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The Day Is My Enemy

The Day Is My Enemy is the sixth studio album by The Prodigy.

01. 4:26 The Day Is My Enemy
02. 4:03 Nasty
03. 3:52 Rebel Radio
04. 2:46 Ibiza
05. 4:29 Destroy
06. 4:28 Wild Frontier
07. 3:51 Rok-Weiler
08. 3:09 Beyond The Deathray
09. 4:12 Rhythm Bomb
10. 5:01 Roadblox
11. 3:39 Get Your Fight On
12. 3:56 Medicine
13. 4:16 Invisible Sun
14. 4:04 Wall Of Death


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The Day Is My Enemy is the sixth studio album by The Prodigy. It was released in 30 March 2015 by record labels Take Me to the Hospital/Cooking Vinyl in the UK and Three Six Zero Music/Warner Bros. Records in the United States. Recorded across a timespan of six years, the album marks the first time that band members Maxim and Keith Flint have been actively involved in the songwriting process.

The album title is a reference to the Cole Porter song "All Through the Night", in particular its lyrics "the day is my enemy, the night my friend", although it is the Ella Fitzgerald version that first inspired the title track. Liam Howlett has stated in some interviews that this will be the band's final studio album as they're switching focus to releasing EPs from now on. We'll see if that's true since Liam has stated this after 2 last albums and still released new ones.

The first known existence of new material from The Prodigy came in 2011 when the band debuted new tracks at their live performances. The first two of these tracks were "A.W.O.L." and "Dogbite", with 2012 yielding a new track called "Jetfighter". Liam Howlett had reaffirmed that the new album would be "darker" in contrast to their previous releases. On 3 May 2012, the tentative album title was revealed as How to Steal a Jetfighter. On 2 July 2014, The Prodigy announced that the album was to be re-introduced with a brand new name.

The second working title of the album was Rebel Radio until it underwent another change. Howlett explained that this was because he had a hard time imagining it working as an album title, and instead settled on making that the title of one of the album tracks.

The album was written and recorded largely while on tour, in various hotel rooms around the world, on flights and at The Prodigy's private studio at Tileyard Studios. Howlett found that "violent is the word that keeps on coming up" when describing the album. The entire recording process took almost six years taking in a number of studios and a few restarts to establish that "angry, energetic sound". Unlike previous efforts The Day Is My Enemy became a band-album where Flint and Maxim worked in tandem with Howlett. This created a degree of friction although Flint noted that "four years ago we sat down and talked about where the next album was gonna go, and we knew we had to bust out the most ‘band’ album we could create".

The original tracklist

When this album was originally announced, a different tracklisting leaked off from the official site. After that the track order was changed and Rise Of The Eagles was dropped from the original release. Later it was released as a bonus track.

01 Beyond The Deathray
02 Destroy
03 Wild Frontier
04 Rebel Radio
05 Medicine
06 Nasty Nasty
07 Wall Of Death
08 I Need A Rhythm
09 Get UR Fight On
10 Rock-Weiler
11 Road Blocks
12 Rise Of The Eagles
13 Ibiza....Blaaaaa


“The most exciting - and most angrily British - album of the year” – Kerrang! KKKKK (Classic)

"the strongest and most confident Prodigy album since 'The Fat Of The Land'” - NME 8/10

"They've done it again, and you can't help but love them for it" - Album Of The Month – Mixmag 8/10

“Bigger, better and crazier with every track” – Zoo 4/5

“Snarling electronic bass and beats” – Uncut 7/10

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