (Underground Sound) Anders H. & Ysten B. XM 2519 downloads.
Fire [London mix] Terrorizer/Nemesis MOD 3123 downloads.
Firestarter Junglizt IT 3429 downloads.
Firestarter remix TB XM 2663 downloads.
Firestarter (Degenerate Mix) Degenerate XM 2689 downloads.
Funky Shit (Remix) Zoda XM 2613 downloads.
The Heat The Energy Dead Frequenzy XM 2427 downloads.
Hangover Mindfields The Second Division XM 2690 downloads.
Mindfields (Chewin' Crack Remix) Nimrod + Bullseye XM 2471 downloads.
Molotov Bitch Maniak XM 2612 downloads.
Narayan (Degenerate Mix) Degenerate XM 2589 downloads.
No Good abc / project a MOD 3016 downloads.
No Good (Bitch Edit) d-koy XM 2633 downloads.
No Good (Da Speed Mix) DJ Pookle MOD 2321 downloads.
No Good (Dj Mental) DJ Mental XM 2356 downloads.
No Good (Future Remix) O G / S!P S3M 2314 downloads.
No Good (Force Format) Force Format / Trilogy S3M 2355 downloads.
No Good (Padma Remix) Mantra / Dawn XM 2344 downloads.
No Good (Rave Mix) Neoraider XM 2519 downloads.
No Good (Remix) Anakh XM 2365 downloads.
One Love (Remix) Cosmic MOD 2310 downloads.
One Love (Remix) Vampire S3M 2395 downloads.
Pandemonium (SDA Remix) Simon Andersen XM 2447 downloads.
Poison (Remix) Extacy MOD 2677 downloads.
Poison Give 2 Live The Second Division XM 2638 downloads.
Serial Thrilla Dan W. of Duplo XM 2486 downloads.
SMBU tk remix TK MOD 2321 downloads.
SMBU (Prodigy Dream) DJ Chump XM 2503 downloads.
Their Law Gryzor MOD 2636 downloads.
Their Law (Cheese Log Mix) Justin Owens IT 2327 downloads.
Their Law (Phoenix From Tha Flame Mix) DJ Chump vs. Cryzors XM 2299 downloads.
Their Law (Remix) Anakh XM 2473 downloads.
Their Law (TK Remix) TK XM 2343 downloads.
The Trick -SDA Magic Simon Andersen XM 2467 downloads.
Weather Experience (Remix) Gogul S3M 2233 downloads.
What Evil Lurks GogulMix Gogul IT 2330 downloads.
Wind It Up (Chaos Remix) Andemar MOD 2405 downloads.
Voodoo People Chromag/Rebels MOD 2865 downloads.
Voodoo People Calypso MOD 2383 downloads.
Voodoo People (Collision Collection) FunkyZipperDooHahBoy XM 2541 downloads.
Voodoo People (Strip Beat Edit) StaVrosS S3M 2410 downloads.
Your Love (Rolling') Reflex S3M 2469 downloads.


Track name Remixer Type      
Aardcore Inertia MOD 2825 downloads.
Fix dr. LaRd XM 2570 downloads.
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