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Equipment / "The Prodigal Reasoner"
December 17, 2003, 09:13:15 PM

Apparently Liam has discovered some Swedish software to create music these days. Good to see he is creative again!!
But how can Reason's s/w replace the kicksound from a SP-1200 ?  :-/
Equipment / Re: How to syncTB 303 with MC 303
June 03, 2003, 03:13:13 PM
You need a Midi/Sync converter, since the Tb-303 doesn't have midi. Doepher, Phillip Rees, Kenton midi interfaces...around $100 should be sufficient.
Equipment / Re: Monitor Speakers
October 23, 2003, 11:18:01 PM
Hi, sorry for the late reply.

Do you mean the Roland MC-909? Ok i noticed that there actually are a machine called Roland MC-09 too but i haven't seen it before.
I would like to check out the Mc-909 though. I fucking hated the MC-303 but it seems like MC-909 is a great piece of equipment.

Equipment / Re: Monitor Speakers
October 03, 2003, 04:11:51 PM
Nice to see you here!

One reason why i'm not searching for NS-10's; hard to mix low frequencies on them.
I want those Mackies!
Equipment / Re: Monitor Speakers
August 07, 2003, 01:51:06 AM
i would not buy those M-Audio Studiophiles, but thats just beacuse they are the cheapest. Haven't heard them or anything  ;D
Equipment / Re: Monitor Speakers
November 30, 2002, 04:35:01 AM
Oh my.. thanks. Thats a well done answer mate.

The frequency range on MSP5 is claimed: 50Hz to 40kHz. But I don't know if that is reliable values? How do I get an (actual!!) certification of the frequency response-values??

One thing I've noticed is that YAMAHA MSP5 is the next generation after the 'horrible' ;-) NS10-series.
But if NS10 really sounds 'honest' and 'true'.. then why so bad? As you said: we want the truth, thats the monitors main job. (but I haven't been listening to some NS10 speakers, so I can't say so much about it anyway)

Yes, the best idea must be to walk in to a musical shop and listen to.... F.O.T.L. (as an example S.M.B.U. is a  good track for checking bass-response) :-) on all their monitors.
Bad luck for me (living on a little island in the middle of the baltic sea) that  T H E  musical shop may not have so much monitors in storage.. but thats an another problem :).

If you watch in Liam's studio [well, I think you already have.. but just in case: ;-)] I think he uses MACKIE HR624 (or maybe HR824, I'm not sure) as near-field monitors Than he has those big Woofers... but one thing i learned on a quick visit at Sae-Institute in Stockholm was: that first of all - the mix must sound *good* on the small monitors.
I don't know if that's just a "mainstream-music way of mixing" but I think it makes sense.

So...? The woofers is just a nice toy when the mix is ready, to satisfy our needs of booming bass :-)
Am I right??

(and of course - by switching the subwoofers on, we get a picture how the complete mix sounds on a Club/big PA)

/ Greetings from Stuff
Equipment / Monitor Speakers
November 28, 2002, 04:09:31 AM
At this time I'm very tired of mixing with the headphones. So I'm up to buy some studio monitors.
Is YAMAHA MSP5 a good choice?? Because they are pretty cheap.. aren't they?

Or do you know any other "cheap" studio monitor that kicks more arse than YAMAHA's MSP5??  (at least cheaper than GENELEC 1030 - that everyone says is the best biamp powered near-field studio monitor)
Equipment / Re: What software do you use? (part II)
August 07, 2003, 01:57:11 AM
i would love to help you with that one, though i've never used Acid Pro  ::)  but i've heard that it's very good at timestretching. which is good i.e. if you want a slow drumbeat to become a bit more hardcore without changing it's pitch
Equipment / Re: What software do you use? (part II)
June 16, 2003, 07:57:31 PM
QuoteYep, that's the one quote I'll never forget, along with:
"I'd like to quote Keith here, who said 'you can never have enough SE-70's'"

Yeah the SE-70! what do you think about it? I've only had one for a little while, mostly played with some distorsion etc (isn't thats why we bought one ;) we don't expect some "top notch Lexicon reverbs" from the SE-70). The pitch-shift algorithms is cool too.

