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The Uranus Experiment part II

The Uranus Experiment part II

(June 1999, Private, PBL 07)

This is the Uranus Experiment part 2, the first porn movie featuring Liam's music. Liam did a track with Rob Del Naja (Massive Attack) to this porn movie. It's called "Titan" and it's not released anywhere else. The very same track is now also available at The Uranus Experiment part 3.

Read the press release above for more info about the movie!

The Uranus Experiment 2 (PBL 7)

In June, Private releases the second episode of its most ambitious film ever, "The Uranus Experiment". This is the second instalment of a thrilling spy-story trilogy in space. Direction is by John Millerman, who also directed the first part of "Uranus" and the "Amanda's Diary" series, both releases being among the best-selling adult videos in the USA.

15 awesome girls take part in "The Uranus Experiment 2", and they are a wonderful treat for the eyes! But, sight is not the only sense that can truly enjoy in this film. Your hearing will also enjoy the film too due to its out of this world soundtrack, which includes tracks by musicians from Massive Attack and The Prodigy.

In the first part of the Uranus trilogy, two shuttles are docked in space, one from Russia and one from the USA. Once in space, they have a rendezvous and the two crews remain in the same place as a sign of friendship. But what the Americans don't know is that the Russians have another mission apart from the rapprochement. The scientists have been investigating sex for a long time and the space adventure gives them the opportunity of investigating weightless sex. They cook up a plan to get some results. The Russian crew seduces the American astronauts while the world watches the scene with astonishment. Especially surprised is the President of the USA, who suspects the Russians of a dirty trick against the American national security. He decides to start an investigation and sends his best men to do the job. This is where the second instalment of "The Uranus Experiment" takes-up the story.

After a few hours, the scene in space repeats. A prurient gangbang between all the members of the crew takes place. This time even TV broadcasts the cosmic orgy. In view of these events, one of the officers in charge of the investigation contacts the American captain's wife. He wants to find out from his wife why he is behaving like that. The wife gladly cooperates, so that the investigation can proceed.

Finally, the President of the USA decides the best thing to do is to separate the shuttles. The Americans go on with their space flight to Uranus. They land in the far planet and realize that surprisingly it has an oxygen atmosphere that humans can breath. But this fact is not the only surprise for the crew. They feel some presence around them. Suddenly two sexy blue extraterrestrials appear and welcome the astronauts in a very friendly way...!

"The Uranus Experiment 2" has 6 hardcore scenes with plenty of blowjobs, facial cumshots, anal sex and even a lesbian scene, where four girls let their fingers and tongues wander down around all their juicy holes delighting everyone.

As previously mentioned, "The Uranus Experiment 2" is not just for viewing, but listening, too. Two successful musicians, Liam from The Prodigy and 3D del Naja from Massive Attack, have exclusively composed a track each for the soundtrack of "The Uranus Experiment 2". Both musicians received awards in the 1998 edition of the MTV European Music Awards. Prodigy was chosen as Best Dance Band, while Massive Attack won the category of Best Video.

Production notes:
Title: The Uranus Experiment (PBL 07)
Release date: June 1999
Location: Kennedy Space Center (Florida), Johnson Space Center (Houston), Budapest, Barcelona and Lanzarote.
Director: John Millerman
Cast: Gabriella, Wanda Curtis, Silvia Saint, Bettina, Christine, Nick Lang, Estell, Vanda, Caroline, Cristina Dark, Sonia, Cristina, Lisa, Noemi, Stephanie, Tavalia Griffin, Andrew Youngman, John Walton, Frank Major, Oliver Sanchez and Max Cortes.
Written by: John Millerman
Director of Photography: D.P. Goldwyn
Camera Assistants: Tony D'Espagna, Tony C., Al Moore and Gabor.
Technical Assistants: Axel Torres, Tom Martinez
Production Assistant: Fella T.O.
Script: Barbara Brown
Backstage Video & Photos: Dave Densen
Casting: Dave Densen
Make up: Barbarella, Isabella & Nina.
Stage Designer & Special Effects: Sebastian Millerman
Stage Designer Assistant: Mica Brooks
Stage Décor: Andreas Sud
Stage Technician: Mario E. M. Simon
Visual 3D Effects: Nebu R. and Sha B. Reeva
Editing: John Millerman, Jon Render
Sound F/X: Christian, Eddy Ferrysson.
Pilots: Sven Blanc, James Signor and Parker Tott
Control Crew: Milan Paterson, James McNelton and Sony Davis.
Edition, Music and Realization: John Millerman.
Soundtrack: 3D from Massive Attack and Liam from The Prodigy
Clothes designed by Private Circle.


