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Articles published in US magazines


Billboard - 19th August 2014 Exclusive: The Prodigy Signs With Warner Bros. Imprint Three Six Zero Music in the U.S.

Billboard - 20th September 2017 British Electronic Veterans The Prodigy Sign With BMG For New Album

Billboard - 29th October 2018 The Prodigy's Liam Howlett Talks 'No Tourists,' U.S. Dates and Hitting Their 'Old School' Sound

Billboard - 10th February 2021 A Doc On The Prodigy Is In The Works: 'The Time Feels Right For Us To Tell The Story Of Our Band'

Spin Magazine

Spin Magazine - 1st September 1997 It's only rock'n' roll

Spin Magazine - 1st May 1999 Smack My Mix Up

Spin Magazine - 1st September 2001 Experience Expanded review

Spin Magazine - 27th April 2015 Q&A: The Prodigy Look Back on the Most Aggressive Career in Electronic History

The Rolling Stone

The Rolling Stone - 21st August 1997 Hot Phenom Prodigy

The Rolling Stone - 10th April 2002 Prodigy Reload - Electronica innovators return with first album in five years

Misc articles

ABC News - 4th August 1997 Prodigy Unhappy With Rolling Stone Cover

Hollywood Reporter - 10th February 2021 The Prodigy Music Doc in Works From 'Gangs of London' Producer Pulse Films

OC weekly - 10th October 2013 The Prodigy's Maxim Reality's Coming to DJ!

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 11th September 1997 Techno Music Puts The Screws To the American Teen Scene

Santa Ana’s Orange Country - 15th January 1993 Prodigy suddenly a raving success

The Tampa Tribune - 22nd January 1993 Rave-ing about the techno beat

Vice - 18th November 2014 The "Smack My Bitch Up" Video Was Inspired by a Crazy Night Out in Copenhagen

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