Korg ES-1 - Electribe S Rhythm Production Sampler

Korg ES-1 - Electribe S Rhythm Production Sampler

I've used the ES-1 on stage and I've used the ER-1 on a couple of tracks on the new album. The ER-1 doesn't require much processing or EQing - it sounds f**king great straight out of the box.


Liam Howlett, 2001, Korg magazine interview

Sample and go!
The ELECTRIBE·S is a new type of sampler that doesn't simply play back a recorded sound - it lets you aggressively process the samples to create your own signature sound. Play any sound or phrase in and use the pitch, filter and effects knobs to drastically alter the sample.

Slice loops with Time Slice
Chop a sampled phrase or sound into pieces with the ELECTRIBE·S' Time Slice function. Time Slice detects the attacks of each part within a loop (e.g., bass drum, snare, and hi-hat), so that these parts can be massaged separately. You can also use the knobs to modify the tone of a phrase processed by Time Slice, creating complex patterns from a simple loop or phrase.

Realtime resampling
With the resampling function, you can apply effects to a previously-recorded sample and then resample the result. You can even resample while modifying parameters such as pitch in realtime, and create even more new sounds with absolutely no deterioration in audio quality.

Instant rhythm creation
Assign sampled sounds to up to ten parts, then use the step sequencer to create rhythm patterns. The step sequencer's sixteen pads divide a measure (or two measures) into sixteen parts. You decide where you want each sound to play by touching the desired keypads to create a pattern. And with the touch of a button you can add rolls or reverse playback for each part, so you can easily create highly complex rhythms that used to take ages to program in.

Add and change effects with the Motion Sequence function
You're in complete control of sound alteration. With the Motion Sequence function, every tweak of a knob can be recorded as part of the rhythm pattern. Alter your tone at will on each part using one of the following parameters: pitch, filter, level, or pan. Then, with the Motion Sequence assign effect on/off, roll, and reverse playback for each part (all three can be recorded per part). Plus you can apply an Effect Motion Sequence (a motion sequence for effect parameters) and a Delay Motion Sequence to the entire pattern.

Radical sample processing
In addition to a master delay effect, you get a built-in effects processor with eleven types of effects, that can be switched on/off for each part. The eleven types include basic effects such as Reverb and Flanger/Chorus, as well as unique effects like Decimator, Isolator, and Resonant Filter. Effect parameters can be edited using the knobs, and knob movements can be used as part of the rhythm pattern in the form of a Motion Sequence. The sound processed by the effects can also be sampled again. The internal memory of the ELECTRIBE·S can hold 128 user patterns. Combine up to 256 patterns/steps to create a song, which can be stored in one of sixteen internal song memories.

Store your data with Smart Media
The ELECTRIBE·S provides a Smart Media slot for storing data. 3.3 V Smart Media ranging from 4 MB to 64 MB can be used to store your own sampled sounds, patterns and songs. The ELECTRIBE·S can also load AIFF and WAV files via Smart Media, allowing you to take advantage of sampled data stored on your computer.

The word is in
The ELECTRIBES kick ass. Their thick, meaty analog sounds are making their own unique contribution to global mayhem. But we're not done with our radical donation to the rhythmic revolution. Introducing the ELECTRIBE·S, a sampler with a sound that is as fat and gritty as ever. And in true ELECTRIBE fashion, the ELECTRIBE·S is packed with tweakable knobs for extreme sound editing, and sixteen pad keys to program rhythm patterns and break beats.


Before Always Outnumbered was finished Liam told in several interviews that he has been using Electribes and the new album is going to be sounding quite electronic. Anyway all tracks were more or less binned before the actual new album was released.

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