Samples used in live tracks

Here is a comprehensive list of samples that The Prodigy have used in their live tracks but never released officially on any album.

Army march intro

Sample: "I and You, and you and me, forever and ever and ever... "
Taken from: 'All Day and All of the Night' by The Kinks (album: Kinks' Greatest Hits, 1966)

Sample: the drums
Taken from: Elmer Bernstein - The Great Escape (Main Theme) 

Sample of squeaking comes from the song "Flash" (the main theme for the movie Flash Gordon)

Benny Blanco

Sample:"Hey, remember me? Benny Blanco from the Bronx?"
Taken from: the film "Carlito's Way".

Benny Blanco '97 live intro also contained sample from 'Wildstyle' by Time Zone featuring Africa Bambaata. 2002 version also contains drum beat from The Chemical Brothers.

Dead Ken Beats

Sample: string sounds
Taken from: Edwin Elgar's Introduction and Allegro for Strings, Opus 47.

Heatwave Hurricane

Sample: Lead guitar riff
Taken from:The Third Bardo - I'm Five Years Ahead Of My Time

Sample: Guitar
Taken from: The Golliwogs - Fight Fire

Sample: "Heat Wave Hurricane" vocal
Taken from: Baloon Farm - Question of Temperature

Also used: The Humane Society - Knock Knock

Jaws fill (live fill)

Sample: main melody
Taken from: John Williams - Jaws OST (1975) - Main Title (Theme From 'Jaws')

Ethnic Intro / Woman voice (live fill)

Samples Pink Floyd's "A New Machine (Part 1)".

It also samples: Pink Floyd - Speak To Me and Flowmasters - Let It Take Control (Heartbeat)

Everything We Do Is Gonna Be Funky

(live track played usually before/after Funky Shit)

Sample: "Everything I Do Gonna Be Funk" and main beats
Taken from: Lee Dorsey - Everything I Do Gohn Be Funky is the original source but actually Liam sampled this from Coldcut track "Hot Plate 1"

Hip Hop fill AKA Hip Hop Wovel (97 Hip Hop sample used in live shows)

Sample: "I am the creator of my hip hop styles"
Source: MC Shan - Living In The World Of Hip Hop

Little Goblin (fill played in 2002 shows)

Sample: Main break loop (synth and guitar riff)
Taken from: Goblin - Dr. Frankenstein

The Devil Inside Of You

1st Synthesizer in the middle of the song's main melody in the KLF "What Time Is Love"

Ride The Rhythm AKA Masterplan

Sample: main beat and "Ride the rhythm!"
Taken from: Chill Rob G - "Ride the Rhythm"

Sample: guitar feedback riff
Source: Beastie Boys' song "Pass The Mic" which original comes from The Kay-Gees "Master Plan" from album Essential Dancefloor

Rock 'n' Roll '95

This live favourite late transformed into You'll Be Under My Wheels

Sample: Vocal sample
Taken from: Poppa Large by the Ultramagnetic MC's

Sample: the main drum hits in the background
Taken from: P.S.K By Schooly D

Sample: the break which is played over the top and also sometimes brokedown at the end of the track
Taken from: 'Bouncy Lady' By 'Pleasure' its off one of the ultimate breaks & volumes 12"'s


Sample: drum beat and bass
Taken from: Adrealin by Senser

Sample: violin line
Taken from: Probably from Beastie Boys song coled "Eugene's Lament ". Liam has mixed the violin tone, cuting it, looping it, etc...

Sample: "one" vocal
Taken from: KRS-ONE - "I'm still #1"

Sample: main melody piano line
Taken from: My World Fell Down by Sagittarius

Sample: ''Feelin' better?; Yeah I do'' (end of the live version)
Taken from: the movie Analyze This


Nuclear (different live versions)

Sample: main Riff used in "bridge" section
Source: Blur - 'Bugman'

Sample: main Riff used in chorus
Source: Elvis Costello - 'Pump me Up'


Now Hear This (live track)

Sample: "Now hear this"
Taken from: Hustlers Convention a live album consisting of performances from Music Of Life Hustlers Convention. The release is notable for having exclusive tracks by well known artists and the album cover claims it is "the world's first ever live rap album".


Sample: The "attention all personel" sample used in live shows
Taken from: the James Bond movie Diamonds are forever.


also on the early live shows (1992) you can hear "Run Like A Hell" (speed up) by Pink Floyd

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