(August 1999, Private, PBL 08)

Back to Earth
The last part in PRIVATE's space adventure! 90 min.

The Uranus experiment part three. The Russian-American expedition to the planet Uranus has been a resounding success! Both teams have had sex in zero gravity, discovered alien life and also, explored sexual techniques with the insatiable inhabitants. This is the last part of UE featuring Titan.

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Screen captures taken by Jussi Lahtinen, please don't use without permission!

The Uranus Experiment 3


In an unprecedented move, 3-D DelNaja of Massive Attack and Liam Howlett from The Prodigy are to contribute tracks to 'The Uranus Experiment: Part Three', the explicit x-rated successor to the first-ever adult movie to feature scenes filmed with sci-fi special effects.

Formed in 1987, Bristol's Massive Attack have garnered a reputation as one of the most repected outfits on the club and dance scenes and their most recent album, Mezzanine, was critically acclaimed the world over for its sophisticated groove sensibility. The band are also acknowledged influences on acts such as Portishead, and remixed U2's 'Mysterious Ways' single. Massive Attack won 'Best Video' at the 1998 MTV Europe awards for 'Tear Drop'. Rapper '3D' is also a recognised graffitti artist who has had the distinction of having his work exhibited in art galleries.

The Prodigy, MTV USA award winners in 1998 for 'Best Dance Video'and 'Best Breakthrough Video', possess a combination of raw power and attitude that has seen them leap to the forefront of the techno scene. Never shy of controversy, especially with videos like 'Smack My Bitch Up', The Prodigy's latest album The Fat Of The Land received ecstatic reviews and became a huge hit. Liam Howlett writes most of the band's compositions and is a major factor behind the group's distinctive style.

August is here and, with this hot month, arrives the most torrid film made by Private, "The Uranus Experiment: Episode 3". With this video, John Millerman, who has revealed to be a very successful director in the adult industry, finishes his trilogy of sex in space. Six alluring girls take part in "The Uranus Experiment 3" starring 6 feverish hardcore scenes.

Anal sex, blowjobs, DPs, a tremendous gang-bang and a cumshot in total weightlessness are some of the debaucheries that can be found in "The Uranus Experiment 3". The soundtrack, as in the second chapter of the trilogy, is a luxury. Liam Howlett from The Prodigy and 3D from Massive Attack are the authors of the main themes.

In the preceding installments of the Uranus trilogy, two shuttles are docked in space, one from Russia and one from the USA. Once in space, they have a rendezvous and the two crews remain in the same place as a sign of friendship. But what the Americans don't know is that the Russians have another mission apart from the rapprochement. The scientists have been investigating sex for a long time and the space adventure gives them the opportunity of investigating sex in weightlessness. So they cook up a plan to get some results. The Russian crew seduces the American astronauts while the world watches the scene with astonishment.

But the crews' behavior is not the only thing that leaves people on the Earth speechless. Seeing the astronauts having sex with the Uranus inhabitants is also quite shocking. After this incredible experience, the spacemen head for Earth. Of course during the flight they have time for a good shag. The astronauts know they won't be able to fuck in weightlessness again for a long while and they don't want to let any chance pass by. The impossibility of controlling movement while floating makes the whole crew feel extremely randy. Feeling the silky skin of the girls slipping from their fingers, trying to reach their bodies to caress, to lick, to screw is such a fabulous sensation for the cosmic stallions that they just can't resist. The result of these sexual encounters is a magnificent cumshot in complete lack of gravity.

Once on the Earth, the authorities organize a reception in honor of the intrepid astronauts. They eat, drink and talk while a greedy waitress delights the guests with her prick-sucking. That makes the temperature quickly flare up, so everyone takes their clothes off and participates in a lusty gang-bang. The orgy lasts about than 20 minutes, but it keeps the blood boiling from beginning to end in a succession of really hard sex. Gabriella is formidably DP'ed, while Frank Major fierily busts Julia Taylor's ass. Aesthetics have also been very important in this scene. The director has created really nice visual compositions with the 9 actors, playing even with the symmetry. But the most thrilling detail comes at the end when, after so much action, they sprinkle their bodies with champagne. Everyone knows: nothing better than champagne to refresh the jaded souls and they deserve it. Welcome back, guys'n'gals!

Production notes:

Title: The Uranus Experiment 3 (PBL 08)
Release date: August 1999
Location: Kennedy Space Center (Florida), Johnson Space Center (Houston), Budapest, Barcelona, and Lanzarote.
Director: John Millerman
Cast: Gabriella, Wanda Curtis, Silvia Saint, Bettina, Christine, Nick Lang, Estell, Vanda, Caroline, Cristina Dark, Sonia, Cristina, Lisa, Noemi, Stephanie, Tavalia Griffin, Carmen, Andrew Youngman, John Walton, Frank Major, Oliver Sanchez, Max Cortes and Leslie Taylor.
Written by: John Millerman
Director of Photography: D.P. Goldwyn
Camera Assistants: Tony D'Espagna, Tony C., Al Moore and Gabor.
Technical Assistants: Axel Torres, Tom Martinez
Production Assistant: Fella T.O.
Script: Barbara Brown
Backstage Video & Photos: Dave Densen
Casting: Dave Densen
Make up: Barbarella, Isabella & Nina.
Stage Designer & Special Effects: Sebastian Millerman
Stage Designer Assistant: Mica Brooks
Stage D�f�'�,©cor: Andreas Sud
Stage Technician: Mario E. M. Simon
Visual 3D Effects: Nebu R. and Sha B. Reeva
Editing: John Millerman, Jon Render
Sound F/X: Christian, Eddy Ferrysson.
Pilots: Sven Blanc, James Signor and Parker Tott
Control Crew: Milan Paterson, James McNelton and Sony Davis.
Clothes designed by: Private Circle.
Edition, Music and Realization: John Millerman.
Soundtrack: 3D from Massive Attack and Liam from The Prodigy

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