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Equipment / OGG vs. MP3, some tests
October 23, 2002, 06:53:53 PM
i just read some reviews and stuff, and decided test it myself, there are 160 and 192 kbps tests:
Equipment / erm... for those who's interested...
August 02, 2002, 01:48:06 AM
well... dunno why, but i uploaded a couple of my very old bullshit works.. actually it's my first steps in digital music that i did somewhere in 1998...

these tracks made with DEMO version of "music editor" for General Sound card for ZX-Spectrum.
before listening these tracks, remember, that i cound NOT do these actions because of bugs/demofunctions:

1. do any operations with samples (edit/load/save). i had to use samples from other module, or run to my friend and make there operations on pc.
2. copy/paste stuff
3. use more than 4 channels, it's hardware limitation
4. don't remember

some technical info:

ZX-Spectrum - 8 bit computer, originaly made in 1982 and had 48 kilobytes of RAM, 16 of ROM, 6 kilobytes of video memory (256x192x2 + 768 bytes of attribute coloring), 3.5Mhz.
I've got russian clone ZS - Scorpion 256k turbo +, 7Mhz, 49 HDD, 3.5 FDD, 5.25 FDD, General Sound card

General Sound - a musical card made in 1997 by russian X-Trade group, hardware Amiga mod file player for Spectrum-compatible machines. 38Khz, 4 channels, software interpolation, 512k of internal memory (128 in base model).

anyway, before downloading make sure you know what are you doing, because it's not actually great tunes or something, it's just my first experiments with really madly bugged soft and very limitted hardware. so, i undertake no responsibility if you don't like what you downloaded.

my first(!) digital track, used "oedipi children" or something mod samples, but there are some chem's samples and stuff:

some experiments with Prodigy's poison:

some bullshit with samples from Wind It Up/Fire/Out Of Space

all tracks are sampled directly from my Speccy, i was lazy to convert that stuff to proper mods... sorry. anyway, i ruined quality a bit to 112kbps ogg, so, files are not so big.

btw, it seems winamp sux, i mean ogg plugin for winamp sux, it seems some one advisedly made there some serious bugs, sounds like dirty provocations, anyway, i found a proper player that plays all files normally, much better than winamp to me in general:

sorry for ogg propaganda, but it's really nice file format, it's just winamp plugin sux, but the format rox.

yeh, one more thing, about Ritm 2 examples, i think to make some demo track or something with using these sounds, coz i attached some overdrive and the sound really rocks, it may will be interesting, dunno yet.
goooooood morning, Vietnam!

today we'll talk about modules. i know there are only 2-3 persons who knows about it here. but anyways...

yesterday i found that new mo3 encoder is out and that stuff rocks! plus, new version of xmplayer.

okay, if you don't know what is "mo3" means...

mo=module, 3=mp3. and whole mo3 means a module (xm, mod, etc) with mp3 packed intruments. so, it makes modules very small in size, but with a good quality.

in new version of mo3 encoder we've got ogg support and stuff...

i've checked the packing, and that's really cool. i've tryed to pack my most big module (remix of Carmen Queasy) it's 58 megs, and it's became 5 meg in mo3, but sound still not bad, and the file is still editable, because you can freely unpack mo3 back to xm.

secondly, xmplayer - really cool, small and nice. the only things isn't so good is playlist navigation, but anyways, the player is great.

and all that stuff is freeware!
Off Topic / Re: Ali is crap.
August 16, 2002, 11:05:22 PM
a friend of mine bought 82 gigs hdd for me in moscow a couple of months ago, and he copied a "couple" of moives to the hdd as well... and there were that movie... but didn't check it... i mean i checked quickly a couple of mins in fast forward mode... and i ruined it... erm.... that's all i know about that movie... actually, i ruined a lot of *.avi, *.mpeg, *.dat.... well... now i got some space for my samples and soft...
Off Topic / back to ohm plugins...
May 05, 2002, 11:37:26 PM
okay, first of all, there is their web site

i've downloaded and tried their "delay" and "hematohm" plugins... sounds pretty cool that hematohm thing gives pretty weird and deep sounds... definitely will be used in new tsd album...
Off Topic / back to Ekko's gallery..
May 06, 2002, 11:31:29 PM
Ekko, *cought*, i still didn't get "art" and "render"... so.... you need some personal website with the stuff i think...

but anyway, i've got a lot of video information about your life and stuff... it seems really cute...

Sweden power.jpg << never seen 2 so awesome and so incompatible things at the one pic...

Marcel & Ekko pissing around at some basement many years ago.JPG << looks familiar, but here people are pissing directly at the streets, at least "men"...

Long time ago, when we all had long hair.jpg << you're damn right, i was a hairy dude... all surgut was shocked...

other comments will be when i got downloaded all the stuff.
hello, let's make the acquaintance. my name is zed, and i'm the new moderator of the board's thread.
you're always welcome to post offtopic threads about:

1. women
2. drugs
3. sex
4. and others stuff you do in your life full of happiness.

but please remember the things you can't do here:

1. do not mention the prodigy here
2. do not make any advertising, insulting or pure spamming
3. do not post about how life does sucks. (everybody knows that, it's boring)
4. do not make me jealous
5. do not post more than 100 posts per day. (people can't read so fast)
6. do not post with any browser version higher 6. (see n.4)
7. do not post posts without a smile.

Off Topic / zed tried to update his flash bios...
March 06, 2002, 02:37:08 PM
...and that was a big mistake...  :P

i've ruined all bios and whole the machine, guys... i'm such a wanker...

almost 3 days i was sitting infront black screen at the monitor... wheeh...

actually, i knew that any operation that kind should be done only under dos, but... damn...

thanks god, i've got some mates with hardware and my bios has been successfully updated... back to life with new version!... lol...
Collectors / Re: The Prodigy tracks etc
June 26, 2002, 07:18:38 PM
erm... Arie, you locked the thread, you're a monster  :)

i can understand that dude who asked for high quality records, i also have no possibility to buy BGAT single, but if i finally start remix that stuff, i'll need quality record. if some one want to send the cd to me here is my address:

Russia, 628000, Tumenskaya, Surgut, Energetikov 16-39
Sergei Luzhnov Leonidovich

if i get cd i will remix BGAT.
if i won't get you have to find more 47 blind Prodigy fans to enforce me do a remix.
but i think i won't find even 10 fans here... well, you're lazy, i'm poor, but who cares, right?...
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