John Millerman

Born in Sweden, John Millerman is one of the most successful directors of Private at this very moment. He has a large experience in the mainstream industry. He has worked with opera, music theatre and theatre for 25 years in Sweden (both as an actor, opera singer and director). He has written 10 books including novels, poetry and fairy-tails. He has worked with film scripts and films for 10 years. During this period, he wrote a script for Terence Young and made one movie with him. He has also written and directed TV programs and a TV-series in Sweden and worked with advertising and commercials for big international companies as FIAT and YOPLAIT.

As a director of adult videos, he is the responsible of "Amanda's Diary", "Kamasutra" (Private Black Label 5) and a lot of short stories for "Triple X Files" and "XXX".

PRIVATE: Where did the idea of shooting sex scenes in weightlessness come from?
JOHN MILLERMAN: The idea of the movie came directly from Berth Milton, the owner of Private. He wanted to do something really new, something that had never been done before in the adult video industry.

P: A film featuring sex scenes in "space" must have a very high budget. What did the producers and the people from Private say as you explained them your project?
JM: The budget for the film was not that high. We kept the costs down by working in our own studio, building the spacecraft ourselves and at every moment keeping to a strict budget.

P: Could we say "The Uranus Experiment" is to erotica what "Titanic" has been for conventional cinema?
JM: It would be too much to say that it is a "Titanic", but it is definitely something new in the porno market. The way it was done and the way it is cut. It is done as the old fashion musical movies, Fred Astaire's type. In those films there was a story and in the story line there was music and dance performances. In this case there is a story and within the story line there is sex. But sex moves the story, is an indispensable element.

P: Give us some more details of the shooting. The scenes in the plane have surely been the most exciting. How was it?
JM: We got the plane due to personal contacts. This is not a kind of exercise that pilots normally do. So it was not easy. As we had only about 27 seconds to shoot the zero gravity shots. We had to plan everything very carefully. We did some rehearsals and then we just shot, we used two cameras and they were tied to the cameramen, who were tied to the aircraft. As it was a risky venture, we had as few personnel on board as possible. I was there all the time. I was also tied to the aircraft during the shooting but now and then I untied myself so that I could experience weightlessness. We encountered a lot of unforeseen problems whilst shooting the zero-gravity scenes. The positive thing was that nobody was airsick and the shots were better than anyone had expected.

P: What did the actors / actresses said when you told them what the film was about? Were they afraid before or during the shooting in weightlessness?
JM: I chose actors that were excited about the idea. They had to be in good physical shape, which we tested beforehand. The tricky part was that the guys had to perform during these tough conditions. However as it turned out they performed exceptionally well, and I would go as far as to say that they are probably the best professionals in the world.

P: Nick Lang is the cumshot guy. How did he manage to come in such a stressing situation?
JM: Actually Nick Lang and Andrew Youngman were the two actors on board. The difficult thing was when we were climbing up to the highest altitude. We experienced around 3 G's which means that the body is three times heavier than usual and that no dick in the world could be erect. Nevertheless, they got it hard within 5 seconds after we started to dive and came within 10 seconds after that. Phenomenal!

P: Are you going to repeat this experience in the sequels of "Uranus"?
JM: I don't know. We shot enough material for an extra couple of movies. But in case we need something more, it could be possible to repeat the feat.

P: Apart from the plane, what other special effects have you used in this film?
JM: We were using a lot of 3D effects when the two shuttles were docking in space. On top of this we had to invent some movie tricks in the studio.

