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Roland U-220 sound module

Roland U-220 sound module

The Roland U-220 is a vintage 1U (19-inch rack-mounted) synthesizer and sound module that was released in 1989 by Roland Corporation. It belongs to the U-Series, which includes other modules like the U-110 and U-20. The U-220 was designed as a successor to the U-20 keyboard synthesizer and was targeted at musicians and producers who wanted a compact and affordable module for incorporating high-quality sounds into their setups.

It has all the same sounds and features packaged in a compact single-space sound module. 128 high quality instruments, 6 part multitimbral and 30 note polyphony.  It was the successor of the U-110 that was released in 1988. The U-220 has the same LCD screen and expansion possibilities, but fewer knobs on the front panel than the U-20.

Key features of the Roland U-220 include:

  1. Sound Generation:

    • The U-220 uses Roland's sample-based LA (Linear Arithmetic) synthesis, which combines digital PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) samples with subtractive synthesis elements.
    • It has 30 voices of polyphony, allowing for the creation of complex and layered sounds.
  2. Sound Library:

    • The U-220 comes with a built-in sound library that covers a wide range of instrument sounds, including pianos, strings, brass, synthesizers, percussion, and more.
    • The sound set includes both realistic instrument emulations and synthetically created sounds.
  3. Editing and Programming:

    • The U-220 features a straightforward interface with dedicated buttons and a small LCD screen for editing and programming sounds.
    • Parameters such as attack, release, filter, and modulation can be adjusted to shape and customize the sound.
  4. Effects:

    • It includes a basic set of digital effects, such as reverb and chorus, to add depth and spatialization to the sounds.
  5. MIDI Connectivity:

    • The U-220 has MIDI In, Out, and Thru ports, allowing it to be easily integrated into MIDI-based setups.
    • It can be controlled by an external MIDI controller or used to control other MIDI devices.
  6. Expandability:

    • The U-220 has a slot for installing additional sound expansion cards, providing users with the option to expand the instrument's sound palette.
  7. Build and Design:

    • The U-220 is a 1U rack-mounted unit, making it compact and suitable for studio setups where space may be a consideration.
    • Its design is typical of the rack-mounted synthesizers of the late 1980s and early 1990s.

While the U-220 may be considered outdated by today's standards, it remains a classic piece of vintage gear sought after by collectors and musicians interested in the nostalgic sound of late '80s and early '90s electronic music.


It's got Liam's favourite string sounds on it. He has used the strings, piano and a few other sounds on Experience and Jilted albums.

G-Force (Part 1), Everybody in the Place, Out Of Space (Preset A58 Soft Pad)

I've had that years. That's one of my all-time favourites for strings; the strings on there are a Prodigy trademark! If anyone puts a bit of chorus on those strings, you get the sound from 'Out Of Space' straight away.

I bought a sound module - a Roland U220 - and a Roland 909 drum machine. That was how the third EP came about: I wrote a track just to try out the sounds on the U220, it wasn't meant to be a track, it was just meant to be a demo to see how the U220 went. That turned out to be 'G Force' and went on the b-side of the third EP. It's actually one of the strongest tracks.

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