Samples used by The Prodigy

A comprehensive list of samples that The Prodigy have used in their tracks on albums, singles and live shows, ranging from 1990 to today. If you know some other samples that haven't been listed here, please mail to me. And if you got some audio files please send them too!

We're pirates, we steal things and make them our own

Liam Howlett

What is sampling?

Sampling has been an area of contention from a legal perspective. Early rap artists simply used portions of other artists recordings without permission. Once incorporating samples began to make significant money, the original artists began to take legal action, claiming copyright infringement.

How to get rights to use samples?

Maria Forte began working with Liam Howlett and The Prodigy in 1992. She moved with the writer to EMI Music Publishing following the sale of Virgin Music Publishers to the major.

She worked closely with Liam in the use and clearance of sample for the first three albums of the band’s career - “Experience”, “Music For The Jilted Generation” and the multi platinum “Fat Of The Land”. She left EMI Music Publishing in 1996 and continued to work with the band whilst at V2 Music Publishing to complete the sample clearance process for “Fat Of The Land” which proved to be their most successful and groundbreaking album for them date. In July 2006 she created Maria Forte Music Services Ltd.

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