Roland SH-09

Roland SH-09

Release date: 1979 
Type: Analogue synthesizer 

The Roland SH-09 is a monophonic analog synthesizer produced by Roland Corporation in 1979. It was part of Roland's SH series of synthesizers, which also included the SH-3A and SH-5. The SH-09 was designed to be a compact and affordable alternative to Roland's larger and more expensive synthesizers of the time. It was a popular choice for musicians and producers due to its versatility, portability, and affordability.

The SH-09 features a single oscillator with sawtooth, square, and pulse waveforms, as well as a sub-oscillator. It also features a low-pass filter and an envelope generator that can be used to shape the sound. The SH-09 also has a built-in LFO (Low-Frequency Oscillator) that can be used to create vibrato and other modulation effects. It also has a simple arpeggiator function, which can be used to create complex patterns and sequences.

The SH-09's compact and portable design made it a popular choice for musicians who needed a versatile and portable synthesizer for live performances and studio recordings. It could be easily carried around and powered by batteries, making it an ideal choice for musicians who traveled frequently. Its monophonic design also made it a great option for basslines, leads, and other single-note parts.

The SH-09's simple and intuitive interface made it easy to use, even for musicians who had little experience with synthesizers. Its small size and affordability also made it a popular choice for hobbyist musicians and home studio producers. The SH-09's sound was also considered to be quite impressive for its size and price point. It had a warm and fat sound, which made it suitable for a wide range of music styles such as rock, pop, and electronic music.

The SH-09's sound has been used on a variety of different albums, from electronic and experimental music to pop and rock. Many musicians and producers have praised the SH-09's sound and versatility, and it has become a popular choice for musicians and producers looking to incorporate the classic analog sound into their productions.


You can spot this piece of equipment on the Electronic Punks video.

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