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Awards Interview

”Why we doin this” says Liam, looking like James MOWAX Lavelles punky older brother. ”You dissed us”

”Did. It was you, wasn’t it?”

Did not. Then someone spills beer on the tape-recorder. Keith, Maxim and Leeroy pile thorugh the door. So suddenly it is lager,lager shouting. Ho ho. SO, PRODGE, whos your hero of 96.
”Dennis Pennis” says Keith. ”I said it last year and its the same this year.”

”All the bastards in the music business that try and sell fucking pop music” spits Leeroy.

You’re bitter men.
”No, we just like the real deal” ”Gina G, shes my zero” says Liam

What happened to LANDSLIDE, the single that was meant to come out after Firestarter? A great song!!
”You mean Minefields?” says Liam.

Ah yeah, sorry its the lights and the beer e.t.c
”Cos its an album track. Don’t you like Breathe?”

It's fine, but the Monkey Mafia mix of Minefields was stormin.
”Nah, it aint all that” ”We’re more into Mudslide,” says Leeroy, ”that’s the next track”

Oh, very funny. Anyway we blame you for the Britpop/Dance crossover – youve got Crispy from KULA SHAKER on your album......
”Well, there the best band here today aint they?” says Liam.

”Along with the Smashing Pumpkins” says Maxim.

You’ve also got Jasmine from Republica on the board...... beery silence.. Jasmine int it?
”Actually it's Saffron” says Liam. ”I love Saffron” says Keith.

Musically or on curries???
Keith: ”Musically and personally” Liam: ”She did some backing vocals on a track we do live. But it wont be on the album”

Leeroy – why do you wear kilts?
”Why not, they are comfy!”

Have you any scottish in ya?

Ah-hah – do you want some!
”Get the fuck outta here, Im 200% bleck fool!!”

You played every festival on the planet this year. Which was the best?
”Glastonbury” says Keith.

That was last year!!
”Oh, ...urm Monsters of Bock”

”Monsters of Bock... – I run its, cos its my event.”

How many people were there?
”Um..35, I think. Leeroy was doin a park’n’ride service”

What about KNOBWERTH?
”Nedworth was cool” says Keith. ”But my favourite was our own show on Friday night at Brixton academy.”
”Can I ask you a question,” says Maxim, ”Where did you actually get your trousers?”

These are authentic, signed on the inner thigh by Jarv FARAH trews.
Maxim: ”Oh, FARAH trews. I wore them when I was a kid. I slit them up the sides”
Liam: ”See, I couldn’t afford them. Mine were Sarahs!”
Maxim: ”Naaaoooow! You can’t admit that!”
Keith: ”Can I just say that I think Becks new album is really exciting”
Liam: ”Can I just say, I need album titles”
Keith: ”Oh I’ve worked it out. I’ve got one”
Liam: ”What??”
Keith: ”Its a secret!”

So who is the most famous person you have met tonight??
Liam: ”Keith”

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