'To Boldly Go': Star Trek, Sex and Space recently exchanged email with Berth Milton, president and CEO of Private Media Group, about his company's Nebula-nominated film, The Uranus Experiment: Part Two.

Mr. Milton's comments follow. How does the recognition from the science fiction community feel?


Berth Milton: It's great to get recognition. Y'know, in some ways there are similarities between how people perceive our industries. Some people watch science fiction movies, enjoy them, but then turn around and make fun of Trekkies or Star Warsfans.


In much the same way, people enjoy our products and services, but often don't admit to it in public. Indeed, serious financial analysts and institutions -- who can be important to a company on the stock market -- have admitted to us that they don't want to be associated with us publicly but they like our products!

So, it's nice to find common ground with the science fiction community and, of course, Private managed to combine adult and science fiction in the Uranus Experiment trilogy!

Are you a science fiction fan? If so, what are your influences?

BM: I have to say that I'm not a rampant reader or viewer of science fiction, but I will admit -- in public! -- that I like it whenever I get the chance to watch or read it.

It's a genre that is very escapist. Takes you out of day-to-day business for a break into another world. It's hard not to love Star Trek or Star Wars, but I also like to watch serious documentaries on space and science issues.

How do you rate the competition?

BM: That puts me in an awkward position! I haven't seen some of them -- I spend about 14 to 16 hours a day in the office! -- but The Matrix is a serious competitor!

Why is space cool?

BM: Space, be it what is commonly called 'outer space' or just space in the design of your house or space in music, is vital. Whether it's reggae music or the stop-start of Nirvana, it's the space they leave that makes the impact.

So-called 'Outer Space' is cool because it's like the sea: deep, mysterious, romantic, dangerous, thrilling, and with the promise of new discoveries beyond. All at the same time! Yes, space is definitely cool.

The nomination is on the Nebula ballot under protest. Do you have any comment on that?

BM: I wasn't fully aware of the controversy, but I am realistic enough to know that there would be objections from some people. There's always someone who objects in public, even if they might enjoy such movies in the privacy of their own homes or view our internet sites.

How has the series sold?

BM: One of our best sellers. Having 3D from Massive Attack and Liam from The Prodigy doing the soundtrack raised quite a bit of publicity in the music media and that, of course, helped.

Are you happy with the results of the zero-g sequence?

BM: It was a technical and physical feat, especially for the actor! In terms of conveying the zero-g scene on film, I think maybe the third part of the trilogy showed it better than the first two. That's just a personal opinion!

Is this really the first act of zero-g sex, not just on film?

BM: I'm not aware of anybody else who has done it, on film or not on film. If there is another attempt on film, I'd like to see it...

Why hadn't anyone thought of this before?

BM: It is a surprise, isn't it? They say the same things about great marketing ideas and commercial inventions. It's nice to be in good company!

Any advice for teams itching to film on Mir?

BM: "Boldly go...", and send me any interesting film sequences!

How about amateurs looking to charter a jet and dive?

BM: As you said. You would not want to be afraid of flying, that's for sure!

Where to from here?

BM: It's difficult to follow a movie trilogy that, whether you like adult material or not, is the first of its kind. We're thinking about it ... maybe we'll talk to the people from Mir about a joint project!!

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