List of official The Prodigy tracks

All tracks listed above are officially released The Prodigy tracks. Information is splitted to 4 columns. First column contains link to audio file. The second column tells the track length, the third colum tells the name of the track and the fourth column tells where to find that track! I also would like to know if there are some tracks missing from the list, so if you noticed that something is missing, please tell!

Studio tracks:
03:56 (You'll Be) Under My Wheels Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned
03:41 (You'll Be) Under My Wheels (Alternate Version) (You'll Be) Under My Wheels (iTunes Only)
07:26 3 Kilos Music For The Jilted Generation
05:32 Action Radar Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned
04:09 Android XLT-17
Turn Up The Bass Volume 16 (01 6382 61)
05:03 Android Order To Dance III (rs-2091-cd)
03:25 Baby's Got A Temper (Acapella) Promo
06:01 Baby's Got A Temper (Dub Mix) XLS 145
04:25 Baby's Got A Temper (Instrumental) XLS 145
04:10 Baby's Got A Temper (Main Mix) Clean Edit Promo
04:27 Baby's Got A Temper (Main Mix) XLS 145
04:09 Baby's Got A Temper (Radio Mix) Promo
05:02 Back 2 Skool
03:09 Beyond The Deathray The Day Is My Enemy
03:26 Black Smoke
08:24 Break and Enter Music For The Jilted Generation
05:00 Break & Enter (2005 Live Edit)
05:45 Break And Enter (Live At Bristol Sound City) Select Unheard Pleasures (--)
05:35 Breathe The Fat of the Land
03:59 Breathe (Edit) Breathe
   05:35 Breathe (Instrumental) Breathe (Vinyl Only)
06:39 Breathe (Live)
04:25 Breathe (The Glitch Mob Remix)
04:36 Breathe (Zeds Dead Remix)
06:52 Charly Twitch volume 2 (tw-cd-02)
05:27 Charly (Alley Cat Mix) Charly (xls21cd)
03:38 Charly (Alley Cat Mix 7" Edit) Charly (xls-21) 7"
0?:?? Charly (Alley Cat Mix 7" Edit) Hardcore Ecstacy (din cd 29)
05:27 Charly (Beltram Says Mix) Charly/Everybody in the Place (66411-2)
03:56 Charly (Original Mix) Charly (xls21cd)
05:12 Charly (Trip Into Drum and Bass Version) The Prodigy Experience
07:12 Claustrophobic Sting Music For The Jilted Generation
06:36 Climbatize The Fat of the Land
04:01 Crazy Man Everybody in the Place
03:43 Death of the Prodigy Dancers (live) The Prodigy Experience
04:18 Diesel Power The Fat of the Land
04:08 Diesel Power (Dirtchamber Remix) Against The Grain (XL Promo)
03:27 Everybody in the Place XLT-17
04:10 Everybody in the Place (155 and Rising) The Prodigy Experience
05:33 Everybody in the Place (Dance Hall Version) Charly/Everybody in the Place
03:51 Everybody in the Place (Fairground Edit) Everybody in the Place
05:09 Everybody in the Place (Fairground Mix) Everybody in the Place, Charly/Everybody in the Place
04:42 Fire (Burning Version) Fire (Vinyl Only)
03:21 Fire (Edit) Fire/Jericho
05:05 Fire (Sunrise Version) The Prodigy Experience, Fire/Jericho
04:40 Firestarter The Fat of the Land
03:45 Firestarter (Edit) Firestarter
07:39 Firestarter (Empirion Mix) Firestarter
04:39 Firestarter (Instrumental) Firestarter
04:19 First Warning Smokin' aces
04:18 Fuel My Fire The Fat of the Land
05:02 Full Throttle Music For The Jilted Generation
05:28 Full Throttle (Original Mix) One Love
05:16 Funky Shit The Fat of the Land
03:19 Funky Shit (Edit)
04:06 Funky Shit (Mulder Exclusive Mix)
05:53 Funky Shit (Mulder Exclusive Mix)
05:18 G-Force (Energy Flow) Everybody in the Place
05:18 G-Force (Part 1) Charly/Everydoy in the Place
04:19 Get Up Get Off
03:48 Get Up Get Off (Alternate Version) Only available on iTunes
04:07 Girls Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned
