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The Prodigy releases / Re: babys got a temper
February 17, 2002, 01:46:40 AM
well... actually... i don't care about, guys... Keith can ruin 1, 2 or maybe 3 tracks... but nobody gonna let him do this with the whole album! Liam is not deaf at all, trust me  ;)
The Prodigy releases / Re: babys got a temper
February 13, 2002, 06:09:35 PM
hard to say at the moment, actually. the quality of the mp3 is so sux.... there is no much point to talk about it, just because we've not heard original studio record. i can't say i don't like it, because i don't hear the track normally, i can't say i like because the mp3's quality just a some kind of shit. the only thing i can say is - the track is pretty experimental. i, personaly, like to hear any experimental music, even when it's totally lame. i'm used to download 10 megs mp3 just to listen to it for once. i think we should just wait for single, then we can talk about the new album.
The Prodigy releases / Re: New single
February 05, 2002, 01:15:02 AM

I really mixed up some facts.....
That's a speculation. Sorry..... :-X :-X :-/

To all: what do you think about that mix of "no souvenirs" by UNCLE???
It seems to me i don't sure that IS "no souvenirs"...

PS Sorry, one more time.....

russians are always scaring me :D all their mixes are so weird...
The Prodigy releases / Re: *what* new material?
February 08, 2002, 02:51:05 AM
well... not so great to me.... first of all, the quality totally sucks... secondly, the new material sounds pretty experimental... and that, actually, is not what the most fans waiting for, i think.
also, i think, we can forget about new album for a while(1-1.5 years or something)... and new single will be... erm... not so rock as it could... i think the single is idea of XL Recordings... all these new_material/gigs/single things are so unnaturally, dunno why... i think there is not much point to wait something revolutionary from the prodigy at the moment. liam is just gone in some sense...
The Prodigy releases / Re: No Souvenirs - Real/Fake?
January 10, 2002, 09:07:07 AM
yeh, i heard that stuff too... actually, i think it a fake...  the guy couldn't get original track just because he could not. and anyway there is no prodigy sound in these 55 seconds...
I think next Prodigy album really will be out next year. Also I'm sure they gonna release a single, dunno when though, maybe end of this winter. After "Experience Expanded" and all these festivals with only 2 new tracks they need a single. because they need time to sit in the studio, and I think they gonna stop trippin' after BDO, otherwise all their "new album comin' soon" become very funny and silly. I think that's fact that Prodigy losing their reputation, of course there are a lot of real fans as we are, but I think the band needs something more than just a couple of stupid festivals and "we are relevant as f*ck". I just can't understand what the band wanna mean under "Prodigy" word. Do they want to be number one or they just wanna be and got some money? If they still want to be number one as they were 4 years ago they should work in the studio first.
Anyway... about new album.... I think new album will be sounds commercial a bit, at least few tracks, because looks like that album is writting under management pressure. Also I mean that "I Thought it was going to be really, really rocky but it's turning out quiet electronic", dunno but always thought that Prodigy are "quiet electronic". And how can Liam talks about new album if there is no any new album? Of course "Trigger" is "quiet electronic", but "Nuclear" is not. OK, even Liam meant some other new track that we havn't heard, anyway it's only 3 tracks, it's not an album, or maybe he did all album yesterday?.. And that new role of Keith, weird, isn't  it? Actually I wanna see how is it gonna looks on the stage, Keith with a guitar ;) That's obviously that the band wanna get some public attention. But I wonder why they doing that. Anyway, I think the album will sounds pretty differently. Some tracks will sounds like FOTL, other ones quiet experimental, maybe one or two tracks will "blow minding". But also I think new album is very far from today, and single won't "blow our minds", of course single will rocks couple of days but no more. And i've got a fear in my soul that Liam has reached his top in FOTL, i really hope that's my fear is my next bullshit and Liam will do revolution agian. Anyway, the band makes the album. Everything is changing with time, sometimes in good way, sometimes in bad way; that's a life. Anyway, if Liam born to be a musical genius, one they we'll his genius. There is a saying in Russia - "a talent can't be drunk away", i'm not sure that i've translated right, but i hope you got what does it mean ;) That saying also exlain how Russians can drink a lot and create jet engines in the same time :)
So, that's kinda all that i could translate. Btw, all that is IMHO!

