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Roland SP-808 Groove Sampler

Roland SP-808 Groove Sampler

Relase date: 1998
Type: Sampler/sequencer/hard disk recorder/virtual analogue synth/effects processor ALL IN ONE!


This is one of the many gifts from Roland to Liam. I don't know if Liam has really used this in his productions since he prefers his Akais and other tools, but this is anyway a really cool toy for anyone, so maybe he has at least played with it in his studio.

Gear info:

The SP-808 Groove Sampler is the first product of its kind a sampling and recording workstation which is one part professional-quality phrase sampler; one part hard disk audio recorder. Developed to meet the needs of a growing "remix" and sampling-based music market, the SP-808 provides everything DJ's, sampling musicians and remix artists need. Remix-orientated phrase sampler/hard disk audio recorder w/8-tracks (4 stereo) digital multitracker -16 assignable sample pads per bank (64 banks total) -Internal zip drive records all audio tracks & stores all samples on removable 100 mb zip disks. 64 minutes/1024 samples can be stored on a single disk. -Automatic tempo calculation and display plus resampling time stretch functions. -On-board effects (reverb,chorus & delay effects plus "Lo-fi","Wah","Isolator", & synth effects -D-Beam controller -Realtime effects control (3 assignable knobs) -Can also be used as a digital multi tracker recorder.


  • Professional remix-oriented phrase sampler/hard disk audio recorder with 8 tracks (4 stereo audio tracks) and 16 assignable sample pads per bank (64 banks total)
  • Built-in ZipT drive records all audio tracks and stores all samples on removable 100MB Zip disks; 64 minutes/1024 samples can be stored on a single disk for instant access
  • Automatic tempo calculation and display, resampling functions and time stretch functions
  • Onboard Roland reverb, chorus and delay effects including Delay RSS, Space Echo and Flanger, as well as Distortion, "Lo-fi," "Wah," "Band Isolator" and analog synth processing
  • Onboard Step Modulator effect simulates a classic Roland analog synth, modulating pitch, LFO, etc. in sequential steps
  • Revolutionary dual D-Beam* Controller allows for effects and sample control via hand and body movement over infrared light beam
  • Three assignable real-time control knobs for effects control
  • Can be used as a basic digital multi-track recorder
  • Four analog outputs standard; optional I/O board transfers all audio in the digital domain and provides 6 additional analog outputs
  • Backlit LCD, buttons and LED for use in low-light settings

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