04:14 Girls
05:02 Ghost Town 1 Love
06:04 Goa (The Heat The Energy Part 2) Voodoo People
04:32 Hotride Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned
04:44 Hotride (El Batori Mix) Hotride
04:44 Hotride (El Batori Mix 1) Hotride
05:21 Hotride (El Batori Mix 2) Hotride
04:44 Hotride (El Batori Mix 3) Hotride
04:52 Hotride (Environmental Science Rem)
03:40 Hotride (Radio Edit) Hotride
04:44 Hotride (The Passenger Mix) Hotride
05:16 Hyperspeed (G-Force Part 2) The Prodigy Experience
02:46 Ibiza (feat. Sleaford Mods)
02:46 Ibiza (feat. Sleaford Mods) (Censored)
02:46 Ibiza (feat. Sleaford Mods) (Instrumental)
00:45 Intro Music For The Jilted Generation
04:55 Invaders Must Die Invaders Must Die
05:10 Invaders Must Die (Chase And Status Remix)
03:00 Invaders Must Die (Liam H Re-amped Version) Invaders Must Die
04:04 Invaders Must Die (Proxy remix) Invaders Must Die
05:03 Invaders Must Die (Yuksek Remix)
03:12 Jericho The Prodigy Experience
05:45 Jericho (Genaside II Remix) Fire/Jericho
04:22 Jericho (Live) Out of Sapce US (Elektra)
03:47 Jericho (Original Version) Fire/Jericho
06:08 Medusa's Path Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned
04:31 Memphis Bells Girls/Memphis Bells
04:28 Memphis Bells (with Princess Superstar) Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned
04:59 Mescaline Invaders Must Die
05:40 Mindfields The Fat of the Land
03:07 Minefields (Edit) Mindfields (--)
03:15 Mindfields (edit w/ long bridge) Mindfields (--)
03:19 Mindfields (edit w/ long intro) Mindfields (--)
03:27 Mindfields (edit w/ long intro & long bridge) Mindfields (--)
04:35 Mindfields (Headrock Dub) Smack My Bitch Up (xls 90 cd)
06:20 Minefields (Monkey Mafia Mix) Minefields (xlt 76), Fresh Packed Cuts (xlepfpc1 cd)
00:00 Minefields (full length) Minefields (xlt 76)
00:00 Minefields (Headrock Beats) Minefields (xlt 76)
00:00 Minefields (Radio Edit) Minefields (xlt 76)
04:51 Molotov Bitch Firestarter
04:27 More Girls Girls
04:12 Music Reach (1/2/3/4) Music For The Jilted Generation
04:21 Music Reach (1/2/3/4) (Live) Out of Space
09:06 Narayan The Fat of the Land
00:00 Narayan (Edit) Narayan (Edit) (--)
No Good (Start The Dance) Music For The Jilted Generation
06:52 No Good (Start the Dance) (Bad For You Remix) No Good (Start The Dance) (xls 51cd)
05:14 No Good (Start the Dance) (CJ Bolland Museum Remix) No Good (Start The Dance) (xls 51cd), Voodoo People US (Mute)
04:01 No Good (Start the Dance) (Edit) No Good (Start The Dance) (xls 51cd)
06:22 No Good (Start the Dance) (Original Version) No Good (Start The Dance) (xls 51cd)
04:44 No Man Army (Featuring Tom Morello) Smack My Bitch Up
No Souvenirs unreleased
No Souvenirs (Unkle Mix) unreleased
00:00 Nuclear ? (only live atm)
03:36 Omen
03:14 Omen (Edit)
03:45 Omen (Extended)
05:24 Omen (Herve's End Of The World Remix)
03:41 Omen (Instrumental)
06:21 Omen (Noisia remix)
02:14 Omen Reprise
03:53 One Love (Edit) Music For The Jilted Generation, One Love
03:55 One Love (Juliana Mix) One Love (avdd-20058)
05:10 One Love (Jonny L Remix) One Love
05:50 One Love (Original Mix) One Love (avdd-20058)
04:13 One Man Army (Featuring Tom Morello) Spawn Original Soundtrack
03:41 Out of Space The Prodigy Experience
05:02 Out of Space Their Law - The Singles 1990-2005
03:41 Out of Space (7" Edit)
06:10 Out of Space (Audio Bullys Dub) Out of Space (Audio Bullys Remix)
03:37 Out of Space (Audio Bullys Radio Edit) Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix)
04:54 Out of Space (Audio Bullys Remix) Voodoo People/Out of Space
