The Prodigy - Warriors Dance music video

Director: Corin Hardy
Producer: -

The music video was posted on the band's Myspace and Youtube page on April 3, 2009, after being postponed from an exclusive broadcast on Channel 4 the week before.

This nice video directed by Corin Hardy features an animation resembling stop motion of a secretive fantasy dance party, peopled by cigarette packets that reform themselves into ravers. Basically there are three cigarette packets branded with Prodigy logos and symbols that start a miniature rave within a pub with other cigarette packages, eventually causing a fire on top of a table. The three Prodigy cigarette boxes then exit the house, leaving the rest of the dancing cigarette packages to continue burning. A man enters the pub to 'open up' the next morning, puzzled to find all the burnt cardboard remains. Cigarette boxes contains text "Smoking contains hazard to you health" on ukrainian language (Куріння шкодить вашому здоров'ю).

Video was shot on a location in Hackney in a pub and built a false bar-top, which they could then use in the green screen shoot for both puppets and animation. Special effects were done by Amarjeet Sigh for Soho Post. Video has won "best video" at 2009 Rushes Soho Shorts' awards.

30th of July 2009 Corin accepted the best video prize from veteran music video and movie director Andy Morahan for Warrior's Dance – an extraordinary exercise in storytelling mostly using complex puppetry – at the annual Rushes Soho Shorts prizegiving bash in London.

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