P: Has your experience in the world of music, TV and mainstream cinema influenced you when shooting "The Uranus Experiment"?
JM: Absolutely, just about everything I have experienced was used in this movie.

P: After conquering the space, where are you going next?
JM: Not very far. I am now working on finishing the Uranus #2 "The Uranus Connection".

Interview Bettina

One fine day an exotic Dutch girl went to Pierre Woodman's studio. As soon as she saw the Frenchman's work, she put herself in his hands immediately. She was born in Paramaribo, the capital of Surinam, a small country between French Guiana and Brazil. Her name is Bettina. Her jet black beauty contrast with her radiant pearly white teeth which she shows off constantly when she smiles.

PRIVATE: Could you tell me a bit about your background? I mean things like family, education, hobbies, age...?
Bettina: I'm 23 years old and was born on May 25th. I have two brothers and a sister. I live in Paris with my boyfriend, and that's why I'm learning French (she laughs because, between scenes, we caught her studying "French in 40 Lessons"). I studied "Open Your Own Business" and "Open Your Own Café" in Holland. When I was 18 I taught small children, and then I went to Germany to work selling paintings.

P: How did you get started in adult movies?
B: One day I went to see Pierre at his studio, and I liked what I saw there. He gave me a screen test and I debuted in "Tatiana". Then I traveled to Thailand to act in "Fatal Orchid".

P: Do movies take up most of your time, or are they just a part-time job? And, if so, what do you do in your "normal" life?
B: I have very little time to myself. Although I am still looking for conventional modeling jobs, I'm getting more and more involved in the world of hardcore.

P: Was your first film, "Tatiana", a shocking experience, or did the director and the boys treat you well?
B: It was all just fantastic. Actually, I was in only one sex scene. All the rest of it was just theatrics.

P: What about your last shooting?
B: Oh! Incredible. It has been "The Uranus Experiment" and it has really been a tremendous experience. The team was great, of course, but the shooting was fantastic. "The Uranus Experiment" is a space adventure, so one of the main sets was a rocket. Obviously, it was necessary to have sex there and, in order to make it credible, the crew needed to be in total weightlessness.

P: How did you do that?
B: In fact, I was not there, but we have to shoot some more scenes in weightlessness and I'm supposed to appear in them. Anyway, I can tell you how it was and how it's going to be the next time. Well, they did exactly the same the team from "Apollo 13" did. They were in a plane flying at 11,000 meters high. At a certain moment, the plane nose-dived and then they were all floating as if there was no gravity. It has to be exciting, I'm looking forward to shooting in the plane and feeling the sensation of floating and having sex at the same time. I just can't imagine it.

P: Who are you in "The Uranus Experiment"?
B: I play a CIA agent. I have to discover who the Russian spies are and what their mission is. So I have to be very kind with everyone and do anything necessary to get some information. I'm sure you understand what I mean.

P: Has your perception of sex changed since you work in hardcore?
B: No. I've always considered sex as something completely natural, and I still feel the same way.

P: Does it bother you to have a lot of people watching while you fuck?
B: (She opens her eyes wide, gives a faint sly smile and responds emphatically.) No.

P: Married, boyfriend, dating...?
B: I have a boyfriend. We live together in Paris. I work for Private thanks to him, because he was the one who first told me about Pierre and his work.

P: What do you like the most in sex?
B: Playing with each other, being friendly with each other and... doggy style!

P: What kind of sex do you prefer in your normal life?
B: Doggy style!

P: Do you like anal sex?
B: Yes. (She replies without blinking an eyelid. Bettina has always known what she wants as far as sex is concerned.)

P: What turns you on when you see a guy or a girl?
B: I don't know. It depends on the type of person. If they're sexy, there is nothing further to be said. But that is not found in a large cock or a pretty face. Either you are or you're not.

P: Tell me one of your sexual fantasies.
B: One I haven't carried out as yet: to do it with another girl and a guy. The three of us at the same time. But not in a movie, in real life. And not with my boyfriend. Just any other guy.

