Korg ER-1 - Electribe R Rhythm Synth

Korg ER-1 - Electribe R Rhythm Synth

I've used the ES-1 on stage and I've used the ER-1 on a couple of tracks on the new album. The ER-1 doesnt require much processing or EQing - it sounds f**king great straight out of the box. 

I haven't checked the mixer yet, but the ER-1 resembles 70's and 80's analogue drum sounds, which is what I like. 


Liam Howlett, 2001, Korg magazine interview 


Synthesizer type: Modelled drum synthesizer
Synthesis Type: Modelled/ Sample based
Polyphony: 6
Oscillators: 4 modelled/ 4 Sample based (HH, OH, Crash, Clap)
FX : Delay, Motion Sequence
Inputs and Outputs :
Number of Audio Outs: 2
Number of Audio Ins: 2
MIDI: in, out, thru

Gear info:

You need to call on the 'Tribe 
When you're laying down your next big groove, you need the phattest, most aggressive analog synth sounds possible. Korg's new ELECTRIBE series uses the ultimate in analog modeling to give you the richest, most versatile analog-style sounds out there. And with unlimited
realtime control of every sound parameter, you know your sound will be just that -- yours. 

Program your own custom analog-style beat sounds by tweaking the ELECTRIBER's knobs. Tailor your own four percussion synthesizer parts, play in two audio inputs, or use the ELECTRIBER's four PCM cymbal/hi-hat sounds. Input two external audio sources and use the ELECTRIBER's synth parameters to process the sound. Input sequences into the ELECTRIBER and hear your results in realtime as you play the steps. Record Oscillator, amp or effect parameter knob movements in realtime using the "Motion sequence" function. 

Store a total of 256 (64 x 4 banks) phrases or other patterns plus 16 songs consisting of multiple patterns, so all your beats are with you. Sync the ELECTRIBER to other MIDI devices using tap tempo or MIDI clock, or tap in the beat and sync to a turntable or other non-MIDI sound sources. Comes with Low boost and delay effects. Control the ELECTRIBER from an external sequencer or keyboard and it becomes a MIDI expansion tone generator. 

With over 35 years of rhythm programming expertise , Korg has created the ultimate analog beat machine. Simply by tweaking the knobs on the ELECTRIBE.R, you have unlimited control over all the elements that make up the sounds - like pitch, modulation depth, waveform shape and much more. Drop these sounds into the built-in sequencer and you've got unique rhythms with your own creative signature. And with the ELECTRIBER, you can hear every change you make as it happens, allowing you to mold the groove on the fly. 

Create Powerful Analog Beats 
The approach to sound is what sets the ELECTRIBER apart from all other drum machines and groove boxes around. It gets its power from four of the analog modeling tone generators featured on Korg's Prophecy and Z1, two synths that are highly acclaimed for their analog sounds. It's like having four modeling synths in one unit, so you can create four completely different kinds of rhythm sounds and use them simultaneously for the ultimate in tonal flexibility. In addition, the ELECTRIBER has four PCM sounds - crash, open hi-hat, closed hi-hat and clap - that you can use for every beat as needed. 

The Revival Of The Audio Input 
With the resurrection of the analog input function found on Korg's classic MS-20 analog patching synth , you can plug in two additional external signals and use them as audio sources. You can gate the sound from the external inputs to play in sync with the timing of the rhythms you create. And, you can even tweak these sounds with some of the ELECTRIBER's knobs to create experimental rhythm patterns never before heard. 

Step And Real-Time Input
The built-in step sequencer's 16 pad keys make it easy for you to produce rhythms from the sounds you create. Each pad keys lights up so you can easily see what rhythm a part is programmed to play. Plus, you can play in beats in real-time using the 12 trigger pads. Four of the pads are assignable to any analog modeling sound you come up with, two are reserved for controlling sounds accessed through the audio input, and the other four permanently control the indispensable PCM sounds. So you can tailor your own custom "kits" to fit each musical situation. 

"MOTION SEQUENCE" Remembers Knob Movements 
To add even more life to your patterns you can record the realtime movement of any of the ELECTRIBER's oscillator, amp or effect parameters as a Motion Sequence. This lets you change your sounds as your groove progresses in a way that more traditional drum machines just can't match! Plus, every sound or rhythm you create can be stored as a pattern that includes your knob movements. And you can save up to 256 1 to 4-bar patterns in internal memory. 

External Control 
The ELECTRIBER can also be controlled from an external sequencer, keyboard, or sampler to function as an analog sound rhythm tone generator, or set up to control or be controlled by other hardware or computer-based sequencers.


Before Always Outnumbered was finished Liam told in several interviews that he has been using Electribes and the new album is going to be sounding quite electronic. Anyway all tracks were more or less binned before the actual new album was released.

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