Roland SDD-320 Dimension D

Roland SDD-320 Dimension D

From an interview with the Prodigy's chief live sound engineer: "The [Roland] Dimension D is used to make the guitar big, because we've only got one guitarist and we try to make everything bigger than everything else. I've also got a [Yamaha] Rev 7 and a Rev 5. I've got them Y?split together because they've got a habit of stopping working, so one of them is usually working at any one time. They're both drum reverbs, I just run them both off the snare. Then I've got a guitar reverb, an SPX990, and a [TC Electronic] M2000 on vocals, which does harmoniser on some songs and reverbs on others. Then I've got a TC D•Two for all my more traditional delays.”

Source: Jon Burton: Mixing & Recording The Prodigy Live

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