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Monitor Speakers

Started by Stuff, November 28, 2002, 04:09:31 AM

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Nice to see you here!

One reason why i'm not searching for NS-10's; hard to mix low frequencies on them.
I want those Mackies!



You know what, now, I only trust to my ears in mixing, then after mixdown, I play them on some home cd players. It takes long time, but it is the cheapest way.

Some technicians have suggested to replace the floppy drive with PC's. But it needs some acts to get it works in W-30.

What do you think about Roland MC-09?
Is it nice?

Don't worry about the smile.
 ;) ;) ;) ;)

See ya...



Hi, sorry for the late reply.

Do you mean the Roland MC-909? Ok i noticed that there actually are a machine called Roland MC-09 too but i haven't seen it before.
I would like to check out the Mc-909 though. I fucking hated the MC-303 but it seems like MC-909 is a great piece of equipment.


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