Korg Kontrol49 - midi   keyboard/controller

Korg Kontrol49 - midi keyboard/controller

The KONTROL49, an advanced MIDI keyboard controller from Korg, combines intuitive design, great feel, familiar hardware and detailed displays into the most comprehensive controller for all your MIDI needs. Equipped with 40 assignable control elements - including the Vector Joystick - the KONTROL49 provides musical dexterity when working with softsynths, MIDI modules, or any digital audio workstation.

Key Concept
Few MIDI keyboard controllers can boast the high level of hardware integrity found in the KONTROL49. The 49 keys are not only full-sized; they feature the same great touch and feel proven in Korg's professional workstation instruments. Eight velocity curves let you tailor the response to your own playing, or to a specific application. Octave shift buttons provide full access to the entire 128 note range.

Kontrol Cornucopia
More than just keys are needed to capture a virtuoso performance. Above the keys, the pitch and mod wheels offer performance control that is comfortable and familiar. The Vector Joystick offers simultaneous control of two separate parameters, and is ideally matched to the Vector control of the Korg Legacy Collection's WAVESTATION virtual instrument. A pair of assignable switches can toggle two independent functions, or provide incremental up and down control to a single parameter. You can connect an assignable footswitch and footpedal (both optional) to the back panel of this MIDI keyboard controller to provide elements of "hands-free" performance.

An uncompromising control surface for working with softsynths and audio/MIDI programs, the main panel of the KONTROL49 features eight assignable sliders and eight assignable rotary encoders. Each slider/encoder pair shares a backlit LCD to display their current functions. These eight "scribble strip" displays provide instant feedback and three level color-coding keeps controllers grouped together visually. For example, you can set the encoder functions to appear on a red LCD background, switching to green to indicate slider functions. In addition, you can create your own names for any function - or choose from a list of common parameter names. Simply touching a controller will cause the display to switch to its current value. Even the main encoder can be used as a MIDI controller for selecting sounds, tempo control and more

Performance Pads
Moving beyond traditional keyboard control, the KONTROL49 is distinguished by the addition of sixteen illuminated and velocity sensitive trigger pads. These dynamic pads can perform any MIDI function from triggering loops and samples, selecting sounds, toggling or switching parameters, and sending MIDI messages, to acting as transport controls for your computer-based sequencer. The pads can also be used to select and change "scenes". Each of the 12 internal scenes reconfigures all of the controllers with a single touch, so you can quickly switch the KONTROL49 to work with multiple programs or go from tweaking a softsynth to mixing your music. Best of all, each scene can be customized to suit your own needs. While you can edit scenes from the front panel, you can easily create, adjust, manage and save dozens of your own custom scenes and scene "sets" using the free Editor/Librarian software (Mac/PC) that comes with the KONTROL49. And of course, we provide ready-made scenes for the most popular music software titles. No other studio controller offers this unique combination of keys, pads, encoders, sliders and multiple displays.

MIDI ...and more
In addition to a MIDI input and a pair of MIDI outputs, the back panel of this MIDI keyboard controller features a USB port, allowing direct connection to your computer. This arrangement enables the KONTROL49 to function as a USB/MIDI interface. While an AC adaptor is included, bus-power via the USB connector is also supported. The KONTROL49 also operates in the Korg Native Mode, allowing software to directly access, name, and map parameters to the various control surface elements - automatically. In fact, both the Korg Legacy Collection and Propellerhead's Reason 3.0 already supports this Native Mode, which sets a new standard in ease-of-use and intuitive operation for a MIDI keyboard controller.

Valuable Demo Software
So that you can instantly enjoy the KONTROL49, the studio controller comes with a free CD-ROM stuffed with demo versions of some of the hottest software titles around, including the Korg Legacy Collection - a suite of synths and effects which includes the coveted MS-20, PolySix, and WAVESTATION synthesizers, as well as the amazing Legacy Cell. In addition, you'll enjoy some realistic modeled electric piano sounds from Lounge Lizard EP-2 by Applied Acoustic Systems. Sample Tank 2 Korg Edition offers a great library of sample-based instruments. You can add exciting vocoder effects to your music with Native Instruments VOKATOR. Finally, a demo version of Reason 2.5 from Propellerhead lets you experience one of the most acclaimed software workstations available.

Supported operating systems: Mac OS X, Intel/Mac; Windows XP, Vista

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