The Day Is My Enemy

A comprehensive list of samples that The Prodigy have used in their The Day Is My Enemy album and live shows in that era.

Awol Beats

Sample: "How many ways can you distort the human mind"
Taken from:
Brain of Blood Trailer

Get Your Fight On

Sample: Drum break
Taken from: Finnish electronic group Pepe Deluxe's "Salami Fever" from album Beatitude released 2003. This very same sample was previously used on Take Me To the Hospital also.


Sample: Opening melody
Taken from: traditional Bulgarian music:


Sample: "Eagle Break" melodic reversed sample in the middle of song
Taken from: theme from the movie 'Where Eagles Dare', starring Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood. 

Rhythm Bomb

Sample: 'I need a rhythm ...'  female vocal
Taken from: Jomanda - Make My Body Rock (Feel It) (Supremely Clubbed) "(Make My Body Rock (Feel It), 1988)

Wild Frontier

Sample: pad at the beginning and end of the track 
Taken fromSylenth 1 VST, preset [392: Firefly Arp] 

Sample: Scream like synth in the middle part of the song
Taken from: Intelligent Hoodlum - Arrest the President (1990)

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