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(August 1993,12” XL White Label 1000 copies only EB-1)
A1. ??:?? One Love
B1. ??:?? Full Throttle

(August 1993,12” XL White Label 1000 copies only EB-2)
A1. 05:10 One Love (Jonny L Remix)
B1. 05:10 One Love (Jonny L Remix)

After that massive success of Charly and Experience, DJ's stopped playing Prodigy tracks in the raves cause they thought that the band has sold out. After Wind It Up release Liam thought that he need to do something different again. Then he wrote One Love and pressed some copies of white labels. He named them after his studio at the time. So, there was 1000 "Earthbound 1" and 1000 "Earthbound 2" 12 inch vinyls changing hands in the undergound scene. There was no mention about Liam Howlett, The Prodigy or their record company XL-Recordings on the record. He just wanted to see what the reactions would be like. And of course it became a huge hit in the underground scene with the DJ's and ravers. But as soon as DJ's found out that it was by The Prodigy they took it off their playlists. Anyway this proved again how skillful writer Liam is.

One Love
(1993, Promo 12” XL-Recordings, XLT 47)
in black & silver sleeve, on the label of the 12” it says: Promo 33 Only
A1. 05:50 One Love (Original Mix)
A2. 05:05 Rhythm Of Life (Original Mix)
B1. 05:28 Full Throttle (Original Mix)
B2. 05:10 One Love (Jonny L Remix)
One Love
(1993, Promo Cassette XL-Recordings, XLC 47)
A1. 05:50 One Love (Original Mix)
A2. 05:05 Rhythm Of Life (Original Mix)
B1. 05:28 Full Throttle (Original Mix)
B2. 05:10 One Love (Jonny L Remix)

One Love
(Avex Trax, Promo 3" AVDD-20058)
01. 05:03 One Love (Jonny L Remix)
02. 05:52 One Love (Original Mix)
03. 03:55 One Love (Juliana Mix)

℗ 1993 XL-Recordings 
Published by EMI/Virgin Music Publishing Ltd. 

℗ 1994 Avex Trax 
Made in Japan 

In longpack, on the light blue 3" it says: sample. Small white sticker on the back of the longpack across the barcode saying among other thing. The 'Juliana mix' is the regular radio edit but has been renamed. 

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