05:52 Out of Space (Audio Bullys Remix - Club Edit) Out of Space/Voodoo People (Remixes)
03:37 Out of Space (Audio Bullys Remix Edit)
04:54 Out of Space (Audio Bullys Remix Edit)
05:44 Out of Space (Celestial Bodies Mix) Out of Space US (Elektra)
03:41 Out of Space (Edit) Out of Space, Out of Space US (Elektra)
05:34 Out of Space (Millenium Mix) United Stance Of Techno
06:25 Out of Space (Millenium Mix) Out of Space US (Elektra)
05:07 Out of Space (Original Mix)
04:48 Out of Space (Techno Underworld Remix) Out of Space
04:54 Out of Space (The Prodigy Vs Audio Bullys Remix)
06:09 Out of Space/In The Jungle Rampage! 1
04:25 Pandemonium Charly, Fire/Jericho US (Elektra)
04:38 Phoenix Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned
Poison Music For The Jilted Generation
04:05 Poison (95 Edit)
06:15 Poison (95 EQ) Poison
06:18 Poison (Enviromental Science Dub) Poison
05:16 Poison (Live at Tourhout & Werchter Festival '96) Breathe
06:45 Poison (LP Version) (Featuring Maxim)
05:34 Rat Poison Poison, Voodoo People US (Mute)
04:00 Razor Their Law - The Singles 1990-2005
05:05 Rhythm of Life (Original Mix) One Love
04:04 Rip Up The Sound System Everybody in the Place (CD1 & 12" only)
05:10 Ruff in the Jungle Bizness The Prodigy Experience
04:20 Ruff in the Jungle Bizness (Uplifing Vibes Remix) Out of Space
05:54 Scienide Poison, Scienide White Label
04:34 Shoot Down Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned
05:11 Serial Thrilla The Fat of the Land
05:43 Smack My Bitch Up The Fat of the Land
   04:48 Smack My Bitch Up (Clean Edit) Maverick SMBU Promo
04:31 Smack My Bitch Up (Edit) Smack My Bitch Up
04:31 Smack My Bitch Up (DJ Hype Remix) Urbal Beats 2
07:17 Smack My Bitch Up (DJ Hype Remix) Smack My Bitch Up
Smack My Bitch Up (LP Version) Smack My Bitch Up (12" vinyl only)
05:25 Smack My Bitch Up (Jonny L Remix) Magazine - Muzik
00:00 Smack My Bitch Up (Slacker Mix) ? (This has been a huge favorite of Sasha for years. He played it at Homelands in 2001.)
05:36 Smack My Bitch Up (Sub Focus Remix) Out Of Space (Audio Bullys Remix)
05:58 Skylined Music For The Jilted Generation
08:56 Speedway (Theme From Fastlane) Music For The Jilted Generation
10:26 Speedway (Theme From Fastlane) (Secret Knowledge Remix) Voodoo People US (Mute) 
   Speedway (Theme From Fastlane) (Secret Knowledge Trouser Rouser) XL-Recordings The Fifth Chapter
05:08 Spitfire Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned
03:27 Spitfire (05 Version) Spitfire
07:27 Spitfire (Future Funk Squad Remix)
07:27 Spitfire (Future Funk Squad's 'Dogfight' Remix) Spitfire
07:28 Spitfire (Future Funk Squad's VIP Remix)
04:11 Spitfire (Live) Their Law - The Singles 1990-2005
06:08 Spitfire (Nightbreed Remix) Spitfire
04:27 The Heat (The Energy) Music For The Jilted Generation
04:25 The Trick Breathe
05:46 The Way It Is Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned
04:16 The Way It Is (Live Remix) Their Law - The Singles 1990-2005
05:36 Their Law (05 Edit) Their Law - The Singles 1990-2005
05:31 Their Law (Live) Their Law - The Singles 1990-2005
06:39 Their Law (Featuring Pop Will Eat Itself) Music For The Jilted Generation
05:24 Their Law (Featuring PWEI) (Live at Phoenix Festival '96) Breathe
04:09 Thunder
02:52 Thunder
05:28 Thunder (Arveene & Misk's Storm-Warning Remix)
05:48 Thunder (Bang Gang Remix)
04:21 Thunder (Doorly Remix)
02:00 Thunder (Edit)
n/a Thunder (Tiga Remix)
03:29 Timebomb Zone
03:38 Timebomb Zone (Conrank Remix)
00:00 Titan The Uranus Experiment Part Three: Back To Earth!
