Roland U-220 sound module

Roland U-220 sound module


It's got Liam's favourite string sounds on it. He has used the strings, piano and a few other sounds on Experience and Jilted albums.

The U-220 is a 1U (19-inch rackmount) module of the Roland U-20 keyboard without the keys. It has all the same sounds and features packaged in a compact single-space sound module. 128 high quality instruments, 6 part multitimbral and 30 note polyphony.  It was the successor of the U-110 that was released in 1988. The U-220 has the same LCD screen and expansion possibilities, but fewer knobs on the front panel than the U-20.


G-Force (Part 1), Everybody in the Place, Out Of Space (Preset A58 Soft Pad)

I've had that years. That's one of my all-time favourites for strings; the strings on there are a Prodigy trademark! If anyone puts a bit of chorus on those strings, you get the sound from 'Out Of Space' straight away.

I bought a sound module - a Roland U220 - and a Roland 909 drum machine. That was how the third EP came about: I wrote a track just to try out the sounds on the U220, it wasn't meant to be a track, it was just meant to be a demo to see how the U220 went. That turned out to be 'G Force' and went on the b-side of the third EP. It's actually one of the strongest tracks.

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