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Equipment / Re: prodigy inspired Musicians
June 12, 2003, 10:08:26 PM
Can you believe it?! i haven't recieved it yet! I talked to the guy yesterday and he told me that he will check with the USPS office to track the package..
Man, it took 6 days for me to recieve a mixer from the US (to Sweden)! ok the shipping cost was about $200 (FedEX) but it was worth it. Can you believe how much fun i've had with it.  ;)

The guy i bought the JD from sent it via "USPS Parcel Post" (non-air) and told me "it may take a while"... yeah i've noticed that.
The shipping cost was $60 dollars which is really cheap from the states, but i'd rather get my stuff quickly for some more quids - which i perfectly stated. Well, some eBay sellers lives in a nutshell. (and it has been impossible to get over a second hand JD-990 in my country)

In all the excitement of "being a owner to a JD-990" (back in april or something), I almost bought a "Vintage card" for about $100! But i didn't because i want to check the Orchestral Card first. And you don't have any expansions at all, so i don't think i will buy any expansion stuff - if the unit is that good when it's "empty"!

I'm waiting, i'm waiting, i'm still waiting.. for my JD-990.  :'(
Equipment / Re: prodigy inspired Musicians
March 29, 2003, 02:28:03 AM
WOW! It's a f*cking miracle!  I'm Logged in! on JPN Forum! Man, it was ages since my computer allowed me to do that..

eh yea..
I have som e questions about the JD-990 again, Ekkko :)

What Expansion Boards are you using? There's only place for one board at the time, isn't it? The Vintage is more for analog sounds huh?
Actually I've orded a JD-990 myself. But there's not any Vintage Board in this one, it's a "Orchestral Board" (and some pcm cards + memory for more patches). $397 dollars is the price of this one if anyone cares.

It would be nice to hear what board you are using Ekko, and even other JD-990 users in this forum (if there are any). I guess that the vintage board is the most useful board for 'techno makers', but I hope my "Orchestral Board" comes handly anyway.

Equipment / Naturalness?
November 30, 2002, 04:46:57 AM
I need some help finding a plugin/fx that gives the sound a dimension of warmth and naturalness. I'm tired of software sample editing that only end up sounding digital (crystal clear & crisp!).
Please, give me some advice on how to get the sound more hot/analogue.

/ Stuff
Equipment / Re: Software.. that tears up the place
October 20, 2002, 11:17:30 PM
QuoteThey don't talk about software in the article, as far as I'm concerned. Liam uses mostly hardware, Cubase, ReCycle, the Pro Tools stuff and maybe some plug ins are about the only software he uses.
If you're looking for a good step sequencer for creating drums and more, you might wanna check out Fruity Loops.
The best software for creating music on a step-sequencing based format, if you ask me.
Very easy. Reads .wav's and is learned to handle in about half an hour.

Great opportunities in Fruity Loops (especially that it works in VST and Logic).

But how do i stop a sample in the middle of it's loop on the sequencer in Fruity Loops?
For an example: We have a vocal sample in WAV that says "Drop the beat" ;).
If we want it to shout out loud: "(Drop)(Drop)(Drop)(the beat)".. It will sound like this: "(Drop) (the/Drop) (beat/the/Drop) (beat/the/Drop) (beat/the) (Beat)"....["( / )" = symbolizes many sounds at the same time..].

And the velocity function on the step-sequencer only allows us to change the sound, at the same step that the sample begins... so how do we cut a sample in the middle of.. it??
I think this function must be available in the program, or else the manufactures has work to do in further versions of Fruity Loops!
Equipment / Re: Software.. that tears up the place
October 12, 2002, 01:20:57 AM
Ok, thanx for the tip!
I'm heading for the Fruity land right now, to check out the drum-edit opportunities and maybe i'll smoke some bana skins.
Equipment / Software.. that tears up the place
October 11, 2002, 05:15:03 PM
What's that software that FUTURE MUSIC use in this article: ??
Equipment / Re: Good and cheap synth
October 11, 2002, 04:27:52 AM
I bought a fully functional Roland Juno-106 from my music teacher a acouple of years ago. I payed 2000 swedish kronor for it (it's about 200 us dollars), I think that is cheap for a SUPERB machine like the Juno 106.
Try this one Arie. You can make superb analog string sounds with it, and fat-ass basslines aswell.
Equipment / Re: Prodigy Producing
October 11, 2002, 04:08:06 AM
Ekko wrote: Well, THAT's mastering, guys! You need years of experience to reach this point of mixing. I really hope Neill is mixing the new album as well.  

Do you think that Neil McLellan is mixing the new album?  We can all hope! He only worked with Liam on Jilted, didn't he? (the time of our lives  ;) )  I really hope that the new album contains more ''electronic music'' than FOTL and that the former N'joi producer works with Liam again.
General talking / Re: Favorite Prodigy Track ???
October 18, 2004, 04:11:31 AM
Obviously a very hard question to answer, since Liam kicked out one kick-ass track after another, during early and mid-90's (especially ; ).
But from the 'Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned'-era, for me it's definitely the "More Girls" track from the Girls-single.
That tune provides some clinical Raw Exploding Energetic Beats ..almost too good to be true! It bangs the hell out of ya head loosin ya body to that track. The way he handles the beats in that one, makes me see a light at the end of the tunnel.
General talking / Re: Liam's senses fading?
May 01, 2005, 11:25:32 PM
Ok...seems like it's a hoax then, but am I the only one who heard this one?
General talking / Liam's senses fading?
April 20, 2005, 01:58:19 AM
Don't remember where...but I recently read that Liam suffers some kind of an ear disease that eventually makes his hearing disappear completely.
I'm not up to date with much "news" on various Prodigy forums nowadays (due to the massive stream of [ridiculous] posts that i'm never able to catch up with and accurately read anyway, which is a result of the band suddenly releasing a new record - a record that i also dislike ;).

But is this `hearing thingie' correct? Or just some kind of an internet hoax
Agreed, i remove Girls from my worst 10 list and add Fuel My Fire, gawd knows how much i hated that tune when it came out  :P
Ten worst:

Shoot Down
Action Radar
Get Up Get Off
Wake Up Call
You'll Be Under My Wheels
Medusa's Path
General talking / Re: Your songs!
May 10, 2004, 12:50:27 PM
Yes even at this lo-quality level of sound a 'trained' ear can notie the glints in my mixes.
General talking / Re: Your songs!
February 25, 2004, 03:52:04 AM

Maybe Richard D James will
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