The Prodigy 34 pcs sticker set

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Prodigy(ious) Chartbusters

ORIGINAL DATE MISSING. please help if you know it.

TALK about taking over the town, The Prodigy can fairly claim to have taken over more countries than your average middle European dictator in less than a month with their latest album, The Fat Of The Land (indie label XL Recordings distributed by Sony Music), was number one in 22 contries! The album had sold over three million copies in the UK, after selling 385,000 copies there the first week of release, making it the fastest - selling album of all time in the UK. Then it was debuted at #1 in the US - almost unprecedented - and sat at #1 one in, deep breath here folks, Australia, Germany, Holland, Spain, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Austria, Hungary, Greece, Finland, Switzerland, Poland, Iceland, Portugal, Hong Kong and the Czech Republic! In France The Fat of the Land sat at #2 while in Belgium it was at #5. Meanwhile The Prodigy's US label, Maverick, owned by Madonna, not known for her subtlety on most subjects, has imposed a certain amount of censorship on the cover art in order not to offend "Middle American" market accessabitly, so there are two tracks titled Smack My B**** and Funky S*** listed on the US version of Fat of the Land.

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