P: Lastly, what would you like to do once you stop working in the adult industry?
B: Be a motion picture actress. I'm studying performing arts at an academy, and I want to be a real actress and work in the French motion picture industry.

Interview Wanda Curtis

Wanda Curtis is a hot Hungarian. She is a quite young blondine, but has already worked a lot, especially for PRIVATE. She started as a model in Hungary but soon became a successful porn actress. She has plaid a role in "That's Life 1 & 2", "The Temptations of Clarisse" (Gaia 5), "Laura" (Triple X Files 7), "Lethal Information" (Private Gold 32) and now it's her torn in the latest PRIVATE production: "The Uranus Experiment" (Private Black Label 6).

PRIVATE: What's your role in the movie?
WANDA CURTIS: I'm a Russian spy. My mission is to find out how men react to sex in the space. All I need is a "victim", a laboratory rat to do my investigation on.

P: And who is the poor man?
WC: Nick Lang.

P: Do you succeed in your mission?
WC: Of course, I can be really persuasive.

P: What do you expect from a lover?
WC: I want him to be a perfect love maker, but that is very difficult. I haven't found anyone like that, so a perfect love making is still one of my fantasies.

P: Have you got any others?
WC: Oh, yes! I'd love making love alone with Leonardo Di Caprio.

P: And what would you ask him to do?
WC: (Viciously smiles) I'd tell him to put his cock up my mouth, up my pussy and up my ass.

P: Have you got any memorable scene?
WC: Yeah! A cumshot in "The Expose".

P: How is the daily life of a porn actress?
WC: Too fast and busy. I hardly have time for me, for my hobbies.

P: What do you like doing?
WC: I like reading, swimming and watching my cat. But I'm interested in a lot of things: photography, fashion, everything.

P: Do you have any future plans?
WC: Yes, studying a lot. I want it all.

Profile Nick Lang

Name: Nick Lang
Nationality: Hungarian
Birth date: July 28, 1972
Residence: Hungary
Sexual preferences: Being with a bunch of blond girls.

Nick Lang started in the adult video business about 7 years ago. He was quite young, but as sex was one of his hobbies, he decided to turn it into a job. He's been working with Private for the last two years, appearing in films like The Pyramid, Operation Sex Siege or Tatiana. He confesses he has a special weakness for blond girls, with big tits and a nice ass. He prefers vaginal to anal sex though.

His last role is in "The Uranus Experiment".

PRIVATE: "The Uranus Experiment" is the most ambitious production of Private. How do you feel being the male star?
NICK LANG: It's really good. I definitely had a good time during the shooting. The people were great and we enjoyed it very much.

P: "The Uranus Experiment" is the first film with sex in zero gravity. It's the first time in adult video industry that we can see a cumshot in total weightlessness and you are the one who comes. How was it?
NL: Well, we did it like in Hollywood, just the same way the people from "Apollo 13" did it. We hired a plane and simulated the lack of gravity there. It was very exciting indeed. We flew 11,000 meters high and then suddenly dived as if we were going to crash, you know.

P: Was it frightening?
NL: It was amazing. But if you want me to tell you the truth, I cannot really say what I felt. I don't remember the sensation of floating or anything similar. I had a lot of pressure in my mind. I only knew I had to come there, while diving. I didn't have much time, so I was really concentrated in what I was doing. And I managed to do it, I came. So I'm quite proud.

Friends in Sex (PPG 02)
Amazonas (PPG 04)
Private Dancer (PPG 09
Sins (PPG 10)
The Pyramid (PPG 11)
The Pyramid 2 (PPG 12)
The Pyramid 3 (PPG 13)
Sex Voyage (PPG 19)
Operation Sex Siege (PPG 24)
Tatiana (PPG 26)
Tatiana 2 (PPG 27)
Amanda's Diary
That's Life (Black Label 1)
The Uranus Experiment
Nick Lang has also taken part in many Triple X Videos, Triple X Files, Private Video Stories, Casting X and Private Compilations.

Appearing in the following magazines:
Private #133, #135, #147 & #149
Pirate #35, #36 & #40
Triple X #09, #10 & #14

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