You got that right, there's nothing tighter than some step-sequenced beats in Fruity Loops running smoothly together with a midi sequencer.

QuoteNice shit dude!
I'd especially like to hear King Dubby (wasn't there a track from Beats INt. called like that?) in better quality.

Is there already a tune out there called "King Dubby", Norman Cook did one with Beats Int.? Anyway my tune is a tribute to the old dub-master 'King Tubby'.
But it's nice that you liked this track, it's one of my latest work (loads of tape dealy and stuff from Logic). Unfortunatlely i'm not good at mastering at all so this tune sounds a little bit crappy in 'good quality' me thinks (mixed on cheap JVC hi-fi speakers). But i will get this one mastered by a 'pro'.. (before this year ends i hope ;). So i may dare to send it to some labels.
I'll add you to my icq, so we may can swap some tunes in higher sound quality.

QuoteYou seem to suffer from the same problem as me...:
One can immediately hear that you love Prodigy... :-))

Which is absolutely shitty, as far as it concerns me, because I had to work heavy for getting away from that.
Now that I got away, my tunes are like electrojazz-type of stuff.
And when I even *dare* to write something with proper beats, it immediately becomes a second Funky Shit or something.
Just a few days ago I started something that could be a rmx of Narayan. I tried so hard to make it different...

Hehe yeah! you should hear our newest tune, it's like listening to any of the "Experience"-tracks with some own drill&bass influences added. The arrangement and everything, it's soooo much Prodigy.
It's hard to avoid the Prodigy influences. But i think in this way: What we're missing from the Prods right now - we can try to do it ourselves. Because Liam is so into punk/rock stuff. But we (at least me) prefer his dance/electronic influences.
Equipment / Re: What software do you use? (part II)
June 13, 2003, 02:22:37 AM
Hehe yea, but this is a Prodigy forum so it's always handly with a Liam quote :).
I've always kept it in mind since i read an interview with Liam : "The Roland TR-909 comes with only MIDI In and Out ports. This means it has to sit at the end of a lenghty MIDI daisy-chain beginning at the W-30".

Midi sucks, doesn't it? ;)
But back in the days, early 90's when there was no software available, some guys did some astounding beats (we all know Liam). Like the: Kaotic Chemistry, Acen etc, and the amazing Hyper On Experience (i.e "Thunder Grip", "Lords Of The Null-Lines", "Time Stretch"). That's just gotta be pure midi breakbeats. I think we're just lazy these days  : - )

I'd love to hear some of your work Ekko (and you others too)! Do you have something available on the web?
I got some of my own shit in here:
These are some of the songs i'm not ashamed of, yet
Equipment / Re: What software do you use? (part II)
June 12, 2003, 10:17:58 PM
Liam wrote 'Experience' (maybe 'Jilted' too?) with MIDI daisy chaining.

Don't know if it solves your problems...but i'm using an old "JL Cooper Nexus 3x8 Midi Switcher" (i like it the old skool way). It's fucking good, and i can bring it with me everywhere - as i don't like computers in live performances (hardware ONLY).
Equipment / Re: prodigy inspired Musicians
June 27, 2003, 09:29:57 PM
have finally received the JD,
and it's a very good piece of unit! I really like it's user interface and all the 'analogish parameters', can't believe the machine is ten years old (both cosmetically and structurally).
Though i don't like that A and B Banks are ROM, because i would like to overwrite these common factory presets (with some own killer patches ;). But i've got the M-256E Memory Card so i have some more space to save on, except from the internal RAM bank.
I also got the Orchestral Expansion Board and a f*cking Orchestral FX PCM-waveform card with it... So i can tell you i'm tired of orchestral sounds by now :). I need to investigate some other waveforms in my 'Super JD Synthesizer Module'.
'Vintage Synth'-card next, maybe