00:00 Trigger ? (only live atm)
03:43 Under My Wheels (Original Mix) Girls
03:14 Under My Wheels (Remix) Their Law - The Singles 1990-2005
03:54 Voodoo Beats Their Law - The Singles 1990-2005
05:56 Voodoo People Music For The Jilted Generation
03:40 Voodoo People (05 Edit) Their Law - The Singles 1990-2005
05:56 Voodoo People (Chemcial Brothers Remix) Voodoo People
04:59 Voodoo People (Dust Brothers Remix) Special Brew
05:56 Voodoo People (Dust Brothers Remix) Voodoo People
04:05 Voodoo People (Edit) Voodoo People
05:23 Voodoo People (Haiti Island Remix) Voodoo People
06:28 Voodoo People (Original Mix) Voodoo People
07:02 Voodoo People (Original Mix) slower version Voodoo People
03:20 Voodoo People (Pendulum Radio Edit) XLS219CDA
05:04 Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix) XLT219
03:20 Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix Edit) Same as Voodoo People (Pendulum Radio Edit)
05:04 Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix Edit) Same as Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix)
Voodoo People (Pendulum VIP 2007)
05:03 Voodoo People (Wonder Remix) XLS219CDA
03:09 Wake the Fuck Up Back to Mine - Liam Howlett
04:56 Wake Up Call Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned
04:04 Wall Of Death
04:04 Wall Of Death (Censored)
05:20 Warning (Backstage Sluts Remix)
05:12 Warrior's Dance
04:54 Warrior's Dance (Demo)
04:57 Warrior's Dance
04:46 Warrior's Dance (Benga Remix)
02:57 Warrior's Dance (Edit)
05:33 Warrior's Dance (Future Funk Squad's 'Rave Soldier' Mix)
03:10 Warrior's Dance (Hadouken! Mix)
05:12 Warrior's Dance (Kicks Like A Mule Remix)
05:42 Warrior's Dance (South Central Remix)
06:18 Warrior's Dance (Vicarious Bliss Remix)
05:30 We Are The Ruffest Wind It Up (Rewound), Wind It Up (Rewound) US (Elektra)
08:06 Weather Experience The Prodigy Experience
06:45 Weather Experience (Top Buzz Remix) Wind It Up (Rewound), Wind It Up (Rewound) US (Elektra)
05:25 We Eat Rhythm (Original Mix) Magazine - Select
      We Eat Rhythm (Jungle Mix) Electronic Punks
04:34 We Gonna Rock XLT-17
04:23 What Evil Lurks XLT-17
04:25 What Evil Lurks (Original 12" Mix)
02:59 Who The Fuck Is Eddy Cochran
03:40 Who U Foolin Hotride
04:27 Wild Frontier
03:43 Wild Frontier (Edit)
04:27 Wild Frontier (Instrumental)
05:27 Wild Frontier (Jesse And The Wolf Remix)
04:28 Wild Frontier (Killsonik Remix)
05:42 Wild Frontier (Shadow Child VIP)
04:16 Wild Frontier (Wilkinson Remix)
04:15 Wild West
04:33 Wind It Up The Prodigy Experience
01:57 Wind It Up (Bonus Beats) Wind It Up US (Elektra)
05:57 Wind It Up (Forward Wind) Wind It Up US (Elektra)
06:15 Wind It Up (Rewound) Wind It Up, Wind It Up US (Elektra)
03:29 Wind It Up (Rewound Edit)  Wind It Up, Wind It Up US (Elektra)
06:03 Wind It Up (Tightly Wound) Wind It Up US (Elektra)
05:38 Wind It Up (Unwind) Wind It Up US (Elektra)
Your Love Charly
06:00 Your Love (The Original Excursion) Charly/Everybody in the Place
05:30 Your Love (Remix) The Prodigy Experience

Unauthorized bootleg remixes:
SMBU Slackermax mix by Slacker
DJ Elliot Ness remix of DJ Hype's remix of SMBU
Fatboy Slim remix of SMBU

Live jam tracks etc.:
Action Radar Link
Army March Intro
Beat 55 2008 Omen beta version.
Beats #2 2013 Played at Exit fest.
Benny Blanco 2002 2002 Came back to the setlist 2002. Liam has totally remixed this one.
Benny Blanco 2015 2015 Played at Euro Tour 2015, features guitar riff from Dead Kennedys 'California Uber Alles'.
Benny Blanco 97 1995-1997
Blow Your Mind The original version of Diesel Power with Maxim.
Breathe Dubstep 2009
Brown 1993-1995
Charly (Rework) 2005-2010
Dead Ken Beats 2005-2008
Death Of Jugoslavia 2012 Only played once. Featured at the start of this video.
Diesel Pain 2009-2012 Mashup of Diesel Power and Shut Your Mouth by Pain.
Dogbite 2012-2013
Dust Yo' Self 2002
Ethnic Intro 1992-1994? An intro that was in Prodigy's set for a long time, since 1992.