P.S. If some one has got http(!) links to new chem's album, I will be glad to... download the stuff ;)
guys, i just love you all, you're all so emotional, that new material topic works just like erogenous area...
Collectors / Re: The Prodigy tracks etc
June 26, 2002, 07:18:38 PM
erm... Arie, you locked the thread, you're a monster  :)

i can understand that dude who asked for high quality records, i also have no possibility to buy BGAT single, but if i finally start remix that stuff, i'll need quality record. if some one want to send the cd to me here is my address:

Russia, 628000, Tumenskaya, Surgut, Energetikov 16-39
Sergei Luzhnov Leonidovich

if i get cd i will remix BGAT.
if i won't get you have to find more 47 blind Prodigy fans to enforce me do a remix.
but i think i won't find even 10 fans here... well, you're lazy, i'm poor, but who cares, right?...
Collectors / Re: title for prodigy book???
March 11, 2002, 11:54:39 PM
hmm... in view of new prodigy image, some unknown facts in the book... how about "the prodigy - under cover"... at least it has got a lot of meanings as well
Collectors / Re: Castbreeder, track 6
March 18, 2002, 10:33:34 PM
Well, thought about writing for magazins ?
I don't know about it, but I guess you have at least one good (maybe underground) musik-maker-magazin there, have you?
yes, i thought about writing for magazines.. actually i've got offers some time ago... but that stuff takes time... i can't stop doing some sites... i just dream to finish all that net stuff, break my modem, cut the wires, and start make some music. of course, if (when) i get some time i'll sit and write something... not sure about what atm... maybe something about technical side of creating a music.. dunno... actually, i think i'll write not only about music, i've got off-topic thoughts as well :)
not sure i understood what you meant in "good (maybe underground) musik-maker-magazin there, have you" :) there? where is that "there"? :)

It was the time when I just started with writing music or,
let's say, experimenting around with it. 14 or something.
the same here :)

I had massive problems to 'let go' maybe you're aware of this problem. I started to write and I never got a song finished because I always got stuck at some certain part that would not fit.
And then I got frustrated with it all and stopped it.
Later then, a pal told me he knew what I needed:
A kick in the ass.
still the same :)
Collectors / Re: Castbreeder, track 6
March 18, 2002, 06:17:49 PM

Absolutely. What is it with all those guys??
Is everybody pissed off of breakbeats? Did funk get unfunky?
The more I hear this 4/4 shite, the more I hate it, the more I hear some funky beats, the more I love'em, why is it the other way round with all those ex-groundbreaking-artists?
Even HipHop lost it's breaks. Whenever you tune in to something, you'll get straight stuff. No ghostnotes, no small funky drumrolls, nothing. I used to like the old Ultramagnetic MC's stuff, because they used those cool funky breaks, but nowadays... It's all about "my bassdrum kicks
more than yours / my snare has a greater impact than yours".
I don't like music without snares anyway, so I won't ever end up making (/ listening to) something like -for example- the Chemos do nowadays.
dunno... actually, i wrote somekind of an article a couple years ago (or even more) about all that stuff. it's an article about electronic music and general, about break-beat, how break beat music does makes, who makes music and etc. i wrote that article just for myseft, just to understand what the hell is going on, because i felt that some thing is really wrong. i made really deep analysis of the scene and history of electronic music in general. for example, i started from who created a first synth ever. do you know who btw? some russian dude in 1921, his name Lev Termen.. i even tried to consider an influence of ecstasy drug... i thought about to write really global article about music, but i wrote a "little" draft and never cameback.. but actually, i've made some predicts.. i've predicted somekind of "shock" of all great (in music sense) bands in near future. i can't show you my  original writing, because it's totally in russian. anyway i'm not Nostradamus... but it still quite funny to read it 2 years after. at least it helped me a lot then.
now i can say that the Chemical Brothers thinks they're still cool just because their name still "Chemical Brothers", and many peeps think so too, and Chems are happy that these peeps thinks so too. the Prodigy thinks that they "relevant as fuck" because they created their own scene, but they forgot that it was many years ago, they forgot that their scene can't travel all over the world with them just to hear "something", they forgot many things... they forgot "how to".

Hip Hop died many years ago. that bullshit in my tv isn't Hip Hop. i'm really tired of my tv. everybody talks about Hip Hop, RnB, DnB, RnR... a lot of young boys and girls who thinks they are a part of Hip Hop culture around. sometimes i think peeps just having sex with their tv sets... some stupid voice from tv can make anyone a genius. a lot of stupid fake DJ's everywhere... playing some stupid cd's with making a smart face that is they call to be a DJ...

Horr horr, we flood all areas with (at least slightly) off-topic stuff, we crapweasels, we.
well... who cares? if anyone has something agianst our conversation he can freely post about his own problems.
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