likes the Prodigy because it's so radical and different.


Madonna wanted Liam to produce her new album. Liam refused. Madonna also stated that she likes to dance to the Prodigy.

Mel C (ex-spice girl)

Loves the Prodigy. She has been a hardcore raver and her favourite tune was Your Love. She also likes the b-sides more than the original album tracks. " I think all the singles are brilliant, but the albums are always shit"

Bono & U2

U2 wanted Liam to do some producing for them, again Liam refused.

Barry Gardiner, MP for Brent North

"I am not a prude and I think the Prodigy are a very good group. But they should think about the message they are giving out. "


Biohazard have done a cover version of Breathe. They have also performed it live with Maxim.

Smashing Pumpkins

Smashing Pumpkins have done a cover version of Firestarter. (Liam hates it).

David Bowie

David Bowie wanted Liam to do some production work for him. Again Liam declined the offer.


This finnish band that plays some kind of nu-metal like Limp Bizkit does. They have played Voodoo People many times in their gigs.. I have seen them twice and they really rock with that tune!


They like the band and they are very proud about that Prodigy did the cover version of Fuel My Fire.

Skin (Skunk Anansie)

Big fan who enjoys their live shows and she have done track with Liam (never relased!). Skin has also done a track with Maxim called Carmen Queasy.

Alex James

From Blur likes The Prodigy.

Dave Grohl & Foo Fighters

Has stated that he is a big fan and he is proud that the Prodigy sampled Nirvana. Foo Fighters listen to Prodigy to get hyped up before concerts. And as you might have noticed Dave Grohl played drums on Invades Must Die album on couple of tracks.


Band called Quarashi has done a Diesel Power remix (unofficial).


Finnish metal band called Waltari have have performed over 10-minute-length cover version of Breathe on their gigs couple of times. In a TV interview the band's singer Kärtsy Hatakka has also told that Prodigy is one of his favourite bands.


This Swedish metal band  covered Voodoo People.

Paul McCartney

Ex-Beatle is a Prodigy fan.

Naomi Campbell

Famous supermodel caused trouble for a DJ in a club, attempting to force him to play The Fat Of The Land in full. I guess she's a fan.

Nicky Wire

Manic Street Preachers member has been seen in a Prodigy t-shirt.

Some others:

Moby, Karl Hyde (Underworld), Noko (Apollo 440), Nicky Wire (Manic Street Preachers), All Saints, Bernard Sumner (New Order), Dino Cazares (Fear Factory), the Stereophonics.


Beastie Boys

They like their music, but they don't like the track called Smack My Bitch Up! (there was a big fight before Reading festival '98)


"The Prodigy look radical but their songs aren't. They should go away and read some books about feminism."
(Chumbawamba have a rip off of Smack My Bitch Up called "Smack My Keith Up")

Wat Tyler

An anti-Prodigy punk band released an album with a sleeve that parodied The Fat Of The Land's cover.

Marilyn Manson

"I have a tendancy to miss when I urinate, so I would have a Keith Flint rug by the toilet so whenever I urinate and miss it would go in his face." (Marilyn was talking about how he would like to decorate his house). Note: Later Keith and Manson have been friends and Keith has even remixed one of Manson's tracks called 'mOBSCENE'. Manson has also reportedly told that he was jealous of Smack My Bitch Up video.

If you know some other people/bands, please contact me!
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