The Prodigy - Wild Frontier music video

Director/ producer: Mascha Halberstad
Animation: Elmer Kaan
Props and Sets: Sebastian Doermann, Lorenzo Adamson
Costume design: Marije van Ouwerkerk
Production company: Superfelix
Image Post Production: FLOW
Compositing: Florentijn Bos, Kenn Kalvik Hedin,Harish Kumar
Grading: Jef Grosfeld

Special thanks:
Marleen Slot, Fiona van Heemstra, Felix Pfeiffer, Alex Scholing

The official music video was posted on the band's YouTube page on 23 February 2015. The video, a stop-motion animation was directed by the Dutch filmmaker Mascha Halberstad and animator Elmer Kaan,features two hunters hunting animals. They later get turned into two animals themselves after a moose that arrives to save the animals puts them into a trance-like state. It also features the fox that was present in the video for the band's earlier single, Nasty.

Easily one of the best videos ever made to The Prodigy. A really gorgeous dutch analogue animation that suits the track so well. Mascha Halberstad told in Dutch Tv interview that Liam came from a soundcheck and turned on the tv and her movie called 'Munya In Mij' was on. Liam liked that and made a phone recording of it and sent it to the record company telling them find out who made this.

She told the assignment was to make a twisted childrens animation. When they were animating the video she sent a minute every week to Liam to discuss and Liam brought in some ideas. Originaly there was also a different ending but Liam wanted to change it.

 At 2015 Berlin Music Video Awards Wild Frontier won "Best Animation" award.

This is not the first award for Art Director and Director of Photography Mascha Halberstad. She also won the 2012 International Animated Short Film award at Germany's Schlingel Film Festival for her short "Goodbye Mister de Vries", using no computer effects whatsoever.

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