Everything We Do Is Gonna Be Funky 1996-1997 Short intro tune played before Funky Shit.
Everybody In The Place 15 2015
Fill 2005
Firestarter/Smack My Bitch Up (Radio 1 Maida Vale Sessions Version) 2005 Part of a 5 track recording for Radio 1.
Frequencies 2004 Played once in 2004, AONO tour in Sweden.
Gabba 1994-1997 A classic last track in the set list.
Goodbye Rap 1994-1997 The song was a jam rap tune with Maxim rapping on it. Usually played before Gabba.
Gun Reprise 2002
Heatwave 2005-2006
Hotride (Radio 1 Maida Vale Sessions Version) 2005 Part of a 5 track recording for Radio 1. Hotride was the only one that wasn't broadcasted.
Jaws Fill 2009-2013
Jericho 09 2009
Jetfighter 2012-2014
Kick it In 1995
Little Goblin 2001-2002
Lyrical Terrorists 1996 Beta version of Serial Thrilla.
Mindfields (Rework) 2008-2010
Mindfields vs Clash vs Public Enemy 2008 Mashup between Mindfields and The Clash 'Should I stay or should I go'.
Narayan Beats 1997
Nightboat to Cairo 2002 Madness cover. Middle section of the song is the beta version of Medusas Path.
No Good 06 2006-2013
Now Hear This 1993-1996
Nuclear v1 2001-2002 Version 1. This one is quite similar to Fuel My Fire.. punkkish track with James Bond sample.
Nuclear v2 2002 Version 2 with a different structure.
Poison: Chapter II 2013 Heavy instrumental into poison lyrics.
Prepare for the Rush 1997
Ride the Rhythm 1998-1999
Rock 'N' Roll 95 1994-1998 This classic live tune was based on Kool Keith vocal sample.
Rock 'N' Roll 98 1998 New '98 version is totally different and contains more quitars.
Ska Beats 1995
Smack My Bitch Up [BETA] 1996 Different vocals.
Spitfast 2012 Mashup between Spitfire and Nightbreed remix.
Spitfire (Radio 1 Maida Vale Sessions Version) 2005 Part of a 5 track recording for Radio 1.
Stab 2008
The 95 Vibe 1994-1995 Played on New Years Eve in Dublin 1994. Liam's remix of CJ Bolland's version of 'No Good (Start The Dance)'.
The Day 2012 This track was featured on a Same Old Sean release. Not to be confused with The Day Is My Enemy.
The Devil Inside Of You 1993 Claustrophobic Sting beta version.
Thunder 09 2009
Thunder Dub 2010-2014
Time To Get Funky And Raw 1993-1994
Trigger 2001-2002 Although slightly less aggressive than Baby's Got A Temper, Trigger is still fast and furious stuff, Prodigy style. It's hard to do this track justice in terms of description, as it encompasses a variety of sounds from industrial to punk. But this is still pretty much a signature Prodigy track and is instantly recognisable as such with its heavy bassline, guitars, and menacing vocals from Keith Flint. Definitely one for the mosh pit, this track packs a hefty, speaker shuddering impact and is reminiscent of 'Smack My Bitch Up' and 'Breathe'.
Unknown 1999 Played in Brazil 1999.
Unstoppable 2008 Mescaline beta version.
Vogue 1994 This jam tune was in Prodigy's set in 1995 and it was played only rarely.
War 2007 DOG Collective cover.
Warning 2004-2005 Beta version of First Warning. This one was first played in 2004 gigs with Keef on vocals. Played also in 2005 gigs but version was changing all the time and later morphed to First Warning.
Warriors Dance 08 2008 Original Sax intro found here @ 0:53
We Do What The Fuck We Want v1 1999 Version 1. Played couple of times '99 when the band was really trying to get some new material to play.
We Do What The Fuck We Want v2 1999 Version 2 played at Sofia 1999.
We Eat Rhythm (Jungle Mix Live) 1995 Full version of We Eat Rhythm, known as the Jungle Mix.
Wind It Up (Rework) 2009

Fake tracks:

songs that claim to be by The Prodigy but are infact fake?
This is the kind of shit you get when you use poor MP3-finding programmes like Napster.
Unbelievable It's definitely a fake. It's orginally Dream Finder by Sound Corp.
Crystal Method - Sidewinder (featuring The Prodigy) It's all bollocks, Prodigy haven't worked with Crystal Method
Prodigy remix of Metallica's 'For Whom The Bell Tolls' DJ Spooky's remix for the Spawn soundtrack
La Una Programme Definitely not a Prodigy track!
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