The Prodigy - Breathe music video

Director: Walter Stern
Producer: ?

It is set in a slum-like apartment, which, from the cockroaches in the sink, spiders on the ceiling and crocodile under the bed, is probably student accomodation.

The vocalists (Keith and Maxim) are featured most in the video, with Leeroy only appearing a few times very briefly. Maxim is covered in black body-paint in swirlingpatterns and wears combat trousers. Keith, with one side of his hair dyed green and the other purple, around  the flat after Maxim while occasionally picking fights with the walls.

Liam appears in bed, wondering what a  clone of himself is doing in the same room, and why that ugly reptile is under his bed. The camera pans around the flat, showing sinks throwing up strange-coloured water and insects. This video was also 1997 MTV Europe Video Music Awards International Viewer's Choice Winner.


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