Equipment / Re: prodigy inspired Musicians
June 14, 2003, 04:57:25 PM

Noooo! We hate Behringer for being from Germany...
Really a black sheep in our flawless productline ;-)
No, honestly, Behringer is on a new way, as it seems.
They seem to put more effort in their stuff now, and they also got a good position with their Feedback Destroyer Pro, which of course isn't as good as the Sabine-gear, but for THAT price really rocks the ass out of the pants.
PLus, the mixing desks get better with the time and one thing that is really good and would be more acclaimed if 'Behringer' wasn't written on it is the Ultrafex-series alongside the late Virtualizers.
But never buy anything with tube-bulbs or any Dynamic-processors from Behringer, they are quite low end and mostly react very slow. They even build microphones, they must be awful...

(i just have to try the quote-thing)

I've heard that Behringer's new mixers is a huge improvement from the earlier generations (well they have to improve to survive).
Since i don't got ANY mastering tools at all, i've considered purchasing some of their tube-stuff (cheap and looks cool) but now you've warned me. : - )

So you're going digital.. you betrayer! ;)

But one thing is clear: The advertising for the Nord is WAYYY better than that for the Virus (you saw the ad? That cute blonde swedish babe lying in bed with the Nord Lead II KB?).

Dammit! haven't seen the Nord Lead advertising with the chick, seems like i've missed something good. We usually don't find pictures like that in the music mags. : - )
I think one of the best things with Virus is the built in fx (and the Nord lead only has 4 parts).
Clavia's "Nord Modular" seems good. Have you tried Access "Indigo"? Any reason for buying this thing instead of a KB/KC?

Right, there's a card with Didgeridoosounds on it as well.
Dunno the name, tough.
How do you make this upside-downed questionmark?
I always use that in sms, but I can't- ?}][{
Equipment / Re: prodigy inspired Musicians
June 13, 2003, 01:59:54 AM
Lately my equipment list has growed because i have a little bit more money nowadays (not a student anymore) though i've always problems paying the rent ;-) And i haven't shopped as many 12inch records as used to do before. But i don't think i got more gear than anyone else in here.

No Behringer stuff from eBay, i promise =). But you're from Germany, aren't you? I thought you loved their stuff ;-).

I only bought a 16-channel mixer from the states (for half of the price!! as in sweden - and i don't know if i want to pay the shipping cost for a 24 or 32-channel mixer from USA :-p ).
The one i bought is a Mackie 1642-VLZ Pro which provides 8 mono and 4 stereo-channels (the biggest difference from the 1604). Some things that are good with the 1642 is that all input connectors etc are placed at the top of the mixer. It also has two headphone sockets, good if you have a partner like i have sometimes (the 1604 has one headphone i think). The only downfall is that only the mono-channels have sweepable midrange EQ (fucking nice 15dB filters to play with). The stereo-channels has ordinary HI Mid and Low Mid Eq. But it's nice to have some stereo-channels.

Indeed, 2,5 months is too much! At least the guy is answering all of my mails and seems helpful. Maybe he's just slow, choosed the wrong shipping method and all that. I'm still very hopeful to receive the JD-990 any day. Or maybe this guy is just playing with me, having a good laugh at the dumb european ebay buyer ;-).

Yes.. i payed him (sometimes i just can't control myself ;).
I've searched for a second-hand JD-990 everywhere in Sweden but no one wants to sell it. And if they do, they want about 800-900 dollars for it!! (but you'll get one of these JV-1080's for half the JD price). Anyway i payed the guy in the states $400 including shipping and insurance.
But as you mentioned, the smartest way must be to deal inside the European Union. Low shipping cost - and no Voltage Transformers needed.
If i won't receive the JD.. i'll contact you. Btw, i may need an Access Virus in the future ;-) (i must admit that Germany beated the Swedes in the.. eh 'VA-synth league', Virus is phatter than the Nord Lead).

I see your point about the Asian card, it could be very useful. And there's not so much synths out there packed with these Asian sounds..(
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