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Select - Unheard Pleasures
(Freebie cassette by Select Magazine)
A1. 05:45 The Prodigy - Break & Enter (Live At Bristol City)
A2. 02:23 Ash - Kung Fu
A3. 03:35 Skunk Anansie - Intellectualize My Blackness
A4. 05:48 Empirion - Quark Remix
A5. 02:57 Therapy? - Stories
A6. 02:42 Echobelly - Go Away
A7. 06:25 Happy Mondays - Hallelujah
A8. 02:25 Mick Harvey - Ford Mustang

B1. 03:38 The Charlatans - Soul Saver
B2. 07:05 Goldie - State Of Mind
B3. 03:05 Menswear - 125 West 3rd Street
B4. 05:20 Wire - Ear Drum Buzz
B5. 03:50 The Shamen - Heal The Separation
B6. 04:45 Fluke - Epision
B7. 02:15 China Drum - Simple (Live At Glasgow)


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