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Prodigy Unhappy With Rolling Stone Cover

Keith Flint, frontman for the British electronica band Prodigy, is not at all happy with getting his face on the cover of the latest issue of Rolling Stone. Apparently, the music magazine disregarded the band's wishes to have all four members on the cover. "They feel cheated and lied to and taken advantage of," Prodigy's publicist told the Los Angeles Times. Rolling Stone, on the other hand, is trying to take it all in stride. "At the very last minute in our production schedule, the album comes out at No. 1," senior editor Mark Kemp told the Times. "We decided that we had to put Prodigy on the cover. We weren't really happy with group shots we'd seen and we found a really provocative picture of Keith."

Flint has now joined Alanis Morissette and Eddie Vedder in the exclusive anti-Rolling Stone-cover club. You'll recall that two years ago the mag put Morissette's face on the front of an issue against her wishes--just before rival Spin was putting together its own cover story on the singer. And last year, when Rolling Stone couldn't get an interview with Vedder, the magazine still plastered his mug on the cover--and published a hatchet job about him.

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