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Samples used in solo works

A comprehensive list of samples that The Prodigy members have used in their solo works.

Samples used by Maxim

Carmen Quesy

First Initial guitar (with a looped end and a revised tone) comes from the video The Animals "House Of The Rising Sun" (Album: Boom Boom - Best, Year: 1965)

Hell's Kitchen

First Marvin Gaye "T Stands For Trouble" (album: Trouble Man [?]). A very similar guitar is in "Suprize Packidge" Mixmaster Mike (Album: Anti Theft Device) (Of course, this track is not the source, but there is just the same sound)

Dominant Genes

First The Saint Orchestra "Return Of The Saint"
Second Salaam Remi "The Swarm"

Killing Culture

First Intro to the song comes Z. .. TV series "Buffy The Vampire Slayer"

Hadrian's Wall

First The sentence is uttered in a whisper the same sample (only slightly trimmed) as in "Sin City"

Factory Girl

First Guitar comes with the original version of the Rolling Stones

Sin City

First Includes sample of the "Worried Life Blues" The Animals
Second Includes sample of the "Let My People Go" Darando.

Samples used by Flightcrank / Longman


First Vocal "Rolling with this one" comes from "CREAM" Wu-Tang Clan'u


First Beat comes from "Funky Drummer" James Brown
Second The vocal "I'm the joker, I'm the smoker" comes from the HiJack "The Badman is Robin" (album: The Horns Of Jerico, Year: 1991)

What U Need (Genaside II Mix)

First Beat comes from "I Wish" Skilo

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