The Prodigy - Hotride music video

Director: Daniel Levi
Producer: ?

Daniel Levi is a South African making extremely dark electronic music videos starring Asian children in a variety of pre-apocalyptic settings. In this case, a band of young toughs (we are talking, like, 10-year-olds here) ravage a neighborhood, beating down grown-ups and even doing a carjacking. Quite violent and pointless video for Hotride. After seeing the final version of the video Liam rejected whole video.

some of u might have seen a hotride video 'floating around' on the net.this video was rejected coz i thought the song deserved a more intelligent video and not one that was shocking 4 the sake of it. we allready made the best ever video like that with smbu. nothin wrong with violence as long as there is a point. actually it didnt do anything 4 the song so i would rather not have a video at all.
Liam Howlett, Prodigy

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