Roland E-660 Digital Stereo Parametric Mastering EQ

Roland E-660 Digital Stereo Parametric Mastering EQ

Roland E-660 is a two channel four band fully parametric digital equalizer that can be configured as a single channel eight band parametric, a two channel four band parametric or a two channel four band bandpass filter. Although the filters on each channel can be adjusted independently, you can also set it up so that each change is applied simultaneously to both channels, exactly preserving stereo phase conce for mastering or monitoring applications!

Each of the eight filters can provide 12 dB of boost or cut across a bandwidth ranging from 1/6 octave to more than three and a half octaves in four overlapping ranges: 30 to 960 Hz , 200 to 6400 Hz , 500 to 16000 Hz , and 800 to 20000 Hz . Two of the filters (the highest and the lowest) may also be used as shelving filters. Each parameter may be set using front panel controls - or entered directly from the numeric keypad - and the resulting equalization curve may even be called up in the LCD display as shown in the photos.

In addition, each channel may be delayed up to 500 milliseconds, and each filter band may be individually delayed up to 99 milliseconds, giving you the ability to create some really wild effects or correct for various acoustic anomolies in the source material.

All settings may be saved (and named) in 99 user memories, and recalled instantly. An internal battery keeps the memories intact when the unit is powered down.

The E-660 has both analog and digital inputs and outputs. Analog signals may be connected through XLR or 1/4" connectors, and 44.1 or 48 kHz digital signals may be connected through coaxial RCA or lightpipe connectors. As you might expect with a Roland unit, it is also MIDI compatible.

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